My Favorite Sweet & Savory Morning Toast!

Today I woke up craving my all time favorite toast so I knew that’s what I had to have this morning! After I killed my workout, got myself ready and brewed my coffee.. I was ready for some delicious sweet, savory, and chewy open-faced breakfast sandwiches. I think you Diamonds have all figured out by now that I have a thing for all kinds of sandwiches, especially for breakfast! I love them all so much but in many different ways. The ones I adore most though take very little time at all and have the most pure, simplest ingredients.

  • Toasts like these are wonderful to make for an intimate Sunday Brunch or a Shower celebration of some sort! People are always really into food that gives them variety so your guests would be ALL over these!

Two Toast, Two Ways:

  • Once the first piece of toast popped out of the toaster I of course had to make sure it was toasted to absolute perfection. Then I spread half of a mashed up avocado on top of the toasted bread.. piled it with two over-hard eggs, and dressed it up with a drizzle of sriracha, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and parsley to taste.
  • For my second piece of toast I chose to go super sweet, soft, and sticky! The trifecta of S’s if you will. πŸ˜‰ I generously spread my favorite peanut butter all over one slice of freshly toasted brioche bread.. sliced up half of a banana, drizzled on local honey, and a dash of cinnamon for that extra finish!

You Diamonds will be seeing so many more delicious treats piled on top of toasted bread in the future on this blog, so don’t forget to follow at the bottom right hand corner if you’re not already so that you don’t miss out on a single post!



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