Easy Tips & Tricks to make the holidays a breeze! From the Food .. down to wrapping gifts!

  1. HAVE A STOCKED FRIDGE & FREEZER– Even if you are not planning on making a ginormous Christmas Eve dinner, or Christmas Day feast.. it’s nice to have a fridge filled with food that you can easily serve on the fly, to put things together for charcuterie boards, or just to even have cookie dough in the drawer ready to go so that you can pop it in the oven if needed!
  2. USE SACKS & BAGS INSTEAD OF WRAPPING PAPER- With everything going on.. we might not be in the mood to spend an entire day, or even days surrounded by wrapping paper, scissors, and tape trying to wrap hundreds of presents. I found that Santa sacks and different things of that nature look really nice, and can be used again to regift something! You can get your moneys worth when buying the sacks, or bags instead of paper since they can be reused again & again.
  3. MIMOSAS & SANGRIAS- If you have a bigger family.. you may obviously have a house full, and if most are of the drinking age.. people will very well want to be drinking! Instead of spending loads of money at the liquor store trying get many different bottles of liquor that will please all kinds of taste buds.. make a huge batch of sangria, and have mimosas ready to roll for Christmas morning! It is a staple to sip on while you enjoy breakfast, and snack on trays of cookies!
  4. CROCKPOTS/INSTAPOTS- These little kitchen gadgets come in handy when you’re running low on time, don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen, or they can be your best friend when the holidays start to arrive! You can make a batch of hot chocolate in there, bread puddings, desserts, and overnight breakfast casseroles to make your holidays a breeze!!
  5. HEAVY DUTY PAPER PLATES, SILVERWARE, and NAPKINS– You Diamonds know you don’t want to scrub dishes after cooking all day, especially when you want to be enjoying family time and relaxing! I know sometimes it’s nice to use our expensive china, but since everything is different this year why not break tradition?! Do what is easier for you to have a swimmingly nice Christmas season!
  6. BUY 2 LITER BOTTLES OF SODA- Instead of buying cases of soda that are much smaller only serving one person, or purchasing cans.. set out a container of ice, holiday plastic cups, and all the varieties of soda! Everyone can help themselves, and there won’t be so many cans and bottles laying around for you to clean up once dinner is over.
  7. SUPPORT & BUY FROM LOCAL BUSINESSES- Do not feel like you have to bake every single cookie, or dessert yourself! There are so so many businesses right now that would adore the love and support right now! You can even order hot food items to add to your menu to take a majority of work away from you in the kitchen, so you are able to save oven space for other things that you’ll need to bake or keep warm!
  8. GIFT CARDS- I know there are people out there who think gift cards are overrated, but I’m not afraid to admit that I 100% disagree with every single one of them!! Gift cards are incredible! What isn’t extremely awesome about receiving free money to your favorite restaurant to get takeout food for a movie night, or to grab snacks & gas for your vehicle at the gas station! This is truly a gift that can make anyone thrilled, even more so now then ever because of people losing their jobs during this trying time.
  9. CHRISTMAS CARDS- I feel like as generations passed less and less people send out Christmas cards, and I really think that that’s such a shame. Life goes by so fast, and being the year we just had; the least we could do is let the people that we hold close to our hearts know that we’re thinking about them. It costs close to nothing, and even if you’re not up to sending them all out you could even deliver them yourself with some sort of goodie bag to wish your loved one a Merry Christmas! Acts of service like this goes such a long way, especially now in the world that we live in.
  10. A CLEAN HOUSE MAKES FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS- With the chance that you won’t be having many people over the house this Christmas.. still make it a point to clean, clean, clean! A clean house is a cozy house, and you’ll be happy you did it once the kids unwrap all of their new toys & trinkets, and you realize how much room you have for new things! It will be like that feeling you get when you go on vacation and come back to a nice sparkling clean house to unpack in! Nobody wants to enjoy Christmas morning in a scattered mess! At least I don’t!

We’re officially counting down the days to Christmas Diamonds!



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