Briny & Sweet Basil Avocado Toast, Topped With An Over Medium Egg!


Avocado toast should get the gold medal for being the absolute best toast in the world! Am I right Diamonds?! 🙂 The reason why it is just the BEST besides being so simply succulent, is the fact that there are a million different ways you can spice it up, and top them off!! They are incredibly fun to make, and even more fun to eat! Avocado toast is probably one of my most favorite things to eat of all time whether that would be for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or a snack no matter where the sun, or moon may be. Although I do have so many foods that I adore more than anything, this plate will always be on my to die for list!


I’m pretty certain you have never had avocado toast in this fashion, but Diamonds let me tell you, once you do.. you will never go back to having plain avocado toast with a squeeze of lime juice over top of it again. Okay, okay you might, but not very often! Not that that isn’t super delicious on it’s own, but once you kick things up in your life, you usually don’t end up going back to what you were once used to! The flavors of this toast are truly so so impeccable! Every time I make food I make sure every single thing you’re going to taste off of it is contrasting to each other. I don’t enjoy when I’m eating something and all I am tasting is too sweet, or too tangy, and so on! It has to connect with on another, and everything must marry beautifully!

Since the hardest part about making these little pieces of toasts are cooking the eggs, let’s start with that! While you have your toast in the toaster, crack two large eggs into a small frying pan that’s sprayed with butter spray! You could also choose to use a pad of butter instead, but the spray works just as well, and still gives off great flavor. Just make sure the spray you are using is butter flavored! Fry these babies on medium-low heat for about two minutes, and then flip them over. Once you’ve flipped the eggs over, put a slit straight down the middle of the eggs, so that they can become separated for each piece of toast. Now.. if you wanted two eggs per slice, that’s totally up to you!

While you are waiting for your toast and eggs, break apart four kalamata olives opened from it’s pit, then chiffonade ( long, thin strips of leafy greens) three basil leaves.

If your avocado is small than you may use a whole one, but mine was big enough that I was able to use only one half of an avocado to make two pieces of toast. Add salt & pepper to taste! Avocado loves loves loves salt & pepper!


After the avocado is nicely spread to a thick layer on the toast, go ahead and sprinkle as much mozzarella cheese as you would like. You might think you don’t need any more creaminess because of the avocado, but we’re not necessarily looking for creaminess as much as we are stringiness! The cheese pull you’ll get when you bite down, mixed with the velvety texture of the avocado, along with the buttery drip coming down from the egg is seriously superb! 


  • This briny and sweet basil avocado toast comes from delicious Greek kalamata olives getting cozied up with some sweet sweet drizzles of sticky honey. These two ingredients take the silky avocado to another dimension. It is just down right incredible.
  • To top off this tasty toast, I tossed on a chiffonade of bright, fresh basil leaves. The basil really rounded this dish out! Besides the herb, I finished everything off with how I usually always finish every piece of toast off that I consume, and that’s with a sprinkling of black pepper, and everything but the bagel seasoning!

    Get toasting Diamonds! 



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