Lunch On The Lake In Autumn.

Lunching on the lake is a necessity for celebrating occasions, and enjoying some relaxation. There’s truly nothing better than enjoying outstanding food with amazing drinks, while overlooking an incredible view with the people you love! I definitely think taking even just an afternoon to go take a few hours for yourself to unwind is something everyone needs to start doing at least once a week! We may think it’s being selfish in a way, but it is crucial to living a healthy, mindful life.

I definitely do believe people when they say “Lake life is the best life”. During my whole entire childhood I grew up loving the water, being crazy about constantly wanting to be in the pool in the summertime, and always being up for going to the waterpark. Doing anything that involves water, or being able to just daze off at a body of water while I indulge in some of the best food in the world always makes me one happy girl. Last Thursday my boyfriend and I celebrated nine years of dating, and we wanted to do something different, while still being pretty far away from other people. With that thought in mind the first thing I could think of, and couldn’t stop thinking of was wanting to be by the water. Lake harmony was the perfect choice to go to have the best food while gazing at some of the best views on a gorgeous fall day. They say there’s nothing better than a hot day at the lake, but I could argue that statement when you have a serene view of all the leaves changing on each & every one of the trees on top of the striking view of the lake with the speed boats flying by!

There are so many little adorable places to eat when you visit Lake Harmony, but the place you need to go visit is Nick’s Lake House! It is a staple up at the lake, and everyone knows about it.. it’s really the place to go! All the food is incredible, but something that you most definitely can not pass up is the pizza! Their pizza is by far one of the best pizza’s I ever had, and some of you Diamonds may not even think that considering it’s not a pizzeria, but it for sure is better quality than some pizzerias that I have ordered from! One of the things that makes or breaks how a pizza tastes is the dough, and this dough is insanely delicious! The crust is crazy crispy, and super chewy! I have to say Diamonds.. my mouth is watering just thinking about it, and as for the flavors.. you can not go wrong with any of them! They are all outstanding in their own way. It pretty much all just depends on what you are in the mood for that day you visit the lake!

You really can’t have a bad at lake..especially in autumn! The food, views, activities, and serenity brings so much joy & peace into your day. Whether you are celebrating an occasion as I was, or just going to enjoy your afternoon you will have the most tranquil fulled day up at Lake Harmony. I mean hey .. the name is Lake “Harmony” after all Diamonds! 😉 Sometimes the name of something really can express it’s full meaning!

Don’t forget to enjoy an Autumn filled day at lake with great food & awesome views before it gets too chilly out!



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