A special Corned Beef And Cabbage Flatbread. (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)


What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day other than with corned beef and cabbage ? Oh that’s right.. smother a little Irish Dubliner cheese into the mix and you’ll be in heaven! The combination is delicious, and you’ll definitely be feeling you’re luckiest while nibbling on this perfect pot of golden deliciousness 😉 My boyfriends family is extremely Irish.. and while they never had corned beef and cabbage in this sort of way, his mom said “Bri, this is really just about the best pizza I ever ate in my life.” It is exactly like taking a reuben sandwich, and switching it up pizza style.. minus the cheese from Ireland. Really though.. the cheese makes this flatbread super unique and mouth watering when digging into it! Honestly let’s be real.. my mouth is watering just by looking at it. Lol

You can of course use regular heads of cabbage, but Napa cabbage for me, is the way to go! Absolutely. It’s more crisp, and tender, along with the fact that it is much easier to cook, and there is less of it. Nothing will be going to waste, so no having to store extra leftovers in your produce drawer in the refrigerator.

This looks like a lot, but the way it’s cut is fooling you. At your local deli.. order two slices of thicker cut corned beef, and three slices of thick cut Swiss cheese.


Heat up a sauté pan with a pad of butter on medium hight heat, and toss in your chopped up Napa cabbage, along with a whole small white onion.

  • Add in a few dashes of salt, pepper, and thyme leaves.

On the Nan flatbreads (the best flatbreads in my opinion) smother around the Irish Dubliner soft cheese. If you look close.. it almost reminds me of a first layer of icing getting put on a cake.. and the rest of the layers only get better!

  • The cheese comes in a circular package, and inside.. there are multiple little individual foiled triangle packages of this specific cheese. I used all but two. You could use all, but I wouldn’t use less. The creaminess makes this dish so amazing!

Since corned beef and cabbage is usually traditional with some vegetables and potatoes along side of it, I wanted you to still think that that’s what you’re eating, except amped up about 20 levels. I never do things dull.. I always have to make everything a party lol. In that case, I wanted to mix the traditional flavors with something more exciting that already used corned beef and Swiss cheese, and that diamonds, was a reuben! I thought instead of just using olive oil on the flatbread, I would drizzle Russian dressing all over the top.. here and there, and all around! 

  • I used two spoon fulls of good mayonnaise, two squeezes of ketchup, a tablespoon of relish, and a pinch of salt.

After sautéing the onions, and cabbage with the butter for a solid 20 minutes, spread that all over the dubliner cheese.


In the same pan that you sautéed the vegetables in.. drop in the cubed corned beef, and fry it up, so the edges get nice and caramelized for five to ten minutes.

  • Rule of Thumb: DO NOT just throw the un-caramelized corned beef onto the flatbread.. it will not give off half the flavor as it does when you fry it in the sauté pan! It would still be “good” but just think about it this way.. bologna and fried bologna are absolutely two totally different things, SO.. so is this! 

For the last steps.. add the cubed Swiss cheese, and drizzle all of the yummy sauce all the top of the two flatbreads.

BAKING DIRECTIONS: Place into a 375 degree oven for 15 minutes.


Wait a good 5-10 minutes before cutting it so the crust doesn’t break up on you, and things don’t slip off of the flatbread, leaving you with a goodie-less bite!

For the same reasons you were thinking.. I decorated the plate with greenery, and crisp lettuce leaves because DUH, you need green for St. Patty’s Day! It is pretty much everything! I mean if you want to go all out you could even whip yourself up green eggs, and ham for breakfast haha. That reminds me of my childhood days when we used to have Dr. sueus parties in school for his birthday! .. Speaking of my childhood, I can clearly remember fluffernutter sandwiches so specifically, on salty, buttery cracker. Now today.. in my twenties, I have a new vamped up way of eating them, and I actually whole heartily hate to say the words, but.. it’s betterrrr the original way we all know and love.

That will be showing up here on the blog next week diamonds, so keep an eye out for that! If you are not subscribed, and would like to come “get fried” every week with me.. I’m Bri! And I’d love for you to hit the follow button down in the right hand corner! 😉

Much love, stay safe, and keep healthy! This world is scary and insane, but I hope my posts keep happiness, and inspire you guys to get creative, and have a fun filled life!                                   XOXO


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  1. Zest4Food says:

    This sounds deliciously.

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  2. Debbie says:

    Much more Heavenly than the plain corn beef & cabbage dish. 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I thought so!! Sometimes many people don’t like to eat those things so plain like that especially if they don’t love cabbage, or have never tried corned beef before! This is a perfect way to introduce flavors!!


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