Picking Pretty, petite-ly.


Christmas time is in full swing, and the holiday season is all around us. This is the time of year where every party you attend you’re going to find beautiful charcuterie boards and platters. Most of the time though they are HUGE.. which I mean how could that be a bad thing right; when it’s all the cheese and meat you could ever want, laid out tremendously on a platter for your picking desires? Although, what if in this case you are not having a partying, or your not appearing at one? What if you’re finishing putting up the star on the tree, or hanging the last string of lights outside, and you want a gorgeous, but petite pick try for you and the family?! This is absolutely positively, what you have been dreaming about creating. It’s the perfect size, even if you choose to have a few loved ones over, watching Christmas movies in front of the tree, with some hot cocoa.


Charcuterie is to have cuts of meats and cheeses spread all over on some time of board, or platter, but lately it has BLOWN UP since that meaning first arrived. It is so much more than just that; it is an art. No matter what size, no matter what goodies you fill around it, it’s delectable, and eye-warming, especially during this wondering season we’ve arrived in.


When I was arranging this adorned platter, I thought about what I was in the mood for. That’s what you always want to start out with, a few cheeses, and things to build your board off of. I started with plain goat cheese, and sliced fresh mozzarella, along with rich butter crackers, and cheddar olive crackers that are in this cute little pin-ball shape. Since, the crackers were olive flavored, I knew I wanted to pair green olives with them. Now.. just for a little snacking tip; if you take the cheese ball, spread some goat cheese on, and finish it by laying down on olive right at the very top, just as you would finish putting the last ornament on the tip of the tree, it will take your taste buds someone they’re never been before. The salty goodness paired with the creaminess and crunchiness is off the chain, good!


You could even see the chunks, and bits of flavor inside those cheese crackers, and thats exactly what you want when you’re picking.. flavor!

Now for the meats arrival. I picked two cheeses, so I’m going to pick two meats. Instead of pairing prosciutto, and sopressata… which I would normal do, but with this flavor combination I wanted to have some fun with it, being that my family and I were just watching some movies, and Christmas shopping online! I took salami, and put just enough cream cheese in the middle that when we roll it up.. it is going to be filled just enough, but not too much to that point that it would be spilling out everywhere.

  • FYI DIAMONDS- if you have never tried this combination, you must! It is sensational, and will still be popular 100 years down the road! Also, this combination is a dream onto of a toasted bagel. It could possibly show up on the blog a little later down road!!

Just roll those babies up, and assemble!

For the second meat of my choice, I took a good bologna, and rolled it up just as I did with the salami, except without the cream cheese!

  • Fun fact – a bologna sandwich was my all time favorite sandwich to eat when I was a little girl and well… it still is.. shhh 😉


After piling on the meats along with the cheese, and the first few things we added on, just fill in the spaces with different types of crackers, and fruits of any kind! I even love to decorate the platter with strings of green onion, especially around Christmas time since it gives it that beautiful color we need for holiday nibbling.

Normally I think fresh herbs, or even more so rosemary for this season would look super incredible to the eye, BUT the reason I chose the scallion is simply because it went so well with the goat cheese, salami, and crackers that I picked. Thats the thing you have to keep in mind as well.. just because you see all of us chefs, and foodies doing something specific, don’t feel obligated to incorporate it into your platter if you feel another piece of food, or garnish would fit the bill!


A suggestion for showing off meats.. either rolling them as I did, or folding them back and fourth… almost creating a fan like texture is the way to go! IF the meat isn’t filled with anything, of course.


Regardless of the size, how you arrange, and present all the food is definitely key to building a charcuterie board. It looks inviting, delicious, and so so colorful, decorative for the holidays! 

This was the perfect thing to munch on while walking around the house looking at decor, online shopping for the perfect gifts, and enjoying Christmas films by the tree.

Picking pretty, for sure! Enjoy diamonds, and I’ll be back next week with some sweet sweet knowledge ( ;



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