Goat cheese & chive scrambled egg AVOCADO TOAST.


     Imagine waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning.. the sun shinning through the windows wakes you up, and birds are singing a song. You walk downstairs, sip your first cup of coffee, and realize you’re starving, but you just want to take in the a.m. without spending so much time in the kitchen, this decadent opened faced bagel sandwich is the one for you. It is fresh, herby, creamy and the perfect summer morning bite. 

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocado toast, as do you many of you, I’m sure! It is by far one of the biggest items on brunch menus at any great restaurant, anywhere in the US. The toppings are endless. With some being difficult and longer to prepare, I wanted to start out my avocado toast series with a very simple post, that will only use little prep time.  There are so many countless creations that come to my mind when I think about this meal, and even though this seems like it is super simplistic, it’s just as delectable!


      Everything you need! Just six simple ingredients:

  1. A BAGEL. You can absolutely choose any flavor bagel your heart desires, but I truly wanted to just enjoy the creaminess and the texture of the ingredients rather than focusing on the bagel. 
  2. EGGS – it would be up to you, your desired number of eggs to cook, depending how many bagels you’re going to be making. In my opinion, two eggs to a bagel is perfect. 
  3. GOAT CHEESE. Now, for any of you that are thinking that you’ll never give this cheese a chance, think otherwise !! Your cheese life will be changed and you will thank me. 
  4. Avocado – it’s obvious we need it for avocado toast, silly!
  5. Lemon- to squeeze into the avocado for flavor, after mashing it all up. 
  6.  Scallions (also known as green onion) – for some light fresh summery onion flavor, without being too harsh and overpowering, 



.    First thing! prep your produce! 

  • take your goat cheese out of it’s packaging 
  • slice your lemon in half for squeezing 
  • open up your avocado for mashing 
  • finely chop up your scallion. OR if you have kitchen scissors, just cut them that way. No mess, no clean up!  


When cleaning out your avocado, make sure it’s as clean as you can get it without getting any really dark brown, or overripe parts that you definitely don’t want anything to do with! Scrap out as much of the green as possible. That is where the richness, and creaminess really takes place.


Crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk them up. Some people think using a whisk is best when whisking eggs, because thats what you use when you whisk something.. (a whisk) BUT in this case only.. I really strongly feel using a fork when whisking eggs is best. It tends to put forth more air into the fat from the yolk, making them creamier and much more airy. 


In a stainless steel pan (or whatever type of pan you have on hand) heat up about a tablespoon of butter and let it melt.



     While your butter is getting melty and hot preparing for our eggs, were going to make our avocado mixture.

Add the avocado into a bowl, and mix in the juice of a half, or a whole lemon depending on the taste you love, or how much you love lemon in your cooking. Throw in the scallions we chopped up earlier. along with just a dash of tabasco. It gives it a certain type of flavor that you cant get from anything else, and the avocado LOVES it! 


Let your eggs coagulate in the pan, so we can scramble them! 

  • coagulation of eggs – when the proteins inside the egg get hot, and turns the liquids into a solid.


On LOW HEAT..Crumble in your goat cheese !


Let your eggs finish scrambling, and go on and toast your bagels. Then plate them up to get ready to pile them high with some cheesy, eggy goodness. 


Smother your bagels with the yummy bright green avocado mixture!


When the eggs are finished, get ready to assemble your open faced sandwiches (: 


PILE the goat cheese scrambled eggs ontop of your “avocado toast”. Then, Crumble more goat cheese along with your left over chopped up scallions and some parsley leaves for an even brighter green color. Finally, sprinkle everything with smoked paprika. It leaves it looking dusted with a smoked heat flavor and it tastes like something so special was added. You’ll see when you try! xo 


it’s time to sit back, finish your coffee or espresso.. whichever kind of caffeine addict you are, and enjoy your delightful, yet filling opened face goat cheese scrambled egg avocado toast. 

Enjoy diamonds, & I’ll see you next time. xoxo 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I told ur aunt last time to press the button to get ur blog, duh did it today. Nice blog u write like a pro.
    I like to try the toast, ur aunt would like to try guess, the DRINK. Good luck with this.
    U Pete & A mary


    1. haha ! Thank you guys, I appreciate it. I hope you do try!!


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