Spicy Sriracha salmon lettuce wraps (create your own!)


     As you guys may have learned from my last post.. I love love love salmon! Smoked or pan fried.. which is what you are seeing on this gorgeous white platter, right here. I adore this fish so much, so I never want to get bored of it!! Finding creative ways to play around with it, so it will always be super enjoyable in various ways, is what I aim for! This is such a fun way to be inventive with your salmon, making a great date night idea for interacting with your significant other, or perhaps.. your first time making him, or her dinner. 😉 My favorite way to eat food is by “picking”! The idea of taking different flavors and textures; combining them to design a whole other meaning of what being a foodie is really all about, makes what I do so fulfilling to me. You don’t ever just want to eat, you want to enjoy what you are eating, even if it is good for your body! I truly believe sometimes thats why most people see “eating healthy” as boring, and something that they feel they will never be able to do forever because they are forcing themselves to do it. Fortunately.. feeding your body good things doesn’t have to just mean fueling yourself with plain chicken and broccoli, and these make your own lettuce wraps will not be something you are eating with force. 

           Some people who think they don’t like salmon.. I truly believe never had gooooood salmon.. if you guys know I mean by that. If it is over cooked.. like any fish; forget about it! It needs to be panfried on medium heat, skin-side DOWN to get that skin nice and crispy.. just as if you were eating skin on a chicken wing! Once it is nice and crispy.. being in the pan for 10 minutes, flip it on over to the other side. Cook the other side the same way for about another ten minutes. If you have small piece of salmon, cut the time in half. 

For the final step, that gave this salmon the delicious creaminess it deserved for these lettuce wraps.. I mixed equal parts of mayonnaise, and sriracha in a small bow..lathered it all over, letting it soak into this fatty piece of fish right before I pulled it off the heat. Lastly, all you need to do is put it on a platter and flake it apart a little, to easily get a nice chunk to wrap in the middle of you butter lettuce.


 You can for sure use any rough leaf lettuce that you would like for these wraps but I really do not think that there is anything more perfect for this than “butter lettuce” or also known as “bib lettuce”. It holds everything you put into it without breaking, while being crisp, tender, and super mild tasting. Sometimes lettuce can be a little bitter, which is why I truly believe that there are people that prefer to not eat anything green or “healthy”, but this lettuce is perfect, and you must give it a try. Even if you do not like salad..I feel it in my heart, and soul that you will like these wraps.. very much so! 🙂 

 After piling your little lettuce cups with salmon.. I highly advise various veggie choices with different colors, and textures to adorn it with! 

I sliced cucumbers, mini orange bell peppers, and tri-colored steamed potatoes into small strips. 


While enjoying a meal.. of any kind I was always always the type of person to say that I needed a side dish, or chips, fries, a side salad. Something! I would feel like you can never ever just eat one certain thing and say you had or meal, or lie to yourself and say.. “I love what I just ate”. Being a chef, and a total food lover, it is ALL about options. In that case, I choose to decorate the platter with yummy spicy tuna rolls (staying with the spicy theme here) and some spicy crab salad.. just incase you wanted to change your taste buds a tad during your dinner journey through this wrap making jungle gym. 

The crab salad is just some imitation crab meat, mayo, cajun seasoning, diced onion, and celery. 

 To decorate this platter board.. I decided to drizzle sriracha where I thought was needed, and would please the eye. I wanted to do it over the potatoes so that it would soak into them, giving them TONS of scrumptious flavor and zap! I also wanted to do it around the plate with the salmon because well.. one it looks gorg, and two.. if you’e putting this out for a party of some sort, you want your guests to know that it has sriracha in it. Thats letting them know right away what’s in it, without having to be around constantly to let me know first hand. 


     CHOPSTICKS.. for the final touch! Super cute for “eating with your eyes” and the proper way to indulge in the lettuce wrap feast. 

Have fun wrapping diamonds, and I’ll be back in a few with snow and game day boards! 



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  1. Debbie says:

    Different flavors & textures. Looks Delicious 😋.

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