Cino de Mayo Chicken Taco Quesadillas.


Happy Cinco de Mayo, Diamonds! I’m coming at all of you with yet another quesadilla! A chicken taco quesadilla to be exact! It’s cheesy, spicy, and actually taste like you’re eating a chicken taco in quesadilla form. I love that quesadillas are almost like sandwiches.. in a sense that you can fill them with absolutely anything your heart desires, so it will make all your quesadilla dreams come true. 😉 I love creating dishes, and platters where the options are absolutely endless. I feel like thats exactly what a flour tortilla gives you the platform for, to be as creative as you want to be. Endless opportunities of deliciousness, and a texture profile that go to any level! I decided to do a chicken taco concoction; being that it’s a spin off from the classic “chicken and cheese quesadilla”, so that everyone would be familiar enough with it that they’d feel comfortable making it, while also feeling like they’re making something brand new and exciting considering it has distinct spicy taco essence inside! It’s pretty much a mash up of two very popular meals as well which makes the whole idea even more exciting! People are always really interested in what something will taste like when you put two and two together, especially when they’re crowd favorites!




YUMMY! It is even more appealing to the eye when you’re sizzling something in a sauté pan, and the sauce comes oozing out the sides! Thats how you know that it will be complete perfection.


Spray a sauté pan with butter spray, and place a flour tortilla inside. Keep the heat on low the entire time you’re cooking the quesadilla. A decadent one takes time and patience! 

After a minute of toasting the tortilla, fill the top of it generously with shredded cheddar cheese, and shredded Mexican cheese, along with a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce. Make sure it is not buffalo sauce! You must use a Mexican hot sauce, or any spicy sauce that has great heat. A nice flare of heat in this quesadilla is really what we’re searching for.


Now for the rest of the goodness inside: You can use any kind of chicken you want.. whether it may be from a rotisserie, pulled chicken, or already prepared and cooked chicken, but I used grilled chicken that I had from dinner the night before that was flavored with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and taco seasoning. I feel like the seasoned chicken really took this quesadilla to another taco tasting level!


  • One grilled chicken breast–chopped.
  • A half of a small tomato–chopped.
  • Green onion–chopped.
  • Ranch dressing and sour cream combined, and drizzled throughout.

  • The only thing I did not put in this that I always put on tacos is shredded lettuce, but obviously because of the heat; the lettuce would wilt down like spinach does, and that was definitely not a texture I wanted inside of our ideal chicken taco quesadilla


When the cheese is almost fully melted, becoming extremely bubbly.. fold the one side of the tortilla over that doesn’t have the filling on it, to seal everything together.

Flip the half moon over once more again to ensure that both sides look like this! You don’t want anything less of an astonishing golden brown color on every inch of the quesadilla.


Cut this baby in half, and if you’re not sharing.. which you might not want to once you get that first mouthwatering bite, plate it up and garnish with tasty taco toppings! I think the essentials to top this with is a generous pour of taco sauce, a dollop of sour cream, and chili powder! Chili powder to me is key for that final taco flavor that lingers in your mouth after you’ve swallowed.

For decoration on the plate, I used some corn tortilla chips, and sliced avocado to place on each bite for that decadent creamy texture that I really love. I think topping your taco with chopped fresh avocado is the key to a delicious Mexican meal. It’s sensational in my book! Also, remember if you want to take a happy hour to yourself today for some relaxation; it is more than okay, Diamonds.

  • If any of you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo today I would love to see what you’re eating! You can head over to Instagram and add me “@therealdeepfrieddiamonds” to tag me in your pictures, so that I can see all of your flavorful food inventions. If you recreate this exact quesadilla I would for sure love to see that as well, of course! 



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  1. Debbie says:

    Definitely a Heavenly Dish. 😊

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