Everything You Need To Know About My Love For Eggs!

 I truly feel like eggs are like bread. Not in a literal sense of course, but as in them being utterly perfect in every single form! Eggs that are cooked any which way are just so darn delicious! It definitely depends on your choice of cooking process, and doing it well, but if done correctly; they will continue to be amazing time and time again! One of my absolute favorite ways to enjoy an egg is over easy, medium, or hard. Depending if I want to dip my toast in it, or create a beautiful bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel, that will determine the cooking time on the fabulous, iconic, fried egg! Now, I am fully aware that not everyone is a fan of breakfast food, but eggs can literally be added to anything to elevate a dish. Just think of your favorite Chinese food Diamonds. Everyone and their mother is familiar to the exceptional, timeless dish that we like to call.. “fried rice”, and the scrambled eggs that get added into it honestly just make that dish! The egg binds everything together, and gives it a really nice succulent, rich flavor without adding a ton of fat to something! Not only do we add eggs into savory dinner dishes that take them to extreme deliciousness, but eggs literally make so many countless meals that we know and love! Eggs are iconic, and a necessity to the culinary world! They need to be appreciated, and we’re here right now to give them their moment! 

Egg dishes I love! 

  1. Fried eggs.
  2. Scrambled eggs.
  3. Omelettes of all kinds.
  4. Quiche.
  5. Hard and soft boiled eggs.
  6. Poached eggs.
  7. Deviled eggs.
  8. Avocado toast topped with egg of choice.
  9. Egg salad. (One of my most favorite foods in the world.)
  10. Breakfast sandwiches.
  11. Breakfast pizzas.
  12. Breakfast quesadillas.
  13. Breakfast Tacos.
  14. Breakfast casseroles.
  15. Frittatas.
  16. Potato salad.
  17. Poached eggs.
  18. Eggs Benedict.
  19. Fried rice.

Dishes we wouldn’t have to enjoy if eggs didn’t exist! 

  1. French Toast.
  2. Pancakes.
  3. Waffles.
  4. Cakes.
  5. Cookies.
  6. Cheesecake.
  7. Ice cream/Gelato.
  8. Custards.
  9. Pudding.
  10. Pastries.
  11. Challah bread.
  12. Brioche bread.
  13. Egg Bread.
  14. White bread.
  15. Paska bread.
  16. Homemade pasta.
  17. Spaghetti alla carbonara.
  18. Meringue.
  19. Bread pudding.
  20. Meatloaf.
  21. Meatballs.
  22. Stuffing/dressing. (Dressing is stuffing that was never actually stuffed inside of the bird.)


As you Diamonds can now see.. our culinary world is pretty much made up entirely from eggs. Well.. I may be being a bit exaggerative 😉 BUT they do make up many of the amazing, and traditional dishes we enjoy that have been passed down from generations, and will continue to be indulged as the years go by! Classic dishes begin with classic ingredients, and I do fully believe that eggs are as classic as you can get in the food industry. If you’re not creating anything with them..eating them as a simple fried egg itself is just as miraculous. No matter how you spin the egg, what you turn it into, or what you throw it on top of, they will never ever get old!! Honestly.. they might just get better by the day depending how creative you choose to get with them!

 Continue cracking eggs Diamonds, and I’ll be back with succulent summer salads! 🙂 


Published by

Briana Meshkofski

I have been obsessed with food photography, culinary creations, decor, and party planning since I could remember. I'm actually a gemini, and was born on June 17th 1994. So, this summer ill be alive for a quarter of a century.. which is pretty crazy to me. It reminds me though, that life doesn't slow down, and you should do whatever you are passionate about. This is why I cracked open the next chapter of my life, and decided that in my high 20's, I want to put all my love into this blog; my brand, Deep Fried Diamonds. I would be honored for you all to join my on this journey! You definitely won't want to miss out. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About My Love For Eggs!

  1. Briana, thank you so much For all your input on eggs. A few years back I took the nuns to Berwick for a special dinner for the religious family. We ate a a pizza place one of the side dishes they served was peas with tiny bits of scrambled eggs. Did you ever make this kind of dish? I’d like that recipe if you have it please. It was really good and never had it again.

    On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 12:50 PM Deepfrieddiamonds wrote:

    > Briana Meshkofski posted: ” I truly feel like eggs are like bread. Not in > a literal sense of course, but as in them being utterly perfect in every > single form! Eggs that are cooked any which way are just so darn delicious! > It definitely depends on your choice of cooking process, ” >

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! You know what I never did, but let me think something up and I will definitely come up with something cool if that’s what you’re looking for ! It almost reminds me of a fried rice type of deal but using peas instead of rice 🍚


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