Divine Deli Dip.

This is the time of the year when you see cheese balls, and cheese dips everywhere you scroll on social media. You’ll also see it a bunch flipping through home & food magazines that are dedicated towards holiday entertaining. It is the top tiered appetizer in my book! Crowd pleasers are the best choices when it comes to menu planning for your Christmas feast because you know there won’t be so many left overs for you to worry about when it comes time to cleaning up. Dips and boards of all kinds have always won my heart over no matter what I am celebrating, but there is just something about enjoying them during the holiday season that make them super special to me! They warm the heart while bringing so much joy to the party, and even though there may not be any parties this year.. you & your family can still indulge in the finer things!

This deli dip sure isn’t your average cheddar cheese dip, or cream cheese ball. This specific recipe has all sorts of cured meats chopped up, five different cheeses mixed in, and layers of flavor topping everything off. I always say.. the more seasoning something has; the better! Simple things are a nice classic touch to a holiday menu, but you always need that flare of flavor to bring the party together! Food that packs a punch kicks off the meal like no other, and puts everyone in a fantastic mood! 🙂

Besides the fact that this dip is insanely delicious.. my favorite thing about it is how easy peasy it is to whip together!

  • Start with a block of whole fat cream cheese in a glass mixing bowl.
  • To the cream cheese: add one cup of good mayonnaise, one tablespoon of yellow mustard, six slices of small diced American cheese, and half of a bag of mixed cheddar cheeses with mozzarella.
  • On top of all of that goodness: add salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, and parsley to taste!
  • As for the “deli” portion of the dip.. small dice six slices of ham and salami, along with four slices of bologna.

Before throwing the meat into the mix.. you definitely want to sauté it first on medium heat for ten minutes to get a good caramelization on it! By doing this we’re bringing out the true flavors of each meat, and that’s exactly what we want! When getting your meat nice & crispy.. do yourself a favor and do not add salt! This dip doesn’t need any salt added with all of the natural salts that will come out from the meats and cheeses. All you need are a few shakes of dried onion, oregano, and fresh cracked black pepper.

You’ll want all the cut up lunch meat to look just like this before shutting the heat off!

You don’t have to let the meat cool before mixing it in with all of the wet ingredients! I used a hand mixer to insure great combining of all ingredients.

Since everything in this dip is so rich & cheesy, I wanted to add a bite of vinegar, along with a touch of smokiness to complete the dish!

  • Roasted red peppers are the go to when I want a punch of smokey sweetness wrapped into something!

Once the peppers are all mixed into the divine dip, pick out a pretty platter to adorn it all on!

  • You may have thought the red garnish is just sweet pepper jelly.. which I wouldn’t blame you for, BUT it is hot pepper spread for hoagies. I thought spreading this spicy condiment along side the dip would be the perfect accompaniment! The dip is so thick & rich, so when you grab a little pepper spread onto the cracker once you take a dip in it, you’ll get that fiery bite that you didn’t know you needed!

Set this sensational sort of spicy, yet sweet & salty deli dip on a board adorned with holiday themed crackers, and get ready to dig in! I’m so sure that you Diamonds will fall in love with this amped up cheese dip that it will become a Christmas tradition for you to have on your menu year after year. As I said.. even if you’re not having guests enjoy this dip, you’ll enjoy it so much that you may even be thrilled that you don’t have to give any up for sharing!

Have A Cheesy Holiday Diamonds! 😉


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