Smoked Gouda & Caramelized Onion Burgers Topped With Creamy, Tangy Aioli.

 It’s officially burger season until the leaves start changes colors, and that crisp, chilly feeling starts to develop in the air, and especially this weekend now more than ever! 

Happy 4th of July Diamonds! We all know that burgers are going to be all the rage at every kind of party, and cookout this holiday weekend, but why not level your burger game up a bit? Sometimes we consider doing that, but imagine that it’s going to take up an immense amount of time, and effort in the kitchen; taking ourselves away from the action to be tending to food creating, instead of having a blast like everyone else while socializing is happening! Fortunately, that’s exactly why I created this smoked beauty! I wanted to be able to influence you Diamonds to serve something totally flavorful and different, while having it remain super simplistic, so that you can spend just as much time enjoying the day as all of your loved ones are.


This cheeseburger is inanely delicious. It’s going to leave all of your guests feeling satisfied, and wanting to know exactly how you concocted each and every step in the entire burger making process. All everyone has to know is that the steps are minimum, but very important in themselves. The dijon horseradish sauce is the secret to making these babies so beyond addictive that everyone will want more to dip along the side, or possibly even to dip their veggies in from the crudités that you put out for everyone to pick on while you tended to the grill. Speaking of the grill.. I didn’t cook these burgers on the grill. The reason I decided not to do so was because I felt that there was such a perfect amount of smokiness already, that if I would have grilled them they would have gotten such an intensified flavor of smoke! If you feel as though grilling them is less messy, easier, and leaves you able to be part of the gathering while still being a hostess, than that will still be perfectly fine!

You can buy frozen burgers already made, but I love the way I make my burgers! They’re excellent, and it constantly leaves the meat juicy, and tender after being cooked no matter which way you cook them. They are filled with savory onion flavors as well which is exactly what I love, and what you definitely won’t be able to get if you buy them already made.

  •      Depending on how many people you’ll be having over to entertain, you’ll want to use that many pounds of meat. I only used 1 pound being that that’s all I needed!
  • You get 6-8 patties out of 1 pound of meat depending on how big you make/form them.


  • 1 pound of 80/20 ground beef.
  • 1/4 cup of ketchup.
  • 8 dashes of Worcestershire sauce.
  • 1 teaspoon of steak sauce.
  • 1 tablespoon of dried onion flakes.
  • Granulated garlic to taste
  • Salt and pepper to tase.

The combination of all these flavors makes for a mouthwatering burger! Now, I know there are people out there who just “love to taste the meat”, and only add salt and pepper, but I promise if you give these a go you will make them for the rest of the summer. The great thing I love about making your own burgers is that you can form as many patties as you want fresh, and layer between parchment paper, so you can put in a big storage bag to freeze.


If you’re not making the burgers right away, but you’re not freezing them for another day.. after you’ve layered them with parchment to keep them separated from each other, place the pile on a plate, and put in the fridge for a few hours. You want to do this most times anyway when making protein because you want to be able to handle them well, and the coldness of the meat will make it easier for you to do that.

While you are letting the burgers set, you can go ahead and cut one small red onion, or multiple depending on how much you need, or want. You’ll want to also slice your smoked gouda cheese. Even if you don’t love this cheese with a cracker, you will adore it melted over top of this scrumptious, caramelized burger.

The caramelized onions need to cook low, and slow. That’s the key, so what you want to do is let them sauté in a small sauce pan on medium low heat. You always need to start the process with real, salted butter. That makes all the difference! Since butter burns quick, combine two tablespoons of it with one tablespoon of olive oil to insure that your onions will caramelize perfectly.


     Once the fat is all sizzled up, throw in your sliced red onion!


This is after 15 minutes of getting translucent. After 15 minutes I like to turn my heat down to low, and let them go for another 30 minutes. You don’t have to cook them as long, but onions in this form takes time. Low and slow is the trick, and you want the end result to kind of resemble a “jam” in some way.


I don’t always love a toasted bun, but for this type of burger, with so much gooey ingredients on it, I think it’s very necessary! It also gives it another type of texture, being that there will be many soft textures happening in your mouth, so the crunch of a good toasted bun is a nice touch!

  • Butter both the top and bottom!


You can surely put these buns out on the grill to get really wonderful charred marks on the inside of them, but I put mine on a flattop on medium low heat; checking them every few minutes to reduce the risk of getting too dark.

As I said before, if you’re taking the adorable things out to the grill, go right ahead! I turned a huge sauté pan up to medium-high heat, sprinkled with olive oil, and placed four patties inside. Cook the burgers on each side for 3-5 until they are browned, and slightly charred in certain areas. That’s when you know they are going to be incredible when you get that hit of crispiness in your burger bite!

Don’t hate me Diamonds.. but I almost love burgers a little more when they’re done stove top, and not on the grill because I just love that crisp diner taste when enjoying a burger. The oil gets absorbed into the burgers leaving the outside to get nice and buttery tasting from the meat soaking in all the flavors of what’s in the pan.

When you have about two minutes left of cooking on the last side, place the gouda cheese over each individual patty so that the gouda burgers can bring themselves to life!


If the cheese is not pretty much translucent, and almost see-through, DO NOT take these burgers off the heat! No one wants a burger with unmelted cheese on it, I promise you that.


You can serve these smoked gouda cheese and caramelized onions burgers with anything you’d like, but seasoned steak fries are ultimately where it’s at with these puppies! This fry and seasoning combination compliments the smoky flavors so insanely well, so you’ll definitely be missing out if you don’t give this a shot! Aside from the fries, the most important missing puzzle is the creamy, dreamy, tangy dijon, and horseradish aioli. It is decadent, and literally makes your taste buds wanting more, so it ends up being iconic for dipping those fluffy fries into!

  • Seasoning for the steak fries- Salt, pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, sugar, cayenne pepper, paprika, and chili powder.
  • Dijon horseradish aioli-  1/2 cup of mayo, 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard, a drizzle of honey, a few dashes of tabasco, 3 dashes of Worcestershire sauce, and a tablespoon of fresh horseradish. I never skip on seasonings because seasonings really do bring so much flavor, to something along with bringing out the actual flavor of the food itself, so don’t forget to add salt, pepper, and garlic powder into all that creaminess!


If you’re not having your guests build there own burger, make sure to put a good layer of the aioli on the top, and bottom parts of the bun because you’ll really regret it if you don’t considering it’s deliciousness! This sauce completes the burger for sure!! 

I hope every single one of you Diamonds have a safe, and yummy 4th of July! Enjoy the weather, your loved ones, your back yard, and most importantly.. these outstanding cheeseburgers! The food at a party is everything. It is the star of course, and center of attention. Without food.. there is no party, let’s be real! Enjoy all the food as much as you can, and have as much fun as you can, while still being safe. 🙂




Best Eats at The Best Pub!


This is probably one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It was absolutely glorious of course in that moment that I took this photo as well because I got to enjoy all these stunning little plates of amazingness. Food photography at it’s finest right here. Last year at this time a cigar pub that has a full bar and serves delicious small plates opened up in my area. I just recently got the chance to go during this summer to be able to sit on the patio, and enjoy cocktails, along with wonderful food to share with my girlfriends. It was incredible to say the least. Aside from me just sharing with you Diamonds what I love to cook, I also want to get involved more with letting you know what I love to eat, even when I don’t cook it. There will be many instances of me doing these “food critic” posts, but they will always be super positive! I will never, and would never share about something I don’t genuinely love, or believe in whole heartedly. I thought it would be such a fun thing to start getting involved in to inspire every single one of you to try different things, and to dine at different places.


Farthest back: Goat cheese and prosciutto flatbread with blackberry balsamic glaze. Diamonds, let me just tell you that this was mouthwatering. I’ve had regular balsamic glaze before, along with strawberry balsamic, and even raspberry balsamic, but this blackberry balsamic hit different. It had a tart note while still being insanely sweet, without being overbearing, and the creaminess of the goat cheese, along with the saltiness of the prosciutto complimented it so so well. 

Middle, right: Cheese and meat Charcuterie board. This type of eating is my favorite way to eat, which you Diamonds honestly probably already know because I rave about it so much! LOL. Everything on this board was delicious, although I am not a huge fan of aged provolone cheese (I know, I know. That’s usually everyone’s favorite). I just for some reason can’t really get past it’s strong taste, but the gouda, and the blue cheese was so mild and creamy, so it went great with the fatty, salty meats! On this board, along with many others.. even ones that we all make for gatherings; you need olives, mustards, dips, fruits, or anything that has acid in it to counteract the other filling flavors that are the stars of the charcuterie board.

Middle, left: Fried Arancini Balls.  (cheesy rice balls that are seasoned, battered, and fried) These were beautifully presented. Everything else was all well, but I appreciated how they laid a spoon full of the roasted red pepper sauce on the bottom, then piled them one by one, on top of each other like a mini pyramid! It was very pleasing to the eye. They didn’t just stop there either! They made it snow with delicious shavings of good parmesan cheese. Decorating the plate with something let’s you know that most of the time, that ingredient is also inside of whatever you are being served, and if you never knew that before, now you do! Watch out for it from now on, and you will start to catch on that at fine dining restaurants especially, they do that often!

Middle, front: Pulled Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad. This was honestly the best caesar salad that I’ve had out at restaurant to date, and believe you and me.. I try my caesars salads everywhere I go. I love them, and while I do make it at home, I don’t make it too often because I can’t really keep the dressing long due to the fresh anchovies that I use. Yes, Diamonds if you weren’t aware there are anchovies in your caesar salad, and before you tell yourself you’re never going to eat it again, or you don’t like anchovies. THINK AGAIN! That flavor is one of the very main reasons that this salad is so dang succulent! This salad was classic with a smoked twist, and I straight up adored everything about my experience while enjoying it!!


A closer look at the wonderful, glorious, textured, eye pleasing charcuterie board! You can for sure never go wrong when ordering this when you’re with a crowd since it’s super shareable, and there is truly something on it for everybody!

Aside from the food we did order, there was so much on the menu I wanted to try. I will certainly be going back for more, and more amazing experiences at this Best Cigar Pub. If I’m being perfectly honest with you, there wasn’t anything on that menu that I wouldn’t have ordered! It was just the ultimate patio experience, even down to the service, and how careful they were with making sure you were safe while dining there.


Listen to me Diamonds! Even with the regulations that are still going on in this world.. I encourage you to go experience things that are worth experiencing!! While still being careful of course, I think it is super important to enjoy life, and take everything in that it has to offer. Eating at the best places in your area, or even outside of your area should always be on your list of summer activities. Something we all can come together with is the fact that we can’t survive without food, we all love to eat, and food brings loved ones together!

On a summer night in the near future, make sure to make reservations at a restaurant, pub, or bistro that you’ve been craving to try! When you do make the opportunity, do not hold back! Order plates off the menu you’re not sure of because maybe that will be your new favorite food in the whole entire world. It will also allow you to open up your mind to other things you thought you’d never be into!





Trips To Farmers Markets In The Summer!

Last summer I created a blog post about my love for in season, locally grown produce, but honestly I have been making my rounds so much that I just felt compelled to share with you, Diamonds!

In my eyes there is absolutely no reason in the world to get your fresh vegetables, and fruits at the grocery store during these summer months. It’s always super overpriced, and you have no idea where it’s all coming from, or if it’s actually even going to taste that great. Sometimes even if the piece of produce is in season.. it just might not be so good from the type of weather it received wherever it had the chance to grow. By getting everything you need at the farm, the owners there will be more than happy to tell you everything they know about the produce they are selling; from where it came from, to what it tastes like, or if it needs to ripen a little more for you before enjoying!


Since the end of may, I have not missed a trip to the farm at all! In fact.. I have been there multiple times a week with different friends, and family members who also love to go with me to see what I adore, and what I’m going to be making with each individual piece of luscious, fresh ingredients that I purchase. I definitely want to give tomatoes a shout out this season, first and foremost. They are literally incredible! I also love cooking with tomatoes, and laying slices down on my avocado toast, but they are super succulent this season that I don’t even have to do anything with them. I just take a knife to it to make nice cuts, and slices, pour some good olive oil over top for looks, and silkiness, then finish it off with everything but the bagel seasoning to devour!! If you don’t eat seeds due to medical reasons, or you just don’t enjoy them, you can always just sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper, and be good to go. Honestly for me though.. everything but the bagel seasoning has truly been my go to lately, especially to top of my breakfast, or brunch with!


Every time I go to the farmers market I always change around what I pick up because most likely they also changed what the have out as well, considering everyday they get new things in that ripened. Other than the tomatoes that I always get time and time again because I go through them so extremely fast, I love to decide on what to choose by seeing what I could place on crudité boards, or salads. It makes me excited to brain storm while I’m there to see what I am in the mood to eat since you never want anything to go to waste. Once your bring everything home, you want to make sure you eat it all within a few days to a week at most!


  • Potatoes– I love getting potatoes from the farm. They’re always super fresh, fluffy, and creamy.
  • Tomatoes- Of course 😉
  • Strawberries– These strawberries were very very tiny, but I figured I’d give them a go. I don’t know if it was because of their size, or because I didn’t get a chance to eat them right away, but I was wishing that they were just a bit more sweet than they were. They were still great though. Very soft, and paired nicely with brie cheese. TO NOTE:  strawberry season is coming to it’s end, so if you’re looking for them from the farm, go as soon as you can! 
  • Sugar Snap Peas: I love love love peas. In any form they are just awesome. You can do so much with them, and I sincerely love throwing olive oil, and garlic all over them, and popping them in the air fryer. (sneak peak of a recipe coming soon 😉 )
  • Vidalia Onion: I always enjoying picking up onions at the farmers market because you get what you want; which is an insane onion flavor, and I love them on the grill!
  • Green Bell peppers: Pepper season isn’t until the last summer/fall season, but the green bell peppers now are great for sautéing with potatoes, grilling for sausage and peppers, or cutting in strips to dip in homemade ranch dressing by the pool.
  • Cheese Curds: Cheese curds at my local farm is so delicious. I love them so much, and they’re amazing to just sit and pick on with a few crackers, and pieces of pepperoni. They are even tasty next to some cut up carrots and celery.


I love nothing more when the weather is at it’s summer height to put on a colorful outfit, and head to the farm to get all the produce I can ever want until I eventually need more! I enjoy eating pretty clean as well whenever I can, so choosing your produce from local establishments are your best bet if you want to be aware of what exactly you’re putting in your body. If you have a day to come and go as you please to enjoy the weather, make your way to each one of your local farms with a nice big wooden basket! (You’ll need it!)  You will be so happy that you did, and you Diamonds are guaranteed to have as much fun as I do when I go.



Poker Night Pickings!



One of my favorite things to do is play cards. You can play for hours and hours, and don’t even realize that four hours already flew by without anyone even noticing. It’s a really cute date idea especially if you’s both thrive off competition! If you are expecting friends to come over within the hour, and are in need to get something fun together in a short amount of time, this is the perfect way to go! Diamonds, don’t stress if people are going to be there who don’t know how to play… it’s very simple to learn, and once they learn they’ll want to continue to play all night!! It’s more of an intense card game especially if you are gambling with actual money on the line, but we’re still considering it a game night. With that being said, any kind of game night, no matter what games are on the agenda .. need snacks. It is a no brainer, but the question always is.. what should I put out on display thats easy, while not just serving chips from straight out of the bag?

I have your answers here Diamonds! 



We’ll start with the first picture! Melt peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon together! There doesn’t have to be any exact measurements with these ingredients. Pickings for poker games are supposed to be fun, and freeing! You just have to decide if you want a mild peanut butter taste in your mouth once you pop a few potato chips on your tongue, or if you want an explosion to occur!


I think any snack mix is absolutely perfect for game night pickings. It is exactly what everyone is craving, and they don’t even know it yet!

  • In a large mixing bowl– combine kettle cooked potato chips (they must be kettle cooked! The crunch is superior to anything else, and they’re thicker.. so they aren’t going to really break apart when mixing in the melted peanut butter concoction!), butter snap pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, and dark chocolate chips. Then for the star.. the glorious cinnamon honey peanut butter gets drizzled all over, falling into every nook and cranny!!

Diamonds, if you love the combination of sweet and salty this will be your new best friend when it comes to snacks, or throwing something together for a party!


Whenever there is something sweet involved in the menu making process for an event, or an occasion.. I know whole heartedly that I have to do something savory; better yet, CHEESY! I love sweet and cheesy things together! I can’t exactly put my finger on what I adore so much about the two tastes together, but it just always works! It’s pretty much a match made in heaven <3.

  • In a skillet, heat up three tablespoons of butter with many, many shakes of nacho cheese seasoning on medium-low heat. 

When the butter is fully melted, add the cheese crackers in to toast them for five minutes, continually stirring around to coat every little square with buttery, cheesy goodness! 

  • Right before you take the crackers out of the pan.. cover them again with nacho cheese seasoning, and stir around once more. 

I love this creation so much because even though you can’t deny it’s simplicity, of course.. it really gives plain old cheese crackers a kick! They get totally leveled up in the snack world!! As does any snack when you toast it in butter, and delicious spices. You won’t even have to tell anybody that these aren’t straight out of the box. They will instantly know, and become super addicted. 

You never want to have a poker night without a few drinks to loosen up, and get those bets rollin’!

  • Everyone’s favorite craft beers, or whiskey to sip on are usually solid choices for nights like these, especially since there are many men who are extremely into playing poker.

If your summer nights ever start to feel a bit boring, grab the deck of cards, the pile of poker chips, and these snack pickings! You will be set for a long night out on the patio to pick, and play! I hope you Diamonds are enjoying the beginning of the summer season! Don’t let it fly by.. do what you want to do, so you can enjoy what the summer has to offer!


Take Your Pizza and Macaroni and Cheese Over To The Grill!!


     Barbecue chicken and macaroni & cheese Naan flatbread, drizzled with ranch for that extra ZIP! 

     Who doesn’t love carbs on carbs?! I mean seriously, there’s no possible way you can go wrong. Most people say their favorite food is pizza.. and everyone and their mother loves macaroni and cheese! It is the worlds best comfort food. Imagine the amazing explosion in your mouth of the two best foods in the world combined with barbecue chicken, and some other little goodies, fired on the grill!! It’s really one of the greatest things in the world that you will ever eat! It’s fun to create, and even more fun to enjoy! You Diamonds will love making this for “dinner for two”, or you can make multiple of them, then cut them up into bite sized pieces to serve as appetizers when you’re throwing a really great get together. It all depends what the occasion is since that will determine how many you need to make. If you are making these for a special reason, there is no doubt in my mind that they will be devoured within minutes. Your guests will be begging for more!

  • Since so many kids have just recently graduated from high school, or college.. this would be an amazing thing to make for your own house party, or possibly even to bring to a graduation party that you’ve been invited to. You will definitely be the light of the night walking in with this delicious looking barbecue chicken, and macaroni & cheese grilled pizzas!

This pizza looks super succulent, fancy, and really intense to put together.. it might even make the average home cook intimidated, but Diamonds, do not sweat this because I promise you that this is the fastest pizza recipe you will ever follow in your life.

  • Always remember: Even if something doesn’t take a long time, and the difficulty level isn’t shooting through the roof, that doesn’t mean something isn’t going to look and taste like you’re sitting down at the most ultimate, high class restaurant of your life!
  • You can use regular pizza dough, or make your own if you want to get crafty with it, but I love love love the taste, and texture of naan! 
  • On top the naan, drizzle with really good olive oil, salt, pepper, and dried parsley to begin the pizza making process!


You are welcome to use any kind of left over chicken, or even any meat you would like, but rotisserie chicken works wonderfully for this insane grilled pizza. Don’t use too much, or too little, and heat up with your favorite barbecue sauce. Then, spread it out all over the naan flatbread.


Besides the barbecue chicken, and macaroni & cheese.. there’s very few other ingredients, but extremely important ones. You want to chop up a hearty hand full of spinach for mild tenderness, and two whole scallions for a crisp onion bite!


      Sprinkle the chopped spinach all over the chicken!


If you don’t have Mac and cheese prepared, and you are planning on making this, then of course you would have to go ahead and chef some up! Fortunately, I had a bit left over from having it as a side dish the night before.

  • You are more than welcome to put less, or more on, but I do believe if you’d put more on.. it would be too over powering of the other flavors. It would feel like too many carbs are happening in your mouth, and while you may think that that’s an amazing thing, I’d rather taste ALL the fantastic flavors, than mostly just one.


Now! Even though there is obviously gooey cheese in the macaroni and cheese, you want to add different textures and flavors of other cheeses.

  • Shredded cheddar cheese– too add another layer of cheese, along with some stringiness that all pizza connoisseurs crave!
  • Parmesan cheese– I love parmesan and ranch together, so since we’re drizzling some on here I had to sprinkle a good amount all around! I think the saltiness of it goes really well on top of any kind of pizza as well.


If you are a lover of ranch, drizzle as much of it all over the top of everything that we put on the flatbread! Lastly, sprinkle the scallions for some onion flavor that was chopped up from earlier.

Move the pizza (carefully) out to the grill! Fire the grill up to medium low.. we don’t want to burn the bottom, but we want to leave it on long enough so that everything gets extremely crispy, and the cheese is of course, ooey-gooey!

  • Depending on what type of grill you have you might want to shut the lid on it for five minutes in the beginning to get everything covered with some powerful heat contact. Then, only leave it on as long as it takes to get the crust to the color that you want.
  • I left my flatbread on the grill for ten minutes!
  • Also, if you feel like your crust is done to your liking, but everything else isn’t.. turn the heat off, and close the lid for a few more minutes! It will for sure come out perfectly.


I mean…. come on Diamonds.. this looks like a dream!! I am drooling! 😉 That’s usually what happens when you mash two amazing dishes together. Sometimes it might even get a little more crazy, and we’ll do three, or four dishes mixed into one! Remember what I said I earlier as well.. just because something looks insanely inventive, and it intimidates you to make it doesn’t mean that you won’t be capable on doing so. Some of the most luxurious cuisine is the simplest, and thats the crazy truth! Most of the time it’s not about thinking into something that is trying.. it’s about thinking creatively. There are many times you could come up with something someone never even heard of, and it only contains two simple ingredients. I think the summer season is perfect for testing your culinary skills because if you like what you are creating, then you instantly have a new party platter to either take with you somewhere, or use at your own celebration! I think it’s easy to come up with new things in the summer as well since there is so much amazing produce in season! That could give you the chance to introduce people to fresh farm foods that they never even thought they knew how to use!

If you grill this flatbread pizza up this summer, or you Diamonds decide to grill any kind of pizza .. tag me on Instagram at “therealdeepfrieddiamonds”, so I could see all the deliciousness that you’s are enjoying!


Sour Berry & Lime Sangria.


 One of my favorite summer mixers is hands down a sangria! It is the perfect drink to whip together for any summer bash, pool party, or accompaniment to sunset patio pickings! The one thing I adore most about creating a sangria is that you can mix literally any wine in the world with endless possibilities of fruit options together, along with a splash of a fizz. You cannot go wrong with having a pitcher of this displayed at your next big get together! This sour berry and lime sangria is just the right touch for your fourth of July festivities this year. I know, know.. it’s a bit early, but it’s never too early when it comes to planning parties. Early planning and preparing makes for a stress free, easy day to let yourself enjoy everything that you worked your buns off for!


If you have never made a sangria before, don’t fret.. it is the simplest thing in the world, and honestly pretty fun! 

Now .. you do not have to fill up the pitcher with the fruit as much as I did, but I always enjoy filling it half way, or so with the goodies! Then, I fill the rest up with the alcohol. 

  • Squeeze the juice of one whole lime into a fancy pitcher!
  • On top of the lime juice add blueberries, strawberries, and halved slices of one whole lime.

White wine for this is key, but if you are a red wine drinker that will absolutely be just as good!

It’s not just any white wine.. either.. it’s champagne, which is bubbly, delicious, and takes sangrias to a whole other level! Some people prefer sangrias a little more flat, and light tasting, but I definitely obsess over the carbonation. 

  • I used my favorite prosecco, but you could moscato for this as well. I would go for more on the sweet side when deciding your choice of alcohol though, opposed to something dry since we want to contrast the sourness of the lime juice.

Once everything has been added (besides some more yummy fizziness that we will add right before pouring into glasses) muddle the fruit into the liquid, so that all the flavors immerse out from one another.


Right before guests arrive at your party, top the sangria with lemon lime soda! You could use ginger ale as well if you’re a fan of that too! Either or works super amazingly!!

 Make sure when serving to add some of the fruit and citrus in each glass. If you have everything arranged to have guests help themselves to their own glass, make sure to add a wooden spoon inside to let them scoop out some of the fruit to enjoy!

  • Of course the drink itself is infused with all the fantastic fruit, but when the glass is finally empty (unfortunately) it’s nice to have a little treat of some boozy fruit snacks to munch on!

These fun filled glasses are sour, sweet, and thirst quenching. Most of all.. maybe it’s a bad thing, but you can figure that out between yourselves.. you can not even taste the alcohol! That may be a dangerous thing, but who doesn’t love a drink that tastes like a refreshing glass of infused juice?!

Sangria season is calling your name Diamonds! Let this be your first of the season, and maybe, just maybe.. you’ll love it so much that it will be your go-to all season long!

Have a ball blasting your sangria with ultimate flavors Diamonds!! If you recreate this for your next upcoming event, or The Fourth of July I would love nothing more than for you to share all your pictures with me, so make sure to take me in them on instagram at “therealdeepfrieddiamonds”!