A Fall Filled Cozy & Couture Centerpiece For All Your Autumn Celebrations!

Throwing a fall filled festival in the comfort of your own home is not just about the food. Okay, okay it’s a HUGE part of it, but the decorations, and tasteful touches are what marries everything all together! You can’t have a party without delicious treats, but you also can’t have a party without delightful pieces scattered around the room filling your eyes with harvest happiness! I think within the past year of me having this blog.. especially if you’ve been following me for that long, it’s obvious how much of a foodie I really am, but I am also that much of an interior enthusiast as well!! I am in love with all things decorative, design, and anything that has to do with kicking a party up a notch!

Centerpieces can really fill up a room, and showcase the theme of whatever event you are hosting, or celebrating. Whether it’s a seasonal gathering, or a special occasion to celebrate someone very special in your life, a centerpiece is a piece that is a definite MUST! You can place one of these on a kitchen island, in the middle of the kitchen counter in-between all of the delicious hors d’oeuvres to dress everything up a bit, on the dinning room table if you’re having more of a formal sit down dinner, or even to add a dash of fall decor to a bar cart, or bar! There really is endless possibilities of creativity when it comes to where to sit a centerpiece, but there’s also really no wrong way to make one either.

THIS however, happens to be my favorite way of creating the most perfect cozy centerpiece, and I think it’ll be yours too!

  • The first step is getting a beautiful tray, basket, platter, or a big beautiful board! It can surely be any color, or material that you choose, but I think a rich, luxurious wooden feel is the most impeccable for this time of year!! It ties in all the warm aspects of fall that we want it to!
  • After finding what you’re going to use as a base, you have to figure out what to fill it with! I think the best way to start that process is to find something a little larger than everything else is going to be to place is the middle as a focal point! It can be some sort of spooky glass skull, a decorative autumn sign, or a wooden pumpkin just like the one I chose! Whatever you choose to put in the center is the theme you want to stay with to fill in the rest of the tray, along with contrasting colors!
  • I chose to add pops of all different colored gourds and leaved garland, along with beaded garland to add a touch of texture!

I absolutely love how this centerpiece gives such fabulous fall vibes, and brings such warmth to whichever room, or space you choose to place it in the house. Centerpieces can really bring a room into full force for a party, gathering, or soiree! Sometimes when people are setting up for an event they’ll have seconds thoughts about why something doesn’t look a certain way, or why the room doesn’t look as pulled together as it should. Most of the time it’s because they’re missing a centerpiece, or it’s just not the right size.. possibly not even put in the right place. Everything detail, and every spec of decor matters when it comes to decorating your home, and elevating it for a harvest bash!


The last of the summer produce is getting washed away.

Unfortunately the fresh supply of summer produce is coming to a very upsetting end. If you Diamonds have been around for quite some time.. you already understand my love for farm fresh ingredients during the summer time. Even though theres nothing like the farm in the summer, there is also nothing like the farm in autumn, but in a completely different way. In the absolute best way possible though! 


Speaking of “washing away”.. not only is the summer season on it’s way out, and everything that comes with it, but it’s extremely important that you wash everything off that you get from the market as well! I think there are many times people think because it’s fresh, and hasn’t been everywhere and beyond before it arrived at that grocery store that you don’t have to really wash off your produce. That is absolutely incorrect, and if you’re wondering why.. I am here to answer all of those flying questions.

Why it’s extremely important to wash you fruits & vegetables: 

Contamination that causes harmful bacteria- Unfortunately during the growing process of all produce.. there’s many things that can happen is the cross-contamintion world.

  • Animal contact– Animals eating parts of what’s growing, or even going to the bathroom where things are being harvested.
  • Poor personal hygiene– farmers who have poor hygiene, and are not taking care of themselves while harvesting these crops. They may not have washed their hands, or cleaned themselves after using the bathroom. At times even worse… they may have even went to the bathroom on the crops while they were growing because there sometimes isn’t a restroom near by where they are planting. It is a sad and disturbing thing to hear, but it is true, and that’s exactly where we get the chance to receive bad bacteria in the body that creates life threatening diseases.
  • The diseases we can all receive from not washing our produce carefully and cautiously are salmonella, E.coli, and listeria. 

Not only do we want to wash everything we consume off of dangerous germs in the summer, but that’s what we need to do all year long! As I said it’s very sad about the summer season drifting away, but we have fall to look forward to. The fall season is just as great as summer, and honestly maybe even a little better! It is my most favorite time of the year, and if I made any of you Diamonds obsess over getting your produce from the farm in the during this season, you’re going to be even more obsessed when you have fresh crisp apples, and orange pumpkins laying all around everywhere you turn while searching for the most wonderful harvest gatherings. It’s the best, most comforting time for me! The utter joy I have when I think about stepping foot into the pumpkin patch at the end of September is beaming through! I will be documenting the entire day when that happens, and I will have an amazing blog post up for you Diamonds right after!!


Saturday Strolls & Stops through the Hershey Hotel.


For much time now, my mom and I have loved spending Saturdays out and about. Running errands, shopping, eating lunch at our most favorite restaurants and bistros. For the past few months though with so many things going on.. as well all know, it’s been a little hard to do any of that up until recently. As we have our spots that we adore where we live, we have the the biggest hearts for The Hotel Hershey. It has been since last year that we’ve made an appearance there, so we decided that it was absolutely time! Yesterday our schedules were cleared, so we got all dressed up, picked up my moms sister, and decided to have the most perfect day strolling the grounds of the Hotel Hershey, admiring it’s beauty. Even though it was such a cloudy, almost rainy like day.. it was just what all three of us needed, and then some! 

 Our first stop was lunch! We arrived around noon and had reservations at the elegant Trevi 5. They serve such unique, tasty Italian plates that go above and beyond your expectations. At a place as classy as this Hotel, you might experience reading things on the menu that you aren’t extremely familiar with, but that honestly doesn’t even ever matter when it comes to this place! If you’re curious about it.. try it! You will not regret it. When my mom and I go out to enjoy a meal, we love trying a various variety of dishes, so the best thing for us to do is share! It’s a bonding activity, along with getting the opportunity to endure more than one delicious, and delectable plate of food.


  • The pizza is dressed with marvelous marinara sauce, sprinkled with fresh mozzarella cheese, then topped with pieces of meatballs, and spicy, salty pepperoni rings. It was just oh so good!! The perfect pizza if I do say so myself.


  • The plate to the right that appears as being more green than a normal pasta platter, resembles one of the options on the menu that I was describing earlier. About how you might not be as familiar with it as something like a pizza! This glorious green dish is filled with the summer flavors of fresh peas, bluefoot mushrooms, parmesan cheese, fava beans, and fava bean sauce. All wrapped around fluffy, and super silky ricotta filled gnocchi. If you have never had gnocchi before, you must!! It is truly an eating experience that you don’t want to miss out on!

We sat outside for a while extending our lunch as long as we could. Relaxing and enjoying cocktails out on the rooftop, watching the birds fly around us waiting to see if they could grab a bite as well! Lol. 🙂

After lunch we decided to do a little shopping in the downstairs lobby, strolling in & out of all the small, cute boutiques. Then we still weren’t ready to leave, and since we spent some time burning off our meal, we came to the conclusion that it was time for coffee and dessert! The Harvest outside the hotel on the grounds, next to the pool is the best place to go if you’re craving a good indulgence, or even locally grown food if you haven’t had your lunch yet! Even though I opted against dessert because I didn’t wanna have a guilty gut for the rest of the day, I definitely still enjoyed a cozy cup of coffee with my girls! We are coffee people for sure, and we love it!

  • This stunning end to your meal is a caramel coated cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust. It was said to be as amazing as it looks!

Saturdays are meant for fabulous food, fierce fashion choices, and cool cocktails. Anything else is just as waste of time, and energy. 😉 If you need peace, and a day of relaxation.. not worrying about anything for a little while, visit The Hotel Hershey! It is a wonderful, wonderful time Diamonds.



Candles & Coffee.

The two best c words in the world! Candles and coffee… There’s nothing I love more than making a wonderful cup of warm, cozy coffee, and lighting the candles in the morning, or any time of day, if I’m truly being honest. 😉 If you need a rest, some time to yourself, or you just need to get your creative juices flowing this is the best recipe for that! I’ve always felt it so calming, and peaceful to be able to begin the day off slow with a light snack, or breakfast,  some delicious, strong coffee brewing into a gorgeous mug, and the most incredible candles burning on the coffee table besides you while you relax on the loveseat. It’s timeless, and treasuring.


For some of us coffee isn’t even just a hobby so much as it is a necessity. Coffee helps us to get the day started after we enjoy that very last sip. It helps to enhance productivity, our way of thinking, boots metabolism, and is found to make people happier so they can get out of depressions more easily. Coffee surprisingly also has a great amount of health benefits that many of you Diamonds may have never even heard of before. The fact that you can drink something every single day knowing that you very well may be helping yourself mentally, and physically is just everything that everyone wants.. especially it’s something you’re pretty much addicted to! I mean lets be honest Diamonds.. I know most of us can’t function without our first cup of coffee in the morning.

    A few positive health benefits of drinking coffee: 

  •      Coffee helps lower your risk of getting many different types of cancers.
  •      Coffee helps protects you against Parkinson’s disease.
  •      Coffee helps lower your risk of getting heart disease.
  •      Coffee lowers your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
  •      Coffee lowers your risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • Not only does coffee help with preventing these diseases, but also SO many more.

Just like drinking coffee, lighting candles also has many health benefits to help your mind, body, and soul. The reason why I love lighting candles so much in the morning is because it lights up your space with a beautiful aroma, along with a positive outlook for a fresh start to your day, even if you’re just having a lounge day at home. You still always, always, always want to be put in an awesome, positive headspace!! Aside from lighting them in the morning; I love to light them while I am cooking, creating blog content, having myself a fun little spa day, or at night to help myself unwind before bed.

Benefits of lighting scented candles in your space/home: 

  • Candles that are infused with essential oils can give you the most sensational aroma therapy experience, especially if you get a certain type of candle for your specific needs. Essential oils in candles help reduce stress and anxiety, along with inducing sleep if that is what you are hoping for when you light them during the evening/nighttime!
  • Along with the smell, scent, and aroma of the candle helping your mental headspace heal.. the sight of the candle is also just as helpful! Watching the flicker of the flame move every which way as the candle continues to burn helps creates an exceptional ambiance of pure relaxation. If you light candles in a room that is dark, that is when you will encounter the most intense sense of calmness. It might also really help as well if the room is quiet, calm, and there aren’t kids running around. I know that may be hard to accomplish, even more so now in the times we are in today, but if you are able to get even fifteen minutes to yourself, definitely do so! Letting your mind disconnect for even just a short amount of time can be super healthful for mental health.


I have been drinking coffee while I sit next to the candles for so many years to either enjoy my peaceful time to take myself away from everyday life, or to brainstorm how I want my future to be, and what I want to do next. As I would sit on Pinterest many years ago browsing everything I loved from cooking to party planning, along with decorating; I would scheme motives in my head for a career for myself that had all of these joyful things combined into one. A platform where I could do something different every single day to share with people the amazing ideas I had from recipes, lifestyle posts, and what I adore more than anything. After hours of researching, and tall glasses of coffees disappearing, I finally had an idea in one of my “candle & coffee” moments for the proposal of developing Deep Fried Diamonds. I do advise you Diamonds to light a candle, make a luscious latte, and take a moment to think about if you have done everything you wanted in your life, and if you haven’t.. do it! Plan your peace as you sip on your hot coffee, and watch your candle burn. 



Everything You Need To Know About My Love For Eggs!

 I truly feel like eggs are like bread. Not in a literal sense of course, but as in them being utterly perfect in every single form! Eggs that are cooked any which way are just so darn delicious! It definitely depends on your choice of cooking process, and doing it well, but if done correctly; they will continue to be amazing time and time again! One of my absolute favorite ways to enjoy an egg is over easy, medium, or hard. Depending if I want to dip my toast in it, or create a beautiful bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel, that will determine the cooking time on the fabulous, iconic, fried egg! Now, I am fully aware that not everyone is a fan of breakfast food, but eggs can literally be added to anything to elevate a dish. Just think of your favorite Chinese food Diamonds. Everyone and their mother is familiar to the exceptional, timeless dish that we like to call.. “fried rice”, and the scrambled eggs that get added into it honestly just make that dish! The egg binds everything together, and gives it a really nice succulent, rich flavor without adding a ton of fat to something! Not only do we add eggs into savory dinner dishes that take them to extreme deliciousness, but eggs literally make so many countless meals that we know and love! Eggs are iconic, and a necessity to the culinary world! They need to be appreciated, and we’re here right now to give them their moment! 

Egg dishes I love! 

  1. Fried eggs.
  2. Scrambled eggs.
  3. Omelettes of all kinds.
  4. Quiche.
  5. Hard and soft boiled eggs.
  6. Poached eggs.
  7. Deviled eggs.
  8. Avocado toast topped with egg of choice.
  9. Egg salad. (One of my most favorite foods in the world.)
  10. Breakfast sandwiches.
  11. Breakfast pizzas.
  12. Breakfast quesadillas.
  13. Breakfast Tacos.
  14. Breakfast casseroles.
  15. Frittatas.
  16. Potato salad.
  17. Poached eggs.
  18. Eggs Benedict.
  19. Fried rice.

Dishes we wouldn’t have to enjoy if eggs didn’t exist! 

  1. French Toast.
  2. Pancakes.
  3. Waffles.
  4. Cakes.
  5. Cookies.
  6. Cheesecake.
  7. Ice cream/Gelato.
  8. Custards.
  9. Pudding.
  10. Pastries.
  11. Challah bread.
  12. Brioche bread.
  13. Egg Bread.
  14. White bread.
  15. Paska bread.
  16. Homemade pasta.
  17. Spaghetti alla carbonara.
  18. Meringue.
  19. Bread pudding.
  20. Meatloaf.
  21. Meatballs.
  22. Stuffing/dressing. (Dressing is stuffing that was never actually stuffed inside of the bird.)


As you Diamonds can now see.. our culinary world is pretty much made up entirely from eggs. Well.. I may be being a bit exaggerative 😉 BUT they do make up many of the amazing, and traditional dishes we enjoy that have been passed down from generations, and will continue to be indulged as the years go by! Classic dishes begin with classic ingredients, and I do fully believe that eggs are as classic as you can get in the food industry. If you’re not creating anything with them..eating them as a simple fried egg itself is just as miraculous. No matter how you spin the egg, what you turn it into, or what you throw it on top of, they will never ever get old!! Honestly.. they might just get better by the day depending how creative you choose to get with them!

 Continue cracking eggs Diamonds, and I’ll be back with succulent summer salads! 🙂 


Best Eats at The Best Pub!


This is probably one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It was absolutely glorious of course in that moment that I took this photo as well because I got to enjoy all these stunning little plates of amazingness. Food photography at it’s finest right here. Last year at this time a cigar pub that has a full bar and serves delicious small plates opened up in my area. I just recently got the chance to go during this summer to be able to sit on the patio, and enjoy cocktails, along with wonderful food to share with my girlfriends. It was incredible to say the least. Aside from me just sharing with you Diamonds what I love to cook, I also want to get involved more with letting you know what I love to eat, even when I don’t cook it. There will be many instances of me doing these “food critic” posts, but they will always be super positive! I will never, and would never share about something I don’t genuinely love, or believe in whole heartedly. I thought it would be such a fun thing to start getting involved in to inspire every single one of you to try different things, and to dine at different places.


Farthest back: Goat cheese and prosciutto flatbread with blackberry balsamic glaze. Diamonds, let me just tell you that this was mouthwatering. I’ve had regular balsamic glaze before, along with strawberry balsamic, and even raspberry balsamic, but this blackberry balsamic hit different. It had a tart note while still being insanely sweet, without being overbearing, and the creaminess of the goat cheese, along with the saltiness of the prosciutto complimented it so so well. 

Middle, right: Cheese and meat Charcuterie board. This type of eating is my favorite way to eat, which you Diamonds honestly probably already know because I rave about it so much! LOL. Everything on this board was delicious, although I am not a huge fan of aged provolone cheese (I know, I know. That’s usually everyone’s favorite). I just for some reason can’t really get past it’s strong taste, but the gouda, and the blue cheese was so mild and creamy, so it went great with the fatty, salty meats! On this board, along with many others.. even ones that we all make for gatherings; you need olives, mustards, dips, fruits, or anything that has acid in it to counteract the other filling flavors that are the stars of the charcuterie board.

Middle, left: Fried Arancini Balls.  (cheesy rice balls that are seasoned, battered, and fried) These were beautifully presented. Everything else was all well, but I appreciated how they laid a spoon full of the roasted red pepper sauce on the bottom, then piled them one by one, on top of each other like a mini pyramid! It was very pleasing to the eye. They didn’t just stop there either! They made it snow with delicious shavings of good parmesan cheese. Decorating the plate with something let’s you know that most of the time, that ingredient is also inside of whatever you are being served, and if you never knew that before, now you do! Watch out for it from now on, and you will start to catch on that at fine dining restaurants especially, they do that often!

Middle, front: Pulled Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad. This was honestly the best caesar salad that I’ve had out at restaurant to date, and believe you and me.. I try my caesars salads everywhere I go. I love them, and while I do make it at home, I don’t make it too often because I can’t really keep the dressing long due to the fresh anchovies that I use. Yes, Diamonds if you weren’t aware there are anchovies in your caesar salad, and before you tell yourself you’re never going to eat it again, or you don’t like anchovies. THINK AGAIN! That flavor is one of the very main reasons that this salad is so dang succulent! This salad was classic with a smoked twist, and I straight up adored everything about my experience while enjoying it!!


A closer look at the wonderful, glorious, textured, eye pleasing charcuterie board! You can for sure never go wrong when ordering this when you’re with a crowd since it’s super shareable, and there is truly something on it for everybody!

Aside from the food we did order, there was so much on the menu I wanted to try. I will certainly be going back for more, and more amazing experiences at this Best Cigar Pub. If I’m being perfectly honest with you, there wasn’t anything on that menu that I wouldn’t have ordered! It was just the ultimate patio experience, even down to the service, and how careful they were with making sure you were safe while dining there.


Listen to me Diamonds! Even with the regulations that are still going on in this world.. I encourage you to go experience things that are worth experiencing!! While still being careful of course, I think it is super important to enjoy life, and take everything in that it has to offer. Eating at the best places in your area, or even outside of your area should always be on your list of summer activities. Something we all can come together with is the fact that we can’t survive without food, we all love to eat, and food brings loved ones together!

On a summer night in the near future, make sure to make reservations at a restaurant, pub, or bistro that you’ve been craving to try! When you do make the opportunity, do not hold back! Order plates off the menu you’re not sure of because maybe that will be your new favorite food in the whole entire world. It will also allow you to open up your mind to other things you thought you’d never be into!