Candied Brie & Prosciutto Canapes.

 My most favorite way to eat in this life is to snack. I love making a charcuterie board, appetizers, canapés, crudite platters, and pick trays into a meal. It is the most fun you will ever have while eating; picking and pairing little mouthfuls together to create wonderful bite sized combinations! In the warmer months especially when spring is still here, but the hot temperatures of summer days start to roll in.. I love nothing more than the iconic duo of soft creamy brie cheese, and some salty, thinly sliced prosciutto. Most of the time canapés; particularly at events are already arranged for you, but I’m not a most of the time kind of gal. I enjoy when food is displayed into a style that makes you want to become an artist. Instead of having this much of one thing, or that much of another thing on the surface of your canapé (cracker) you can put as much or as little as everything that you want onto it. Food is about being creative, and making it what you want it to be, so I really feel like thats where my love of platters/boards comes into play.


You can surely just take a piece of beautiful brie, and roll it up into a blanket baby with the pretty prosciutto, but I love doing it the open faced sandwich way.. AKA the canapé way.

  • Canape – (For those who are not familiar) is a small, bite sized hors d’oeuvre that you can pop in your mouth at once to experience it’s amazing flavors and textures all together in a wonderful, glorious, one bite wonder!

As you Diamonds might have guessed who have been getting “fried with Bri” every single week from the have come to realize I am an extravagant person. There are very little times where I keep stuff simple, so in this case I wanted to make this delicious pairing of brie, and prosciutto into a sensational sweet version. Candied, if you will! 😉 


People go absolutely nuts over a “sweet and salty” flavor profile, but my obsession is more along the lines of “sweet and SAVORY” .. a little alike, and a lot more different. We’re not just pairing sea salt and caramel here Diamonds, we’re entering a luxurious lifestyle with this combo here! Thyme infused honey smothered all over these brie and prosciutto canapés are the very best way to enjoy them!


Even though the honey gives everything the sweetness it wants, and a slight stickiness it needs, I like adding another component of sweetness, but with a very different texture. Those dark little gems sitting upon the top of the cheese are dried blueberries. Alor of times when pairing brie with a dried fruit, it’s usually cranberries, but these these two together are where it’s really at. They are sweeter than dried cranberries, and I love the contrast of color it gives as a garnish!

  • The perfect way to build the canapé– A cracker or “surface” for all your tasty toppings.. then I love starting with the cheese, since it’s flat shape leaves an endless opportunity to pile more pretty things on beyond that.


Of course when you’re piling you’re own canapé to it’s most perfect possibility, you definitely need a canvas to start with. Crackers are always an amazing way to kick the creating process off with. Butter crackers are a necessity, where seeded water crackers compliment fatty foods very nicely by having that crispy, light bite, and texture, and sweet potato tortilla chips are awesome to add in as a unique flavorful twist.


These candied brie and prosciutto canapés that you build yourself is an ideal late night, date night idea. Having an opportunity to invent a whole different flavor combination with the same flavors that someone else is also using is just wild! It is always going to be such a relaxing time sitting outside on your picnic table with a wild berry sangria, enjoying classic canapés.

  • Brie and prosciutto are such a gorgeous couple that you can have this little delicious   date anywhere, and it will always be scrumptious. So scrumptious .. it just may be my all time favorite cheese and meat tag team! Lol.




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