The classic Antipasto Salad, done right!


 I can make a bet that we are all familiar with the traditional antipasto salad that we order at bistros, our favorite Italian restaurants, or fill up our bowls with at big Sunday family dinners. This salad is the first salad that comes to my mind when I’m preparing food for a party, or menu planning for a gorgeous get together. It just screams family eats to me! I feel like every event I’ve ever attended have always had an antipasto sitting pretty on the buffet waiting to be devoured. For some reason this is always the go to salad for guests as their number one choice to pile on their plates out of all the rests since it’s full of delicious meats, cheeses, and garlicky acidic flavorings!

You certainly don’t need to create this salad in any strict order, but there are two choices you have. You can mix all of the ingredients together along with the lettuce, or choose the Diamond way 😉 which I think is better for party purposes, especially! When you pile all the meats, cheeses, and little vinegary bites into different sections that gives people the opportunity to easily pick, and choose what they want in their salad instead of  all of the ingredients already being mixed throughout on top of one another. People adore options! They love to be able to see something beautifully put together when searching for their food selections, while also being able to personalize something from that. Personalizing food is a fun activity for literally everyone to get involved with at a get together! Thats really the point of a party is to have fun, and having fun doesn’t get any better than doing it with food! Food is life, and it brings all of us together to create happiness, along with good memories!!

     All antipastos need great flavored ham, salty salami, spicy pepperoni, and a creamy, and sharp cheese! I fully believe that the more cheese thats involved in something the better it will be, so I always like to include two different types of cheeses in my antipasto. My first choice will always be American cheese. It is a classic, delicious creamy taste that’s absolutely needed to counteract all of the tanginess from the peppers, and olives. Sharp cheese enthusiasts will usually always choose aged provolone. I do agree with that considering so many people are a fan of the sharpness despite the way it smells, but this is the one food in the world I just totally am not crazy about. I hate saying that due to my Italian background, but it’s true, so I just decide to embrace it, and add in some grated parmesan cheese instead. It does that salty, sharp bite trick just as well, if not a little better in my opinion! Parmesan is another thing that I love garnishing with! You Diamonds will begin to get very familiar with that! 🙂 


You are welcome to get creative with this type of salad, and add different colored tomatoes in, along with hot, or sweet peppers, but I chose to do roasted red peppers being that it adds such a smokey, yet sweet flavor to the salad. Besides the tomatoes, and peppers, I added two more little green goodies that I feel are very necessary. Green olives are a staple to me in an antipasto, along with marinated artichoke hearts. I absolutely love to add marinated goods to a salad. It definitely gives it a unique, garlic flavor that sometimes is missing otherwise!

I’m usually a huge seasonal person, but with this salad, it’s perfect because it adorns any season in the most perfect way possible. You can even deck your brunch buffet out with this plate, or enjoy it as a extremely late night meal when you want something incredible, but don’t want to feel insanely guilty for indulging! This is THE salad to remember when you Diamonds are in a pinch for a last minute party time side! It will for sure exceed expectations, and the best part’s great for left overs which usually are never the case for cold foods such as this! All you have to do is serve the oil & vinegar on the side, and you are good to go! 🙂



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  1. Sara Meshkofski says:

    LOVE Antipasto!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! So do I !


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