50 Facts About Bri!

Last week here on Deep Fried Diamonds I noticed that I had surpassed 50 posts.. which is kind of insane to me because I haven’t even been posting for a full year yet! It went so fast, but I’m loving every single second of it. This blog is my passion, and I love that I found a platform where I can share my talents, things I love to do, and what makes me happy! After the shock of realizing that I already had posted 50 posts about party planning, food, and yummy twisted cocktails, I decided I wanted to do 50 of something. I was thinking 50 facts “about Bri” would be awesome for those of you who really don’t know me personally.. now will be able to understand more of who’s behind each and everyone of these last 50 posts, and any more to come in the future!


  1. My full name is Briana Lee Meshkofski. 
  2. I am 25 years old.
  3. I was born on June 17th, 1994. 
  4. I am very short!
  5. I am still dating my high school sweetheart. His name is Cody, and he’s an artist/tattoo artist.
  6. I have a Bichon Frise named, Chef. He is my little baby, and I don’t know what my life would be without him.
  7. Bille Eilish is my heart and soul. My absolute favorite artist in the world, and a fashion icon. I even have her eye tattooed on my right forearm.
  8. My favorite season is Fall for sure! Everyone in my life knows it.
  9. I only love summer if I am in the pool, or doing something in air conditioning.
  10. I’d much rather be cold than hot. 
  11. I can not sleep with socks on my feet.
  12. It makes me happy to be in, or around water. (lakes, pools, oceans)
  13. I’d rather lay by the pool, than lay on the beach.
  14. I can’t stand liars, or when people just don’t admit when they’ve done something.
  15. I wish that I could stay young forever.
  16. I can’t stand being in silence, unless i’m at a spa. Even when I am busy, or doing certain things I still always have background noise going. Whether it may be the tv, music, youtube videos, or podcasts.. it definitely keeps me focused and motivated. 
  17. I crave the taste of coffee, and I drink it pretty much every single day of my life. I enjoy it in any form except black.
  18. Fashion is one of my biggest passions.
  19. If I had the talent of drawing.. I would have also wanted to be a fashion designer, or design houses at some point in my career.
  20. I LOVE shopping so much.
  21. Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having a huge walk in closet that you would see in movies/tv shows.
  22. I collect handbags and sunglasses. 
  23. I will never think that I have enough pairs of sneakers/shoes in my closet.
  24. I’ll wear sneakers all summer long. I can’t stand wearing sandals, but of course I will if it goes with a distinct outfit.
  25. I’m really good at doing makeup. Myself or someone else’s.
  26. I’m highly into skincare. I think it’s very important to have healthy skin.
  27. I don’t enjoy having the same things as other people. I love uniqueness.
  28. I am a perfectionist when it comes to things that I do/love.
  29. I’d rather give gifts than receive them.
  30. I swear I have a gift for planning and putting together really special gifts for people.  All I have to do is know a few things about someone or what they like, and I’m your girl for creating an awesome gift bag!
  31. Party planning/preparing for specific events is something that I take great pride in. 
  32. I love food photography.
  33. I can write all day, I love it so so much.
  34. Cleaning and organizing makes me so happy. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment. 
  35. I’m obsessed with vintage/antique shops.
  36. I’m truly an 80’s girl at heart. The music, fashion, the way of life. Im obsessed with everything about it.
  37. Ever since I could remember It was always a goal of mine to someday own a Mercedes Benz. 
  38. All my life I have been extremely into luxury/designer things.
  39. My absolute dream car of life is a Rolls Royce Wraith. 
  40. I’m not a picky eater in the least; I am the biggest foodie! 
  41. If I could I would eat sushi every day of my life.
  42. I hate hot tea more than anything.
  43. I am not an out doors kind of gal. I only like being outside when I’m relaxing on a pretty patio, or at any sort of pool.
  44. I fear insects like you wouldn’t believe.
  45. I will not step foot in the woods.
  46. I used to love scary movies, and now I will not ever watch them.
  47. Wendy’s will always be my favorite fast food restaurant. In my opinion, it has the best everything! It’s super nostalgic to me.
  48. I used to be a gold girl and absolutely hate silver, but now I love them both equally.
  49. The only candles I love and will spend money on are from Bath and Body Works. It’s also true when they say a house is not a home unless a candle is burning!
  50. I LOVE going out to eat with loved ones, friends, my boyfriend, and just trying all sorts of new places. (I can’t wait until that day is finally here again.)


      Well Diamonds.. here’s 50 fun facts about me, and when I hit 100 posts I will definitely have something awesome coming your way for that special moment as well!


A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen :)


I love a clean kitchen. I mean who doesn’t? When your house/rooms in the home get cleaned and organized, somehow your life starts to come together. Its’s crazy, but in the moment you get a sense of relief, and clarity of the mind. I know first hand when I clean and get everything accomplished on my to do list, it leaves me feeling extremely satisfied. Satisfaction gives you relaxation of the body to feel serenity that everyone deserves to feel right now! Being that we cook the meals that we nourish our bodies with in the kitchen of our own homes, it is so important that we keep them clean. In this unfortunate time we are all fighting through, we especially want to make sure that our kitchen is not only “clean”, but disinfected! 

  • I’m sure it is self explanatory, but for those of you who never knew.. cleaning something, and disinfecting something are two different things. 
  1. Cleaning – to remove dirt, stains, imperfections, and anything laying on a surface, or area. Normally just to Clean.. you would use hot water and a type of soap/detergent. 
  2. Disinfecting- A chemical is always used to remove germs from the specific area on a surface/object. 
  • Cleaning is done first, then followed my sanitizing! 


 Cleaning the stove is always the first thing I do when tackling my kitchen to do list. This is a preference for me, so you’re able to begin with wherever you’d like. 

  • I first use hot, soapy water with paper towels, and then bio cleaner to finish everything off.


    Following the stove.. the microwave is the next thing to be shined! It’s right on top of our stove top, so it’s just the easiest; next thing to tackle. Lol. 

  • I scrub this the exact same way that I do the stove. 


 The oven door gets disinfection, and sparkly clean just as everything above it did as well. When we enter a new season, and a holiday is coming up, having kitchen towels to decorate the handles on the appliances is the perfect touch. I love decorating as much as I do cooking/entertaining. I honestly believe they go hand in hand. It’s nice to brighten up a room, or your kitchen, especially during all this craziness. It brings little life into your day, and a smile onto your face! 🙂


          I empty a majority of the counter top off, so that I could clean and sanitize properly. I first with my hand.. make sure all large crumbs are wiped off, then I wash the whole space off with a hot, soapy rag. After, I follow by spraying everything with bio cleaner to ensure that is has gotten a deep cleanse. Do not neglect the handles of your cabinets. Lastly, I finish by either using a lysol wipe to disinfect, or the spray. If I used the lysol spray instead of the wipe, I let the spray sit for a minute or two before wiping dry. 

                         Ahh.. everything clean, and decorated according to the season 🙂 


     The final thing I do after cleaning everything is to mop the floors. I use the dry mop first, and sometimes if I think it needs a deeper clean, I will use a wet mop. 


    Squeaky Clean, disinfected, and decorated! It is exactly what your kitchen is longing for in times like these, due to that fact that we have been cooking at home much more often. I can’t stress enough how necessary it is to take the precautions of being in a clean environment right now, above all; in the space that you create food in! 

I genuinely hope that we are continuing to do our part to make this hard time go by faster, so that we could see our loved ones as soon as we can! Along with staying safe, I hope you are finding inventive ways to have fun in the comfort of your own home. ❤ 

                              Take care, and keep on cleaning Diamonds xoxo

15 Ways to stay busy at home! (While having some fun as well)


This is pretty much the scene of when I plan my weeks out, and do monthly blog creating. I love writing, and planning. It’s probably one of my favorite things in this entire world. Since as of lately, we’ve been stuck in the house, I’ve had quite a bit of time to do a little more of the things that make me super happy, like writing.

I am definitely a home body, although I am very outgoing.. I know some people have a hard time finding things to keep them busy while they are at home, and now with being stuck at home.. I want to reassure you’s that you will no longer be bored from this moment on! You can get working on projects, activities, and get active all over the house with all of my suggestions, and creations I have lined up for you, diamonds! 

  1. The first one being MUSIC. Even on a daily basis I feel like I cannot get through the day without music. I don’t play music myself or sing, unless I’m doing it to be funny (for those of you that know me personally, know I’m a very obnoxious singer lol) but I love listening to it no matter what I’m doing. Actually, every single time I write a post I have music on. Without question. It keeps me in the mood, keeps me focused, and makes me relaxed, especially depending on what I’m playing.
  • I know we don’t all have the same taste in music, but I am huge fan of Billie Eilish. I think she’s the best female singer in the industry right now, along with her very talented brother being her producer. I’m really into The 1975, and I just discovered the band called “Valley” who I find to be super meditating. Again, I love all genres of music, but these are currents that I’ve been having on repeat, especially when blogging.

 2.  Writing/Reading. You don’t realize it but HOURS.. literally hours can pass while doing either one of these things. You can write notes about things you want to achieve, or get done around the house.. like writing day to day to do lists, or you can even try writing a book. It’s all about how much time you have, and how creative you’ll let your mind get. When reading a book.. if you truly think about it it’s like watching a movie, that you get to make up in your mind.. Sure you’re not actually making up what’s going on technically, but you are able to create what the houses, towns, places, things, and people all look like. That’s pretty incredible if you ask me!

3.   Clean & decorate your house for spring/Easter: This one out of all of them is probably my most favorite of life! I get so so excited after every season to deep clean the entire house, and redecorate for the next upcoming holiday! I’ve mentioned it before in previous posts, but home decor and interior design is a really big passion of mine, so this task is essential for me in the deep fried diamond house hold! With being “quarantined” and all.. this is a very good one for passing time as well. It is an all day affair, thats for sure! It is worth it though, and so much fun! You could even get the whole family involved.

4. Crafts: I am not the most crafty person, but if I watch a tutorial, or have a crafting party I could be pretty decent! lol If you have a house full of family, or your kids love getting involved with crafting, this one if perfect for you!

5. Drawing/coloring: I can not draw for the life of me.. that’s my boyfriends area. 100%. BUT.. I do love to color. One of the most relaxing, fun ways to release tension/anxiety is coloring in a coloring book. I love the themed coloring books where there are gorgeous portraits, and things to color in. Although, there are some people that like the ones where there’s ALOT going on, and soooo much more to color! In that case it’s up to you, but it is a really nice activity to do.. for any gender, and age.

6. Painting: I actually very much enjoy painting, honestly. You can make a beautiful latte to sip on, or fill up a big glass of wine, and have an at home “wine & sip” with your mom, sister, or whoever!


   7. Make a mood board: I am currently making a mood board myself, and when it’s all said and done I will be sure to do a post on it! In case some of you are curious as to what that is.. It is where you either print out pictures from the internet, or cut them from magazines, and make a collage of all of them on a big poster board.. hence a “mood board”! All of the pictures that you’re cutting out must be everything you love, or want to manifest, whether thats a house, all things that make up a home, a career, fashion, people you want to meet/ that you’re a fan of, or inspiring words, so every time you look at the board it will motivate you; having you look forward, staying positive and determined to accomplish all of those things. 

8. Cooking: Of course, no matter what, you’re going to have to cook being that you’ll be in the house for a vast majority of each day, but I don’t just mean pop a piece of toast in the toaster. Go through those cook books you never touched, create something new.. even if you don’t think it’s going to be good.. you might surprise yourself, and read blogs/recipes on Pinterest! Have so much fun with this one! Also, this is your chance to teach your kids how to cook, and get them involved in the kitchen.

9. Youtube marathon: For all my close family and friends.. you all know I barely watch TV. Almost slim to none, unless it is The Food Network, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Youtube has been in my life since 2010. I started watching youtube videos before it was a “thing”. Before people were making money from it.. before people were youtube famous. I watch so many people, so I honestly couldn’t even name them all for you, I have way to many ride or dies to mention. You just have to find people, and things that you’re interested in whether that would be lifestyle, food, fashion, clean and decorate with me’s, family vlogs.. the choices are endless. Trust me once you watch your first video.. you’ll never stop.

10. Movie Marathon: Get into comfy clothes, grab your best snacks, a cold soda pop, and snatch your favorite spot on the couch! Watch all your favorite movies in a row until its time to fall asleep! .. GO!

11. Breakfast in Bed: We can all agree that this is our dream.. every girls dream at least! For those lazy mornings that we wake up for work, and don’t want to move from bed.. Now is your chance to live in that dream. Make it reality 😉

12. Organize all the drawers/closets in your home: This is the perfect time to “get your life together”.. you know there’s been those times where we say we don’t have our lives together, and this is a huge part of that! Shred those papers you don’t need anymore, get ride of anything you don’t use, and throw away the junk!

13. Clean and organize your fridge/pantry!: This is the best time to make sure that your refrigerator is squeaky clean. Stalk the fridge back up with fresh food, and organize everything by sections and what the foods are..whether thats meat, produce, dairy, drinks, or condiments. Do the same with your pantry! Also, don’t for get to check the dates on everything, and throw away what is no longer good.

14. Take a bath: Run a nice warm bubble bath, make some tea and relax! It’s that simple. 

15. Have a spa day/night: Since all of the salons and spas are closed at the moment, that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself be without self care! Keep up with your maintenance, and give your self a makeover. You can do everything from a good hair conditioning, shower exfoliations, foot soaks, Hand polishing, massages with lotions & oils, too a long much needed at home facial. You can even go above & beyond and lounge in your rob all day, drinking ice cold infused water; while you wait for your sushi takeout to arrive.

Diamonds, don’t forget to support business’s that are opened during this rough time, and remember.. there’s always something to do, catch up on, or ways to have new kinds of fun! Stay happy, safe, and healthy. 




Creative minds come from creative sandwiches.. bagel sandwiches!

In the afternoons when I’m home; having all day to plan, and get blog work done, I enjoy nothing more than making a delicious sandwich with everything I have stuffed in the middle of whatever I might be feeling that day. Today a bagel sounded scrumptious to me! To me.. I genuinely feel like I am my most creative when I’m snacking and munching on different types of foods. Wether that would be a meal, brunch, or a tray for one of some sort! Which most of you may know already.. I am huge fan of! It reminds me almost like when you were in school trying to take a test, or write a paper they would recommend you eating spearmint gum.. but in this case you’re just eating to get your best possible ideas flowing to create new, beautiful, and diamond filled content; if you will. 😉

If something is developed in a proper way, and made with a loving passion.. it will be perfect, every single time. Some things on this unique bagel sandwich you wouldn’t think  to combined their flavors together, but in the end it makes a mouthwatering lunch for a very productive day.

Just as the title.. I think once you’re feasting on something that is the meaning of “creative”.. you really can’t do anything less than make the most creative content possible. I love living my days by doing what I love. They do say if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your love, and blogging what I truly love! 


If any of you would be into recreating this sandwich.. from top to bottom I will list the ingredients: 

  1. Top bagel
  2. Mayonaise, granulated garlic, crushed black pepper, and dried parsley.
  3. Good bologna
  4. Turkey breast
  5. A nice chunk of iceberg lettuce
  6. Red vine tomato- one slice
  7. Bacon chicken ranch cheddar cheese
  8. Buffalo cheddar cheese
  9. Mayonaise, granulated garlic, crushed black pepper, and dried parsley.
  10. Bottom bagel


This seasons, spiced soda.


All of you I’m sure, might be questioning yourselves after your first glance of this picture… “it just looks like soda with orange in it, Bri?” Yes, thats half right, but it’s more than that! Flavoring & infusing drinks is a hot trend right now, and it is everywhere! Infusing water with delicious herbs and citrus’s in restaurants, hotels, and spas is the most popular thing to do right now, and you will for sure see it anywhere you turn! I love to infuse water mostly in the spring and summer because the produce has hit it’s peak, leaving you super refreshed and hydrated during the warm weather. When the cold months arrive, and snow starts to fall, you usually find yourself craving hot drinks to take the chill out you.  While there are some people who may be getting sick of hot cocoa, or craving something cold to sip on when the weather isn’t super “wintery” , I’ve got something fun for you to sink your taste buds into! 😉 

     Now, don’t get me wrong.. I love my coffee and hot chocolate, or even a cold weather cocktail if I’m feeling like getting a little crazy, BUT sometimes you just want a glass filled with a bubbly cold beverage, and thats perfectly fine! Some people are strictly a regular soda person, and I totally am not. I, for some reason cannot stand the aftertaste, so even though my drink is diet, you can absolutely use regular soda for your own enjoyment!


     You might think that oranges remind you of summer, but they’re actually more of a  winter fruit. Blood orange, and other oranges including naval which is what I chose to use, and I really think it is the best choice. When naval oranges are ripe, they are deliciously sweet and so so juicy! They are my most favorite orange of all time. 

I remembered when I was really young, and lemon & lime flavored soda’s came out! That was what everyone wanted to get their hands on for so long, years ago. Now.. especially at restaurants, we’re all just so used to throwing lemons, or limes into our drinks ourselves! In this case.. were throwing oranges! 😉

We are not just infusing soda with oranges.. we are mixing flavors, people! I am all about mixing flavors with food, so there is no difference at all when it comes to what I drink! I have been extremely into cherry soda recently, and I wanted to change it up the other afternoon when I was craving something a little bit different; during these winter days. I looked at my fruit bowl on my counter top, and a light bulb went off.. “AHH, the perfect seasonal soda!” 


Not only was it filled with a cherry burst, and a flavor blast of orange, but the mixture of the two made it something completely different from anything I have ever sipped before! Honest to goodness, diamonds, you’ll need to experience it yourself. The orange combined with the cherry made it almost taste like there was also a bit of berry in there, while leaving a winter spice in your mouth! I know it sounds a tad insane, but it would even be a great Christmas cocktail if you added some cinnamon whiskey into the mix for next year. It would be a holiday hack for a cold drink option! It sounds skeptical that you would want to add cinnamon whiskey with cherry, but it will compliment everything so well with the orange. Mark my word! Without spiking it though, it is pure deliciousness every time the infused bubbles hit your tongue when you take a sip. 


So simple, and so refreshing for any day you deicide to spice up your soda this season! 


Stay hydrated, diamonds 😉                                xoxo


Mimosa mornings


 Every Christmas morning my family has a huge breakfast with all different kinds of meats, eggs, and breads. The most wonderful brunch drink combination you could create is mixing champagne & orange juice. It just tastes like a slow.. amazingly happy holiday meal, as soon as I put the first sip into my mouth. It definitely wouldn’t be Christmas without it. Now, of course, yes; Christmas Day is over, unfortunately! Fortunately though, mimosa mornings travel into every morning for my mom and I up until New Years day! I celebrate the holiday season until the new year ..considering every happens so fast, and life gets super busy around this time of year that it gets hard to let yourself really actually enjoy every aspect of it. 


     Since the hustle and bustle has slowed down a pinch.. grab your most festive holiday champagne glass, and enjoy the holiday season! Whether you’re indulging in brunch, or an early dinner.. a fruity mimosa will go with absolutely perfect with anything paired. Normally in the winter time I am not into fruity beverages being that I’m very very seasonal and I constantly have to go with whats in the seasons, BUT to me, a mimosa tastes exactly like Christmas. 


     Even if you’re not putting a ton of different flavors of fruit out to pop into your champagne, you can still make it look super cute and decorative for you and your guests! Always remember.. you don’t have to go over the top.. spending a lot of money in order to something something look nice, while also tasting good, and leaving loved ones with memories you’ll never forget. 

  • Being that it’s the season of reason and green I wanted to only do berries to give the cocktail the bright holiday red color that we all love and desire! 


                        Fill the champagne glass up almost half way with the berries. 


     After you drop some gems of fruit into the glasses for however many drinks you’re making.. fill it up half way with orange juice. 

                                Pour, pour, pour your favorite bottle of bubbly! 


     I think that the bubbles look insanely cool after the champagne gets poured, and the bubbles start to slowly fade away!

Cheers! To celebrating the holidays all throughout the new year. Enjoy your loved ones, have fun, feel blessed, and take time for yourself diamonds. xoxo 

I’ll see you next with with a winterized hot hot chocolate!