A special Corned beef and Cabbage Flatbread. (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)


What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day other than with corned beef and cabbage ? Oh that’s right.. smother a little Irish Dubliner cheese into the mix and you’ll be in heaven! The combination is delicious, and you’ll definitely be feeling you’re luckiest while nibbling on this perfect pot of golden deliciousness 😉 My boyfriends family is extremely Irish.. and while they never had corned beef and cabbage in this sort of way, his mom said “Bri, this is really just about the best pizza I ever ate in my life.” It is exactly like taking a reuben sandwich, and switching it up pizza style.. minus the cheese from Ireland. Really though.. the cheese makes this flatbread super unique and mouth watering when digging into it! Honestly let’s be real.. my mouth is watering just by looking at it. Lol

You can of course use regular heads of cabbage, but Napa cabbage for me, is the way to go! Absolutely. It’s more crisp, and tender, along with the fact that it is much easier to cook, and there is less of it. Nothing will be going to waste, so no having to store extra leftovers in your produce drawer in the refrigerator.

This looks like a lot, but the way it’s cut is fooling you. At your local deli.. order two slices of thicker cut corned beef, and three slices of thick cut Swiss cheese.


Heat up a sauté pan with a pad of butter on medium hight heat, and toss in your chopped up Napa cabbage, along with a whole small white onion.

  • Add in a few dashes of salt, pepper, and thyme leaves.

On the Nan flatbreads (the best flatbreads in my opinion) smother around the Irish Dubliner soft cheese. If you look close.. it almost reminds me of a first layer of icing getting put on a cake.. and the rest of the layers only get better!

  • The cheese comes in a circular package, and inside.. there are multiple little individual foiled triangle packages of this specific cheese. I used all but two. You could use all, but I wouldn’t use less. The creaminess makes this dish so amazing!

Since corned beef and cabbage is usually traditional with some vegetables and potatoes along side of it, I wanted you to still think that that’s what you’re eating, except amped up about 20 levels. I never do things dull.. I always have to make everything a party lol. In that case, I wanted to mix the traditional flavors with something more exciting that already used corned beef and Swiss cheese, and that diamonds, was a reuben! I thought instead of just using olive oil on the flatbread, I would drizzle Russian dressing all over the top.. here and there, and all around! 

  • I used two spoon fulls of good mayonnaise, two squeezes of ketchup, a tablespoon of relish, and a pinch of salt.


After sautéing the onions, and cabbage with the butter for a solid 20 minutes, spread that all over the dubliner cheese.


In the same pan that you sautéed the vegetables in.. drop in the cubed corned beef, and fry it up, so the edges get nice and caramelized for five to ten minutes.

  • Rule of Thumb: DO NOT just throw the un-caramelized corned beef onto the flatbread.. it will not give off half the flavor as it does when you fry it in the sauté pan! It would still be “good” but just think about it this way.. bologna and fried bologna are absolutely two totally different things, SO.. so is this! 

For the last steps.. add the cubed Swiss cheese, and drizzle all of the yummy sauce all the top of the two flatbreads.

BAKING DIRECTIONS: Place into a 375 degree oven for 15 minutes.


Wait a good 5-10 minutes before cutting it so the crust doesn’t break up on you, and things don’t slip off of the flatbread, leaving you with a goodie-less bite!

For the same reasons you were thinking.. I decorated the plate with greenery, and crisp lettuce leaves because DUH, you need green for St. Patty’s Day! It is pretty much everything! I mean if you want to go all out you could even whip yourself up green eggs, and ham for breakfast haha. That reminds me of my childhood days when we used to have Dr. sueus parties in school for his birthday! .. Speaking of my childhood, I can clearly remember fluffernutter sandwiches so specifically, on salty, buttery cracker. Now today.. in my twenties, I have a new vamped up way of eating them, and I actually whole heartily hate to say the words, but.. it’s betterrrr the original way we all know and love.

That will be showing up here on the blog next week diamonds, so keep an eye out for that! If you are not subscribed, and would like to come “get fried” every week with me.. I’m Bri! And I’d love for you to hit the follow button down in the right hand corner! 😉

Much love, stay safe, and keep healthy! This world is scary and insane, but I hope my posts keep happiness, and inspire you guys to get creative, and have a fun filled life!                                   XOXO


Rumor has it.. Brunch Bagels, are the best bagels ;)


For the third and last bagel sandwich on my bagel series.. we have the Brunch Bagel. Everything about it is exactly what you would imagine. All of the flavors of breakfast and brunch, mashed up into one glorious breakfast sandwich sensation. This is so great for those slow Sunday mornings after sleeping in for a few extra hours, and you mosey into the kitchen… not necessarily wanting breakfast, but you aren’t really craving a full on lunch, either. I paired these beautiful brunch babies with crispy golden French fries that I baked in the oven.

  • Now, most of the time I absolutely would make homemade fries, or some sort or pretty potato side dish, but you know what.. theres absolutely nothing wrong with popping a bag of good frozen fries into the oven. As you already know, and will continue to see.. I love making something super unique & extravagant looking and pairing it with something super simple.
  • Just as in my world of fashion sense.. I love pairing contrasting things in my culinary world as well. Being that I have the same passion for food, as I do fashion, I take both very very seriously, so I’ll never come to disappoint with a recipe 😉 Hehe

The first thing I started out with when creating this brunch dish was the special sauce to smother onto the bagel after being nicely toasted!

  • I grabbed two tablespoons of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of ketchup, two teaspoons of sriracha, and mixed all of these condiments together with a teaspoon of sugar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dried parsley.

I’m pretty much obsessed with spicy mayo to say the least.. we all know that at this point lol but I didn’t want that to be the exact same flavor. I wanted the sauce to scream brunch so ketchup was definitely a necessity, and the sugar was a staple to cut the spiciness of the sriracha. I only wanted. hint of spice for someone to say “mmm what is that?”.

 If theres Brunch, there must be eggs! I cooked the eggs are medium heat instead of medium low heat for three minutes each side. I wanted some texture and caramelization to the fried egg (even though, in the professional world of culinary arts.. this is the incorrect way to fry an egg ).  Technically, there should brown “over-cooked” spots as you see, but this I what I was going for considering I’m pairing it with chicken! I figured the texture would go pretty well with the taste of the chicken patty.


Heat up a few tablespoons of olive oil in a sauté pan, and caramelize half of a small red onion with salt and pepper. Cook slow and low for 20 minutes! 


My favorite part: ASSEMBLING! 

  • Sauce your toasted bagels, top and bottom!
  • Lay on your chicken patties! ( chicken patties are so nostalgic to me because my mom used to make me a chicken patty on a bun with tater tots when I was little and I would drink chocolate milk with it, and I LOVED it so much ) LOL So, I wanted to state why I was using a this type of meat choice because I know some of you out there probably don’t like that or would rather use a literal fried piece of chicken. Either choice is 100% fine, and would work perfectly!


What is brunch without bacon?! You bet that I had to incorporate bacon in one way or another! The cheese choice was “chicken, bacon, ranch”! It fit soooo well with the flavor profile that I was going for and unlike bitting into a real crisp piece of bacon, you just got a hint of bacon flavor that you needed. Not too much, but just the right amount for someone to say.. “oh wow there’s bacon in here too?”

I mean…. there’s not, but technically there is!

On top of the cheese, pile on the caramelized red onions that we sautéed up in our oiled pan, and add raw baby spinach for a nice refreshing bite of greenery!


It looks like there’s just normal ketchup sitting next to our cute little French fries…. BUT unfortunately, you are wrong. This is brunch ketchup at it’s finest!

  • Fill a ramekin half way with the ketchup of your choice, and add a tablespoon of maple syrup! Yes diamonds.. maple syrup! Along with the syrup to cut the sweetness; only a tad.. as a SQUEEZE of sriracha chili sauce.

I’m telling you these fries in this ketchup is to die for! Especially taking bites here and there of the bagel; then going back and fourth with the fried dipped in this magnificent sweet ketchup. UGH! So good.


Just looking at this picture makes me feel comforted in Sunday morning brunch-ness! 

You could enjoy this sandwich anywhere.. outside on the patio, or wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa watching a morning movie. Anything goes with a bagel sandwich, honestly. This even gives me the idea to do a bagel brunch bar in the future here on the blog. That would be super adorable and fun. It is exciting to get involved in where to put the food on your island, and to pair different flavored bagels with different toppings!


I really hope that you diamonds enjoyed this bagel sandwich series as much as I did! It was fun, and expanded my creativity creating a series that I loved sharing, and I will of course be doing more! Before then though, being that we entered the month of march I have an Irish inspired dish coming your way very very soon! 😉 



Breakfast is for bagel sandwiches.. Mean bagel sandwiches ;)


I’ve been really enjoying bagels 🥯 lately.. in all forms. Different flavors toasted with all kinds of cream cheeses, toppings, pilling and filling them to create bomb sandwiches. ALL of the above work, which gave me the brilliant idea to do a bagel series here on Deep Fried Diamonds! 

My last post was a lunch bagel sandwich filled with delicious ingredients that you wouldn’t even think to put together, but it worked super well! This bagel sandwich is for breakfast, although it could also work for any meal of the day if you really wanted it to! The next post after this one, in just a few days will be a mash up of my two favorite meals. 

  • A fantastic BRUNCH BAGEL.. is next… until then though, stay tuned reading! 🙂


Aside from popping your bagel in the toaster.. coat a small skillet with butter, or butter spray, and crack in two large eggs 🥚 . Top both of the eggs with salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and dried parsley. Fry the eggs 🍳 on medium low heat for three minutes.

  • As you diamonds will grow to learn, I put paprika on everything that I cook with eggs, and I use dried herbs a lot! Fresh herbs are an absolute love and number one choice, but I use many more fresh herbs in the spring & summer considering I’m making more dishes using them, so that they won’t have the chance of getting bad on me.

Now.. you can flip the eggs either with the flick of your wrist, as I do, or if you’re uncomfortable doing so, you can of course use a spatula! Then fry for another two to three minutes on that opposite side.

  • Fried eggs do cook very fast, but I usually cook them low and slow. Over easy eggs are my go to most of the time, but when I was creating this breakfast sandwich I didn’t want too much of the yolk running out, so I cooked it longer; making it a medium-hard center. (The yolk is almost fully cooked – over medium egg.)

Once you have removed the eggs from the pan, place four THIN slices of really really good bologna in that exact same pan! Fry on medium low heat until the slices get crispy, golden edges on them, and the fat starts to release the flavors.


Assembling 101:   After your bagel pops out of the toaster, lather with mayo. YES.. mayonnaise people. Trust me! 

  • Add one slice of white American cheese 🧀. You can use another kind of cheese if you don’t prefer American, but honestly bologna and American is just like peanut butter and jelly if you want to get real with it!


Oh man.. can we just take a second to appreciate that morning sun reflecting off that delectable fried egg, dressed with sriracha sauce. I mean.. breath taking, in my book 😌.

Top the sriracha with a little parsley. I love green and red together when photographing.. it just works so well to please the eye, and also the palette.

After the parsley garnish, fold on that crispy, crunchy, glorious bologna.


See what I mean.. it is glistening in all it’s gloriousness. 😉

For the final step, and the most necessary step! Add four center leaves of butter lettuce 🥬 . I know what your all thinking.. “Bri, much love.. but I do not want lettuce with eggs” I know I know, BUT once again, trust me. It works like none other! It makes the sandwich complete. Even though bologna has nothing to do with sushi; what so ever, it gives your taste buds a sort of asian inspired flare when grubbing on the bagel! The egg mixed with the fat from the bologna, and the mayo mixed the with tangy sriracha.. creating basically a “spicy mayo” concoction, ALL combining with the crispy bite of the mild butter lettuce, is just suburb. It really is extraordinary.


Just the colors of the sandwich gives me sushi roll vibes. I know you heard me mention “a sushi taste” so much on my blog since after the holidays ended, but I want to be 100% real with you guys, and show you diamonds what I truly love, and what I think you will love. So so much! Granted, sushi 🍣 is by far one of my favorite foods on this whole entire planet 🌎 , so being able to get creative enough to incorporate that flavor profile into a dish is awesome to me, especially when you aren’t even eating sushi because lets be honest.. it wouldn’t be healthy to eat raw fish every single day of your life, even though I wouldn’t be mad at it! Lol.

I wanted to show you angles of the inside after bitten into showing the color, and texture of the egg yolk, just so everyone knows what I was talking about when I said I wanted the yolk to be cooked further than I normal would!

  • Let’s appreciate the beauty of this sandwich! … YUM! I wish I could dive into on of these right now.


Remember diamonds! – This is a series, so another bagel sandwich will be coming your way VERY soon!!


Creative minds come from creative sandwiches.. bagel sandwiches!

In the afternoons when I’m home; having all day to plan, and get blog work done, I enjoy nothing more than making a delicious sandwich with everything I have stuffed in the middle of whatever I might be feeling that day. Today a bagel sounded scrumptious to me! To me.. I genuinely feel like I am my most creative when I’m snacking and munching on different types of foods. Wether that would be a meal, brunch, or a tray for one of some sort! Which most of you may know already.. I am huge fan of! It reminds me almost like when you were in school trying to take a test, or write a paper they would recommend you eating spearmint gum.. but in this case you’re just eating to get your best possible ideas flowing to create new, beautiful, and diamond filled content; if you will. 😉

If something is developed in a proper way, and made with a loving passion.. it will be perfect, every single time. Some things on this unique bagel sandwich you wouldn’t think  to combined their flavors together, but in the end it makes a mouthwatering lunch for a very productive day.

Just as the title.. I think once you’re feasting on something that is the meaning of “creative”.. you really can’t do anything less than make the most creative content possible. I love living my days by doing what I love. They do say if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your love, and blogging what I truly love! 


If any of you would be into recreating this sandwich.. from top to bottom I will list the ingredients: 

  1. Top bagel
  2. Mayonaise, granulated garlic, crushed black pepper, and dried parsley.
  3. Good bologna
  4. Turkey breast
  5. A nice chunk of iceberg lettuce
  6. Red vine tomato- one slice
  7. Bacon chicken ranch cheddar cheese
  8. Buffalo cheddar cheese
  9. Mayonaise, granulated garlic, crushed black pepper, and dried parsley.
  10. Bottom bagel


Bri loves Brie ;)

Everyone that has known me for a very long time, or is really close to me in my life knows I love cheese. I mean I LOVE cheese. Brie is extremely special to me considering I thought it was so adorable that we had the exact same name, besides one little letter of a difference. 😉 In all seriousness though, it is by far my most favorite cheese on the planet. You can literally create any dish with it, and it will make it that much more perfect. I wanted to show you diamonds, how to adorn a beautiful brie board. Also.. knowing me I couldn’t pick just one way that I enjoy indulging with brie cheese, so I created this platter in a way that shows the brie both baked, and unbaked, along with all the amazingness that should be paired between the two differencing ways!

To start off any board/platter I always start with something big and colorful. A lot of the times that means fruit, and in this case; grapes! I actually love putting grapes on many of my boards, as you can probably tell from my recent posts. Secondly, after placing focal points, you want to “fill in your corners”. I believe starting off any huge platter to please the eye, needs the corners filled in with texture, and something fun to get the flow of the tray going.


Once the flow has begun, I placed a plate down for the baked brie to be presented on, and I cut & arranged the unbaked Brie on the other side of the board. Starring at each other, but never touching..


For the baked brie, all you need is a drizzle of honey, and to place it on a baking dish to get put in the oven at 350 degrees for almost 10 minutes. You can leave it in anywhere from 5-10, but I wanted this baked brie in particular to get a little more ooey-gooey as I like to call it 😉 so that it would spread immensely on whatever you fancy to smother it upon!


Caramelizing a handful of macadamia nuts in a pan with a teaspoon of butter, and a tablespoon of honey to pour onto of the baked brie is essential to this board!

  • 3-5 minutes until the nuts are golden brown on medium heat


The creaminess and meatiness of this delicious mild cheese goes absolutely outstanding with sliced apples, and crunched up cranberry filled dark chocolate bars.

To go along with both levels of the cheese.. I put together an onion, mushroom
“jam”. I sliced a whole container of mushrooms, along with one onion, thyme, honey, salt, and pepper. The longer you cook this mixture, the more “jam like” it will become. I started sautéing the vegetables in the pan on medium high heat to get as much  caramelization as possible, then after about ten minutes, I turn the heart down to medium-low for about another half hour. 

I decided to place the mushroom/onion jam in-between the two different types of brie to show the intention of being able to go along with either side.. with any adornments!


Since I was topping the baked brie with honey glazed macadamia nuts, I couldn’t help but think that I didn’t have a choice but to top the unbaked brie! I did not want to leave her undressed.. that wouldn’t be fair. LOL I decorated around the baked brie with dried blueberries.. which by the way, if you’ve never had them, you MUST. They are so super yummy, and kind of honestly tastes like candy. Anyway, since I wanted to stay within the theme, I played blueberry preserves all over the unbaked brie. It couldn’t have paired better with the prosciutto that I put down later when the tray is more completed.

There’s some instances where I don’t actually love how the tray is looking until I’m almost finished arranging, and rearranging the food on the board, but I really fell in love with this platter instantly! It’s actually kind of ironic too thinking about the fact the I just have genuine love for everything on this board. Also, these are the fixings just about a little more than half way completed. If you are making this for entertaining, I highly recommend investing in cheese knives… as you can see it looks so professional, really put together, and it is just down right convenient for serving!

Decorating all different kinds of boards no matter what it may be, can might as well be considered a hobby of mine! I love decorating so much, even my house, so I intended on making this “Bri Loves Brie” board be as beautiful as it could have been because I wanted it to represent me and everything I love. 

  • Butter cookies laced with a dark chocolate layer on the side of it, butter crisp crackers, rosemary Triscuits, and prosciutto finished this board off in such a classic, yet glamorous way; while all having the flavors compliment each other when combined.

Again.. mentioning the “cheese knives”.. I think they look so appealing to the eye, and it looks like such effort was being put into the platter making process.


Loaded with brie, and love.. this board is all of me and more. It represents what I love,  what I love to do, and what I love to indulge in. You can of course adjust the things that this tray is filled with, or keep is exactly the same; it’s all on your preference, and my opinion. This is a great idea for a wine night, an accompaniment on your island to have your guests nibble on at your next house party, or something like this is even ideal for a house warming party to bring everyone together to show them something special in your life. No matter what you make this for, anyone.. including yourself will be 100% happy as Brie with it 😉

 Get your Brie on diamonds!      xoxo

Dive into Dark Chocolate this Valentines Day!


Of course, when we think of valentines day we think of a surf and turf dinner, an over-priced giant bouquet of roses, and one of those incredibly huge boxes of chocolates that us girls think we can eat in one sitting when were drinking champagne in our bath robes.. but it just never happens like that lol. It doesn’t always have to be so basic though, does it? you don’t always have to go on the same date everyone else is going on. When planning your valentines day for your significant other, or even a “Gal-entines Day” party that you’re throwing.. make it unique! Surprise everyone in your life that you love, and do something fun and indulgent! What better way to celebrate the day, than with chocolate? Lots and lots of chocolate 🍫!  My two friends from work are dating, and she happens to be obsessed with dark chocolate, and so that is exactly what he wanted the date night to be wrapped around! As soon as he said the idea, I knew I could create a killer tray for her that she’d fall in love with, and when I asked for anything specific, he replied.. “the darker, the better!” I must day diamonds.. he asked, and he did receive!

Even though I’m not a dark chocolate fan myself, I loved the concept and the challenge. The key to creating a monochromatic piece of art, is adding pops of color. It is necessary! A must have to make the eye fall in love, before your taste buds even get the chance to do so..

This is for sure something you could even do with your partner! It would be so fun to build a dessert board together, and then grab a bottle of bubbly.. or heck maybe even a big cold glass of milk ( you may need it with all the chocolate 😉 ) and watch a romantic film together. No matter if you want to surprise someone special, or see the joy in their eyes creating it with you, you will be so so happy with the outcome!

I can’t think of many people who will be sad with fruit covered in glorious, smooth chocolate, ooey gooey chocolatey cookies, and pops of colored candy..


Instead of having dinner with 50 other people inside of a restaurant, paying big money to impress the one you love... impress them at home, spend half the money, and indulge in dessert for dinner! You for sure, will NOT be disappointed. Even if you need savory as soon as you’re finished with dessert.. just like me, the heart shaped pizza is all the rage this year, and they’re everywhere! I think it is beyond precious, and who doesn’t love a wine night in with pizza and chocolate? 😉


You can add intricate details by cutting heart shapes into your brownies once they have cooled after baking, and dipping your own pretzels & fruit into dark chocolate instead of buying it already made. At the end of the day.. the cookies are pre-made, but no-one could ever replace those “famous” cookie sandwiches  we all know and love! It just is not going to happen. LOL


If you’re planning on going out to dinner, and you are completely sold on doing the traditional valentines day, but still want to have a special evening when you come back home, you can certainly make a dessert board that’s ACTUALLY for two! Haha, but no seriously, if you’re wanting to indulge only a little bit.. this is the perfect amount, and it still looks romantically beautiful.

The size is your choice. Both beautiful, and can still definitely be presented as a valentines day gift!


Happy Valentines Day, diamonds! Remember you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing on valentines day to have a perfect date with your loved one. All that matters is you show someone love, and compassion. Have fun dinning with dark chocolate, and I’ll see you next week for one of my favorite things in this life!