Excellent Egg Salad Crunch Cups.

This is an ultimate spring creation. It just looks like a spring snack! You can’t deny it, Diamonds! ūüėČ When I think of spring, Easter comes to mind, and vise versa. When dreaming of Easter festivities, and things that revolve around the holiday, I picture all things eggs, and greens! Eggs, simply because of the ¬†fact that if there were no eggs, there would be no easter fun.. I mean come on?! Chocolate coated peanut butter eggs, dying Easter eggs, eggs for Hrudka (A polish dish I grew up on) along with homemade Paska bread, and our childhood selves could never forget the egg hunts. Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without eggs! It’s a fact! As for the spring greens, butter lettuce and arugula fills my heart with leafy crunchy passion. Peas and asparagus are next on the list, but for these cute, crunchy, creamy filled cups.. were using butter lettuce, also knows as bib lettuce! You can make the egg salad as filled as you want, but I kept it classic, while adding a bit of a crunch aspect to it. If you love seafood, and you have it on hand, chopped up shrimp, or crab meat would even be wonderful added into the mix. I always sprinkle paprika on everything with eggs. Always, always, always! It’s definitely a match made in heaven, and the color gives it a nice added garnish.

Depending on how many cups you’re going to be prepping, you’ll want to use more or less eggs than me. I used six eggs, but to be honest, I made a little extra, so I could store in the fridge to make my most favorite sandwich in the world! An egg salad sandwich hits the heart different.

  • If you do not boil eggs often.. I truly found that the perfect way to boil eggs is to put the eggs in the pot, then add your water, and as soon as it starts to boil, turn the heat off and let sit for 10 minutes. After cooling, then you’re ready to peel!

I love my egg salad really really creamy with lots of good mayonnaise, and flavor! You really don’t need exact measurements, it just goes by how thick you want it, and how flavorful you like your cold salads! I added two squeezes of yellow mustard, and four dashes of hot sauce. Along with the condiments.. the seasonings are just as necessary. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion salt, paprika, and dried parsley went into the bowl to top everything off!

The making of this delicious snack is very simple. You just need to display some sea-salted pita chips, along with nicely washed butter lettuce.

  • Make sure to completely dry your butter lettuce. Soggy, wet lettuce of any kind is never appetizing! Mouth feel, or taste.. it just doesn’t work. The best thing to do with produce is pre. wash it when you get home from the market, so that when it comes time to prepare something you don’t have to worry about any issues.


Arrange your cups onto a wooden platter. I think the wood mixed with the green looks absolutely stunning, especially for entertaining!


                            Up close and personal, with our cute little delectable cups.


Wondering where the crunch comes in? I’m going to surprise everyone right now since classically; when you do any sort of lettuce cup.. no-one particularly thinks to pair it will anything else, being that the filling is already sitting in something. Bri being Bri though.. I’m going to change the lettuce cup making game! Now.. these babies can’t just be paired with anything crunchy. It has to be a good thick, sturdy, hard chip, or cracker! I truly thought that there wasn’t a better choice than pita chips. The texture is awesome, as is the flavor. Super salty, and yummy.. pairing extremely well with these egg filled cups.


Grab a cup.. fold it up, and stack it on a pita chip! Get crunching Diamonds ūüėČ


This just proves that something simple, taking no time at all to prep can look just as gorgeous, and mouth watering as anything else! Anyone can make anything look incredible with a little creative-ness, and artistic flare.

Grab the platters, and a chair, Diamonds because you’re never going to able to eat just one!


                      I hope everyone is staying home, and keeping busy while creating new projects for yourself to work on. For those of you still working at life essential business, or in the medical field, thank you so much! xoxo



Ham and Cheese Macaroni Salad.

This is an excellent, but quick and easy side dish for your upcoming Easter menu! Of course, this could also be made to go with any spring dish you might be creating!! In fact, we actually had this salad with barbecue meatloaf, and it went super well with the flavor combinations. Normally when people eat meatloaf they like to enjoy it with macaroni and cheese, which is completely delicious as well, but it was really nice to have that hot and cold contrast. I loved it! Later on in the blog, you Diamonds will learn a lot more about me, and how much I truly love mixing hot and cold together. People might not even think to do that most of the time, however it just somehow works skillfully!

If you saw my “Marvelous Macaroni Salad” post from back in September, then you’ll be very familiar with this recipe! If not, I’ll put it down below for all of you!

  • The only difference with this recipe than the Marvelous Macaroni Salad besides the ham and cheese is that I used green onion (scallion) instead of red onion.
  1. Half a jar of GOOD mayonnaise.
  2. Half a cup of yellow mustard
  3. 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. In my first macaroni salad recipe I did use white vinegar, but since it’s spring I wanted to it to have a fruity bite to it being that the ham and cheese will give it a lot of saltiness. You don’t taste the apple much.. it just is used to balance out the flavors.
  4. Lastly, squeeze in honey to your liking. I probably used a good 1/4 cup. If you don’t want it as sweet us less, and if you want it sweeter, use more!
  • After mixing everything together with the ham and cheese.. add salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and parsley to taste.


Macaroni salad.. no mater what kind, no matter what noodles you use, or whatever goodies you choose to throw in, your sauce HAS to be creamy. It’s a must. Thats the reason I love macaroni salad.

It looks gorgeous, and it tastes even better! This salad is the perfect twist on your classic macaroni salad that everyone is used too for your holiday meal.

Hopefully you’ll hop into Easter menu prepping easily with this recipe! I also hope everyone is staying busy, and staying safe!


A taco board for Taco Tuesday.

It’s Taco Tuesday baby, which calls for a taco board so the whole family could pig out to an epic taco night in! We’re all stuck in the house, so why not make our meals as fun, and creative as we possibly can? Instead of having tacos already made with everything the same on each one.. this gives everyone the opportunity to make the perfect taco.. or heck, even nachos! You don’t even have to put out the exact toppings, and fixings that I did, but these are my go to taco making necessities! This is the perfect game night, or party platter as well! After everything is said and done that is going on in the world right now, you can keep this idea in the back on your mind to impress guests at your summer parties by the pool! A taco board is an amazing date night creation as well. You could of course substitute not only the toppings on the board, but especially the meat. Chicken, shrimp, or marinated strip steak, cut thinly would be super unique!! No matter how many people you’re entertaining, or how inventive you want to get, this board is the most versatile!

  • We’ll start with the meat making process:

Fry your 80/20 ground beef over medium high heat. No need to add oil to the pan before cooking! The fat from the meat coming out will do all the work for you.


Fry for ten minutes or so until the meat is thoroughly cooked through, and golden brown to color.


You can surely make your own taco seasoning, or lightly season the meat if you’re not a fan of how insanely flavorful taco meat usually is, but honestly, thats my favorite part about tacos! I used two and a half pounds of meat, and one and a half packs of seasoning. In that case.. to get what I think is the perfect flavor profile.. add one packet of taco seasoning mix to every pound of meat that you use, whether it’s ground beef, or something else that you choose in place of it.


After adding the seasoning packets, do not throw them away! Fill the packets up with water, and pour em in! Cook for another five minutes to let all the flavors soar together.


  • NOW: For the fun part Diamonds.. THE TOPPINGS. Yum!¬†

In my book, a taco is not a taco without cheese. You need it. Cheese to me, is part of life! Even if you are vegan and making these tacos with “beyond” meat, or “impossible” meat, I would still add vegan cheese onto your board of options!


Next to the cheese, I decided to add slices of fresh radish. Usually you’ll only see these at gourmet restaurants on top of fish tacos, but guess what, Diamonds? I live a gourmet type of life.. so I think radish is absolutely necessary to brighten up the rich meat, and cheese you’re going to pile on top of your taco. You could also see the other original fixings like the scallions, which I can’t live without.. even on nachos! I NEED them. It gives it such a zip that nothing else can rally compare. Also, a big dollop of good sour cream is so needed for anything like this. Don’t skimp and get yourself the light, or non-fat sour cream.. you’ll be disappointed in yourself, trust me!


Spice up your life with a dash of hot sauce, and chopped up pickled jalape√Īos! I love jalape√Īos sooo much. I put them on salads, in sauces, casseroles, and on Italian hoagies. Definitely wouldn’t to live my culinary life without them in my fridge!


You always need that crunch, and color to your taco! Thinly shred iceburg lettuce, and small dice a red ripened tomato. It’s classic for taco night!


We decided to have a little more fun than usual to keep things exciting, and not use tortillas, or taco shells. I actually don’t prefer a taco shell to begin with.. I much prefer tortilla chips in view of the fact that a when you bite into a hard shell it falls apart on you, nine times out of ten, anyway! For a little softness, since I wasn’t using original tortilla wraps, I found these “boats” that I thought were perfect! I’ll tell you what.. they held everything together so extremely well; nothing fell out like it normally does from a classic folded up taco!

This is a gorgeous sight, wouldn’t you say? The colors and textures are awesome. Everyone in your house will love it so much. I promise you, Diamonds.

You can surely add the meat onto the board, and have it in the center to be the focal point, but I decided against that because I wanted to keep the cold food with the cold, and the hot on the side. Also, let’s be real here… I went a little overboard with my toppings, LOL. I’m an overboard kind of gal though, so not much more to say about that!


Again, the toppings are of personal choice, so your board doesn’t have to be the same as mine! Use what you have on hand right now, and in your pantry. Things you wouldn’t even think of opening. Cans of corn, and black beans would be exceptional! Also, don’t forget about the avocado that’s about to be too ripe in your fruit bowl on the island! Whatever you have, and whatever your preference is just right!


Happy TACO TUESDAY, Diamonds, and I’ll be back tomorrow with new!


Butter Snap Pretzel Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.


A grilled cheese sandwich is iconic. It is timeless. It is nostalgic. It is a mouthful of ooey-gooey cheesy deliciousness, sandwiched in-between two toasty, buttery slices of bread. ¬†In actuality though, it doesn’t always have to be made with bread..at all. You can literally make a grilled cheese sandwich with anything if you get your creative juices flowing! Let them run wild.. and the world will be introduced into a whole new world of food. As we already know it, everyday the world of food is changing. Everyone is trying to come out with the most amazing tasting new concoction. That’s honestly what I hope to you show all of you, diamonds.. crazy fun things that you’ve never had, or seen before, shown easily enough that you have the confidence to try it out for yourself!

These are the perfect appetizers for any party you’re hosting, even if it’s for the kiddos! They’ll be just as in love with them as you.

Preset your oven to 350 degrees. While that’s heating up, place your pretzels on a baking sheet.. I just lined mine up in rows with how ever many I was going to make. Then I used thick shredded farmhouse style cheddar cheese because I wanted the cheese to sit nice and high on the pretzels once they are baked.

  • I don’t recommended using anything really thin like Mexican cheese, or cheese you use for tacos. Nothing like that. It needs to be of a thicker cut!


All ready to go into the oven for four minutes! Honestly, you don’t have to put them in that long, the cheese will be melted before that, BUT one of my favorite parts of a grilled cheese sandwich is when the cheese oozes off the side of the bread, onto the pan, and gets crispy and crunchy on the ends. Thats exactly what I was going for with these cheesy pretzels. To achieve that crispy texture when biting into these babies while still keeping a pillowy cheesy center, we’ll need to add a second layer of cheese.

After adding a second layer of cheese once the first layer comes out of the oven, pop them back into the oven on 320 degrees for just 3 minutes!

  • This is what these little melty hunnies will look like!


Right before putting the top butter snap on your grilled cheese’s, just like you would flip the sandwich over to finish the cooking process.. add a dot of honey mustard into the mix. It will give it that elegant flavor it’s looking for.

After platting them up, sprinkle the platter with dried thyme, and scatter mini dollops of honey mustard all around, so that your guests will know that honey mustard is inside of the sandwiches!


I think these are absolutely phenomenal for any occasion, any season, for any time of the day! It’s perfect for a brunch party, and just as amazing or a dinner bash. Either way you’ll be impressing your guests with presentation, and don’t forget to make double because they will disappear before you even get the chance to pop more into the oven! When I looked at the end product of these I realized too that they would be awesome to put out for an add on to your Easter menu since the pretzel reminds me of a tiny woven Easter basket! SUPER CUTE!

Enjoy your grilled cheeses, diamonds, I’ll be back very very soon. xoxo

15 Ways to stay busy at home! (While having some fun as well)


This is pretty much the scene of when I plan my weeks out, and do monthly blog creating. I love writing, and planning. It’s probably one of my favorite things in this entire world. Since as of lately, we’ve been stuck in the house, I’ve had quite a bit of time to do a little more of the things that make me super happy, like writing.

I am definitely a home body, although I am very outgoing.. I know some people have a hard time finding things to keep them busy while they are at home, and now with being¬†stuck¬†at home.. I want to reassure you’s that you will no longer be bored from this moment on! You can get working on projects, activities, and get active all over the house with all of my suggestions, and creations I have lined up for you, diamonds!¬†

  1. The first one being MUSIC. Even on a daily basis I feel like I cannot get through the day without music. I don’t play music myself or sing, unless I’m doing it to be funny (for those of you that know me personally, know I’m a very obnoxious singer lol) but I love listening to it no matter what I’m doing. Actually, every single time I write a post I have music on. Without question. It keeps me in the mood, keeps me focused, and makes me relaxed, especially depending on what I’m playing.
  • I know we don’t all have the same taste in music, but I am huge fan of Billie Eilish. I think she’s the best female singer in the industry right now, along with her very talented brother being her producer. I’m really into The 1975, and I just discovered the band called “Valley” who I find to be super meditating. Again, I love all genres of music, but these are currents that I’ve been having on repeat, especially when blogging.

¬†2. ¬†Writing/Reading. You don’t realize it but HOURS.. literally hours can pass while doing either one of these things. You can write notes about things you want to achieve, or get done around the house.. like writing day to day to do lists, or you can even try writing a book. It’s all about how much time you have, and how creative you’ll let your mind get. When reading a book.. if you truly think about it it’s like watching a movie, that you get to make up in your mind.. Sure you’re not actually making up what’s going on technically, but you are able to create what the houses, towns, places, things, and people all look like. That’s pretty incredible if you ask me!

3. ¬†¬†Clean & decorate your house for spring/Easter:¬†This one out of all of them is probably my most favorite of life! I get so so excited after every season to deep clean the entire house, and redecorate for the next upcoming holiday! I’ve mentioned it before in previous posts, but home decor and interior design is a really big passion of mine, so this task is essential for me in the deep fried diamond house hold! With being “quarantined” and all.. this is a very good one for passing time as well. It is an all day affair, thats for sure! It is worth it though, and so much fun! You could even get the whole family involved.

4. Crafts: I am not the most crafty person, but if I watch a tutorial, or have a crafting party I could be pretty decent! lol If you have a house full of family, or your kids love getting involved with crafting, this one if perfect for you!

5. Drawing/coloring:¬†I can not draw for the life of me.. that’s my boyfriends area. 100%. BUT.. I do love to color. One of the most relaxing, fun ways to release tension/anxiety is coloring in a coloring book. I love the themed coloring books where there are gorgeous portraits, and things to color in. Although, there are some people that like the ones where there’s ALOT going on, and soooo much more to color! In that case it’s up to you, but it is a really nice activity to do.. for any gender, and age.

6. Painting:¬†I actually very much enjoy painting, honestly. You can make a beautiful latte to sip on, or fill up a big glass of wine, and have an at home “wine & sip” with your mom, sister, or whoever!


¬† ¬†7. Make a mood board:¬†I am currently making a mood board myself, and when it’s all said and done I will be sure to do a post on it! In case some of you are curious as to what that is.. It is where you either print out pictures from the internet, or cut them from magazines, and make a collage of all of them on a big poster board.. hence a “mood board”! All of the pictures that you’re cutting out must be everything you love, or want to manifest, whether thats a house, all things that make up a home, a career, fashion, people you want to meet/ that you’re a fan of, or inspiring words, so every time you look at the board it will motivate you; having you look forward, staying positive and determined to accomplish all of those things.¬†

8. Cooking:¬†Of course, no matter what, you’re going to have to cook being that you’ll be in the house for a vast majority of each day, but I don’t just mean pop a piece of toast in the toaster. Go through those cook books you never touched, create something new.. even if you don’t think it’s going to be good.. you might surprise yourself, and read blogs/recipes on Pinterest! Have so much fun with this one! Also, this is your chance to teach your kids how to cook, and get them involved in the kitchen.

9. Youtube marathon:¬†For all my close family and friends.. you all know I barely watch TV. Almost slim to none, unless it is The Food Network, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Youtube has been in my life since 2010. I started watching youtube videos before it was a “thing”. Before people were making money from it.. before people were youtube famous. I watch so many people, so I honestly couldn’t even name them all for you, I have way to many ride or dies to mention. You just have to find people, and things that you’re interested in whether that would be lifestyle, food, fashion, clean and decorate with me’s, family vlogs.. the choices are endless. Trust me once you watch your first video.. you’ll never stop.

10. Movie Marathon: Get into comfy clothes, grab your best snacks, a cold soda pop, and snatch your favorite spot on the couch! Watch all your favorite movies in a row until its time to fall asleep! .. GO!

11. Breakfast in Bed:¬†We can all agree that this is our dream.. every girls dream at least! For those lazy mornings that we wake up for work, and don’t want to move from bed.. Now is your chance to live in that dream. Make it reality ūüėČ

12.¬†Organize all the¬†drawers/closets in your home:¬†This is the perfect time to “get your life together”.. you know there’s been those times where we say we don’t have our lives together, and this is a huge part of that! Shred those papers you don’t need anymore, get ride of anything you don’t use, and throw away the junk!

13. Clean and organize your fridge/pantry!:¬†This¬†is the best time to make sure that your refrigerator is squeaky clean. Stalk the fridge back up with fresh food, and organize everything by sections and what the foods are..whether thats meat, produce, dairy, drinks, or condiments. Do the same with your pantry! Also, don’t for get to check the dates on everything, and throw away what is no longer good.

14. Take a bath:¬†Run a nice warm bubble bath, make some tea and relax! It’s that simple.¬†

15. Have a spa day/night: Since all of the salons and spas are closed at the moment,¬†that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself be without self care! Keep up with your¬†maintenance, and give your self a makeover. You can do¬†everything from a good hair¬†conditioning, shower exfoliations, foot soaks,¬†Hand polishing, massages with lotions & oils, too a long much needed at home¬†facial.¬†You can even go above & beyond and lounge in your rob all¬†day, drinking ice cold infused water; while you wait for your sushi takeout to arrive.

Diamonds, don’t forget to support business’s that are opened during this rough time, and remember.. there’s always something to do, catch up on, or ways to have new kinds of fun! Stay happy, safe, and healthy.¬†




Fluffernutter chocolate chip cookie sandwiches.



YES diamonds, you read that right! Two of your childhood dreams mashing together as one glorious sticky, chocolatey concoction. I discovered this years ago, and always kept it in the back on my mind for this very special moment. One day I was eating a chocolate chip cookie, and I got to thinking.. “hmm I want to create a fun sandwich with this that everyone would be into”. I walked into the pantry with the idea in mind.. saw the peanut butter & marshmallow fluff, and a light bulb went off! If you love the combination on buttery, salty, flaky crackers, than you are going to absolutely fall in love with this. ¬†It’s super easy, and fun for kids to even give a try themselves! They’ll love it to pick on at slumber parties, or just for a cute little snack inside their lunch box at the end of their meal as a delicious treat. An awesome idea would even be to make these for a house party for any sort of event, and half dip them in any flavor of chocolate! Oh my goodness, YUM!

  • I want to take a moment to shout out my sister-in-law for the amazing board that these crumbly yummy sandwiches are sitting on! She surprised me with it on Christmas morning, and it is truly one of the most special gifts I have ever received, so thank you so much again Sara! xoxo


Of course it’s self explanatory.. but deciding on how many sandwiches you are going to need or want, you’ll spread peanut butter on half, and marshmallow fluff on the remaining half.


Especially if you’re having a party of some sort, or just preparing food for even a few guests, impressing them is at the top of your list, always! Decorating the board that you set the sandwiches on will be super appealing to the eye, making everyone want to devour them even quicker. I suggest using mini marshmallows. Decorating with someone around whatever the food may be, shows the people what’s actually in the food without having to ask! That helps you out as well being that you will probably be running around replenishing drinks, and entertaining your guests.

I also think it looks super cute if you spread little globs on peanut butter all around on the board. It really just gives your decorating skills that extra push to make people think that you’re really into throwing parties, and preparing for events!

  • Be that entertainer you’ve always dreamed of ūüėČ


These little babies are so stinkin’ cute, and I honestly don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t love these!

  • If you are allergic to peanut butter, or don’t enjoy eating it for some reason or another – substitute for Nutella! That would look and taste just as incredible as this!¬†