Breakfast is for bagel sandwiches.. Mean bagel sandwiches ;)


I’ve been really enjoying bagels 🥯 lately.. in all forms. Different flavors toasted with all kinds of cream cheeses, toppings, pilling and filling them to create bomb sandwiches. ALL of the above work, which gave me the brilliant idea to do a bagel series here on Deep Fried Diamonds! 

My last post was a lunch bagel sandwich filled with delicious ingredients that you wouldn’t even think to put together, but it worked super well! This bagel sandwich is for breakfast, although it could also work for any meal of the day if you really wanted it to! The next post after this one, in just a few days will be a mash up of my two favorite meals. 

  • A fantastic BRUNCH BAGEL.. is next… until then though, stay tuned reading! 🙂


Aside from popping your bagel in the toaster.. coat a small skillet with butter, or butter spray, and crack in two large eggs 🥚 . Top both of the eggs with salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and dried parsley. Fry the eggs 🍳 on medium low heat for three minutes.

  • As you diamonds will grow to learn, I put paprika on everything that I cook with eggs, and I use dried herbs a lot! Fresh herbs are an absolute love and number one choice, but I use many more fresh herbs in the spring & summer considering I’m making more dishes using them, so that they won’t have the chance of getting bad on me.

Now.. you can flip the eggs either with the flick of your wrist, as I do, or if you’re uncomfortable doing so, you can of course use a spatula! Then fry for another two to three minutes on that opposite side.

  • Fried eggs do cook very fast, but I usually cook them low and slow. Over easy eggs are my go to most of the time, but when I was creating this breakfast sandwich I didn’t want too much of the yolk running out, so I cooked it longer; making it a medium-hard center. (The yolk is almost fully cooked – over medium egg.)

Once you have removed the eggs from the pan, place four THIN slices of really really good bologna in that exact same pan! Fry on medium low heat until the slices get crispy, golden edges on them, and the fat starts to release the flavors.


Assembling 101:   After your bagel pops out of the toaster, lather with mayo. YES.. mayonnaise people. Trust me! 

  • Add one slice of white American cheese 🧀. You can use another kind of cheese if you don’t prefer American, but honestly bologna and American is just like peanut butter and jelly if you want to get real with it!


Oh man.. can we just take a second to appreciate that morning sun reflecting off that delectable fried egg, dressed with sriracha sauce. I mean.. breath taking, in my book 😌.

Top the sriracha with a little parsley. I love green and red together when photographing.. it just works so well to please the eye, and also the palette.

After the parsley garnish, fold on that crispy, crunchy, glorious bologna.


See what I mean.. it is glistening in all it’s gloriousness. 😉

For the final step, and the most necessary step! Add four center leaves of butter lettuce 🥬 . I know what your all thinking.. “Bri, much love.. but I do not want lettuce with eggs” I know I know, BUT once again, trust me. It works like none other! It makes the sandwich complete. Even though bologna has nothing to do with sushi; what so ever, it gives your taste buds a sort of asian inspired flare when grubbing on the bagel! The egg mixed with the fat from the bologna, and the mayo mixed the with tangy sriracha.. creating basically a “spicy mayo” concoction, ALL combining with the crispy bite of the mild butter lettuce, is just suburb. It really is extraordinary.


Just the colors of the sandwich gives me sushi roll vibes. I know you heard me mention “a sushi taste” so much on my blog since after the holidays ended, but I want to be 100% real with you guys, and show you diamonds what I truly love, and what I think you will love. So so much! Granted, sushi 🍣 is by far one of my favorite foods on this whole entire planet 🌎 , so being able to get creative enough to incorporate that flavor profile into a dish is awesome to me, especially when you aren’t even eating sushi because lets be honest.. it wouldn’t be healthy to eat raw fish every single day of your life, even though I wouldn’t be mad at it! Lol.

I wanted to show you angles of the inside after bitten into showing the color, and texture of the egg yolk, just so everyone knows what I was talking about when I said I wanted the yolk to be cooked further than I normal would!

  • Let’s appreciate the beauty of this sandwich! … YUM! I wish I could dive into on of these right now.


Remember diamonds! – This is a series, so another bagel sandwich will be coming your way VERY soon!!


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  1. Ann Manjone Marsilio says:

    Everything looks delicious! I love a plain bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese – I’m not too adventurous but this looks so good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Ann! If you enjoy smoked salmon you could eliminate the bologna and replace is with the smoked salmon. Everything on the sandwiche will work just as well with the smoked salmon! Up to you!


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