How To Organize Your Fridge Without Spending An Unnecessary Amount Of Money!

Before & After:

At first glance you might not see an insanely huge difference between the before and after photos, but as you keep looking around, scanning each individual shelf and drawer you can see that everything is organized by category! If organizing your fridge seems like a waste of time to you.. think again!! It really helps in so many aspects Diamonds! Let me explain.

Why it’s important to organize your fridge and keep it that way:

  • It is most important to have a clean and sanitized space! Think about the fact that all of the food you are putting in your body sitting in one space for a certain amount of time which can cause build up of bacteria, spills, and leaks of different foods. Bacteria can cause the food in your fridge to go bad very quickly, along with leaving your fridge filled with a rotten smell that nobody wants when they’re opening the fridge with the idea of making themselves a nice meal!
  • It makes you aware of expiration dates since you’re always rotating new items in and the old ones out. There are times when I know that I am still able to eat something because it has not gone bad yet, but I’ll toss it out if I feel like it has been sitting in the back of my fridge for far to long. That’s just the way I am.
  • Being organized inside of your fridge always keeps you highly aware of what you have stocked inside, making you knowledgeable of what you have which is a beautiful, wonderful thing! I know we’ve all done that thing where we leave everything everywhere in our refrigerators, just shoving new things in that we continue to buy. Making it super easy for us to forget about what we already have to make wonderful new dishes.
  • Being organized is much more pleasing to the eye.
  • Being organized helps my mind, mood, and meals be much much better.
  • Lastly, you end up with so much more room than you thought you ever had just because nothing was in it’s right space, and everything began to pile on top of each other.

The beginning steps of cleaning and organizing your fridge:

  1. You can either take everything out of your fridge all at once OR you can take out section by section and start to clean and reorganize that way!
  2. Set a plan for yourself and debate how you want you place your food on each shelf.
  3. Buy necessary bins to categorize dairy, snacks, and other things that you have a lot of that don’t fit inside of the drawers.

Let’s start with the top shelf of the fridge!

Since the highest shelf is the shelf that has the most room I feel like it’s perfect for large jars that don’t really fit into the side door. It’s also best for soups, stocks, broth, and of course an organizational bin filled with jellies, yogurt, and pudding. I use the top shelf more as miscellaneous things than I do the rest of the fridge!

The second shelf down has always been known as the beverage door. Ever since I was a little girl nothing else was ever put there unless the shelves got to crowded and began to get unorganized. I had a bigger sized bin than the one I used on the shelf above so I figured it was perfect to put all of the milk products in along with ingredients for coffee! I love having that little space for coffee creamers and whipped creams because it’s like another tiny coffee bar right in your own fridge! Any other beverages can sit right next to the bin on the same shelf.

Underneath where I store my beverages my fridge has a shorter shelf that we have always dedicated to eggs, fruit and other dairy products that we love! Since we had so many dairy products taking up pretty much space lately, I wanted to get a bin for those things as well!

The point of the bins are to categorize, organize, and make it very accessible for whoever is trying to get to one of these products. Sometimes it can get so frustrating trying to reach for something in the fridge and as you’re doing that you’re knocking things over, stuff is falling, and the leftovers you wanted to eat for dinner are on the floor. The bins WILL prevent that from happening, I promise you!

In the drawer underneath the eggs, dairy, and fruit we have the lunch meat drawer where we store all of our meats and cheeses for sandwiches, charcuterie and cheese boards, and our shredded cheeses for all sorts of recipes!

Underneath the lunch meat drawer is a little pull out shelf that I like to call the hidden drawer! This is probably my favorite part of the fridge being that my least favorite part is that it’s a little smaller than I would like! It looks like a pretty small space, but you could fit a lot on the drawer that you don’t really have a space for anywhere else. It’s almost like a garnishing station with all of the olives and peppers we keep on top of it, along with the Pecorino Romano cheese.

The second drawer to the bottom is the drawer where all the vegetables and produce belong! The crisper drawer! I have everything organized in little baggies to keep everything fresh that has already been opened for usage. I always place smaller things like a head of garlic on top of everything so that we don’t forget about it over time.

The final drawer at the bottom is used for meats of any kind, or seafood! Any type of protein should always always get held at the bottom of your fridge in the very last drawer! Rule of thumb for sanitary reasons!

Onto the shelves on the door:

On the very top inside of that small dome door I have always kept butters, cream cheeses, and fruit spreads. That’s just always how it’s been! The shelf underneath I keep all of the relishes organzed by pickles, olives, peppers, and then followed by some spreads. You can find anything full of vinegar, oil and spice on this shelf right here!

I classify the second shelf as the “sauce shelf”. Mayos, mustards, aiolis, barbecue and steak sauces, then of course you can’t live your life without all of the hot sauces!

Underneath the sauce shelf I like to store all of the dressings, and tomato products there! If I have a few things that don’t really fit in anywhere else I’ll place them on this shelf as well.

The very last shelf that is the tallest at the bottom is where all of the alcohol gets stored if it needs to be refrigerated!

I will always think it’s extremely satisfying to gaze at the before and after photos of anything you organize, but especially a fridge because I truly believe if you have the heart of the kitchen looking luxurious, you’ll want anything in your house to look that way as well. They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, so the heart of the kitchen has got to be the refrigerator! What would the kitchen be without it’s food, huh?! I am also so grateful when the fridge is stocked full of food I love so when it’s organized I just feel like I’m in absolute heaven! Now I know if you’re into “The Home Edit” and organizational things of that nature you know first hand how over the top you can go with organizing, but I wanted to show you Diamonds a way where you can do it very inexpensively without overwhelming you if you are just stepping into this kind of world!

  • Always remember to keep everything packaged, sealed, and wrapped so your fridge can stay as fresh and clean as possible!

Another organizational post will be heading your way in just a few days so be sure to follow at the right hand corner of this website so you do not miss a thing!

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