My Ultimate Favorite Food List of 100 things & Places i Love To Eat!

Happy October Diamonds! I hope you all are having a fun filled fall so far, and trying to make the absolute best of it regardless of all things happening around us! Many months back in the spring time.. I reached 50 posts here on Deep Fried Diamonds, so I celebrated that milestone by letting you in on 50 facts about me in honor of my first 50 posts since this blog first launched! Since then, I have succeeded 50 MORE posts, and have reached 100 posts that I have given to all of you Diamonds over the time that this blog has been born! I love sharing my recipes, ideas, lifestyle ways, and party planning tips with all of you so much that I decided “why not share even more”?! Being that my “50 facts about me” post let all of you know more about me on a pretty personal level.. now I want to let all of you in on the massive foodie in me! Not only do I love making food, but I also enjoying eating it just as much.. I’m sure you all can agree! We probably can also agree that a list of 100 different foods is a lot, so I figured splitting the difference is the absolute best way to go! I’m going to be blessing you all with 50 foods that I could never live without because they are my most favorite of life.. along with 50 places that I love or would love to get food from whether that’s a sit down restaurant, or a fast food drive through! It’s going to be a fun afternoon filled with all things FOOD!

50 foods that I adore so much and couldn’t live without in this lifetime:

  1. Sushi– I love sushi so much, I probably don’t go more than a week without it! I used to be super afraid of masago (capelin caviar) but I have really learned how to appreciate the flavor that it gives a sushi roll. It most definitely elevates the bite! If you’ve never had sushi, but also claim you don’t like it.. don’t be that person! Try it out! You might really surprise yourself.
  2. Cheese- Honestly, I adore cheese on everything, or anything. You know what they say… “you can never have too much cheese”. 😉
  3. Hot dogs- I know everyone says that they are junk, and are so bad for you because they’re made of scraps, BUT we can’t lie to ourselves.. they are insanely nostalgic, and delicious! I will eat a hot dog plain, or I will load it with everything. It is perfect either way.
  4. Green Salads- I love salad so much. There’s people that won’t eat salad because they’re not crazy about vegetables, but I feel like it’s because they haven’t experienced enough exciting ingredients in them! Salad bars are totally where it’s at for me, and in the next list of 50 places you’ll learn my favorite place to go if you’re craving a slamming salad bar!
  5. Cold salads- pasta, potato, macaroni, egg, ham, chicken.. I love them all! These types of salads are something I actually love creating because they feed so so many people at a time, and you can be super creative!
  6. Grilled Cheese- Ever since I was a little little girl I was totally and completely a grilled cheese baby! I would eat it at home, and it would be what I ordered most of the time when I’d visit a restaurant, and well.. to be honest with you guys, I still get it at restaurants even to this day.
  7. Buttered noodles- This is another meal that I used to be obsessed with when I was really young, and still love today! I remember each time I would visit my aunts house she would make me a yummy bowl of these buttery noodles, decorate the top with lots of parmesan cheese, and serve it with a side of applesauce! At the time it was everything I could have ever wanted!
  8. Applesauce- speaking of applesauce.. this is a sweet little side that sometimes I just crave for no reason. I love it with anything. As a snack, or with your meal.. it’s always always good!
  9. Deviled eggs- I’ve always been a fan of mayonnaise, or anything that’s really creamy, so I have forever loved deviled eggs! This is another food you can get super fancy, and creative with. It’s a tradition for me to make these at every holiday dinner! They’ll never ever go to waste.
  10. Egg salad– pretty much just a deconstructed deviled egg that I could eat any time of any day!
  11. Sandwiches/Hoagies- I’ve always loved any kind of sandwich. It’s truly something that I could eat everyday and never ever get sick of it.. I think I get that trait from my dad because he also loves sandwiches.
  12. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a Bagel- Even though this is a sandwich, I had to put it in it’s own category just as I did with the grilled cheese because the bacon, egg, and cheese is just by far the king breakfast sandwich. without a doubt!
  13. Cheeseburgers- There’s not much to say besides who doesn’t love an all American kind of food? That’s like saying you don’t like pizza.
  14. Pizza- Now that I reminded myself.. pizza is just the go to food! You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at 1 in the morning watching movies with your girlfriends. Pizza never disappoints, and it will always be there for you. Hehe. 😉
  15. Cookies- I’m not much of a dessert kind of gal, but I love cookies so so SO much! It’s my most favorite sweet treat ever! A huge chocolate chip cookie with broken up peanut butter cups mixed into the batter is the way to my heart… if you were curious. Lol.
  16. Tater Tots- I mean you can’t have a bacon, egg, and cheese without a mouthwatering side of crispy brown tots! Am I right Diamonds?
  17. Bologna– Bologna is by far my favorite lunch meat. It’s great in scrambled eggs, on a sandwich, in a grilled cheese, or even grilled, or fried!
  18. Pasta- i will devour any kind of pasta at any meal! It is pretty phenomenal to me how you can literally put anything in with it, and it’s usually always remarkable!
  19. Baked Beans- Of course you can eat the ones from a can.. that’s totally acceptable, especially if you doctor it up a bit, but I love homemade baked beans.. specifically my grams recipe.
  20. Bow Ties With Cottage Cheese- with the mention of my gram.. that made me think of her beautiful dish she used to make that I grew up being obsessed with. If you’ve never had this meal.. I am very very sorry. You need to go make it, right now! I actually have this recipe up here on the blog that I did back in the spring when lent was coming to a close since this is well known for being a lenton dish. All you have to do is boil noodles, melt butter.. browning it if you would like with some diced onions and finally, toss in a whole container of cottage cheese. It is most the comforting, decedent, and creamiest pasta you will ever eat!
  21. Chicken Wings- chicken wings are something I crave all the time, but only let myself indulge every once in a while since obviously they’re not the best things for you. I will eat them naked or breaded, and with any kind of sauce known to man!
  22. Avocado Toast– Avocado is one of my favorite pieces of produce on this planet, and I love anything on top of a delicious, crusty piece of avocado toast! It’s always good.
  23. Salmon & Cream Cheese- These two delightful ingredients nestled on a bagel with all of the toppings is what a Sunday brunch is all about!
  24. Eggs Benedict- this isn’t something I have more than a few times a year, but if I go to a restaurant and they have it listed on the menu I will absolutely get it. No matter what’s on it, or what type of hollandaise sauce they concoct, I’m down for it. This dish is luxurious and special, so you really shouldn’t over do yourself with indulging in it too often.
  25. Pancakes & Bacon- this is something so memorable to me, and it just screams the weekend! On Saturday mornings I would wake up to the smell of this breakfast cooking downstairs, and my mom yelling up the steps to me that my food is almost finished. To this day.. my mom will still treat me with this when we have the morning to spend, and the day to kill.
  26. Macaroni and Cheese– Yes, this is a pasta dish, but it needs it’s own moment! Mac and cheese has got to be everyones go to comfort food! It goes with anything as the perfect side dish, and can even have expensive jewels of lobster mixed in it! So stunning!
  27. French Toast- I have always cut my French toast into sticks and dipped it into loads of syrup! I never drizzle.. only dip.
  28. Fruits & VegetablesI eat fruits and veggies every single day.. or I try to! I enjoy eating them dunked into a delicious dip, or cooked in any sort of manner. Grapes are my favorite fruit, and green beans are my favorite vegetable.
  29. Hash-Brown Casserole- Throughout my childhood during the cold months of the year, my mom would make this time and time again. It is such a satisfying dish filled with everything you need from delicious browned beef, fresh veggies, and melty cheesy hash browns. The only thing you need is a drizzle of ketchup on top (yes ketchup) and you’re good to go!
  30. Scrambled Eggs with Cream Cheese & Chives- I know most of the time we think to put American or cheddar cheese in with our scrambled eggs, but trust me Diamonds… cream cheese is the absolute best when it comes to scrambling an egg. It gives the dish such a rich, luxurious taste & texture.
  31. Fried Vegetables- definitely don’t eat these all the time, but this is the one fair food I look forward to every year. Dip them into some seasoned ranch, or spicy cheese sauce and it’s just to die for!
  32. Cheese & Gravy Fries- This is the ultimate treat yourself side dish for me. It’s not something I eat everyday.. maybe not even monthly, but it is something I have always always loved. Fun fact- I also dip these in blue cheese dressing. I know, a bit crazy, but crazy good!!
  33. Charcuterie Boards/Pick Trays- as you Diamonds may already know from previous posts.. my favorite way to eat is to have a huge variety of all different delectable treats, and just pick, pick, pick!
  34. Lobster Roll- Whenever I visit a restaurant and they have a lobster roll on the menu I order it with no question. It’s such a treat yourself dish to me, and honestly.. when is it not a great time to treat yourself?! I am a huge fan of constantly doing whatever you need/want to make yourself happy!!
  35. Cold or Hot Wraps- I think you could put anything in a wrap and have it be super yummy! My favorite wraps are crispy chicken ranch wraps! They always hit the spot no matter what.
  36. Brownie a la Mode- I am just in love with a warm gooey chocolatey brownie with delicious cold ice cream melting right on top of it. I never stop there though! Breaking up cookies, candies, and drizzling dessert sauces on top it what sets it off tremendously.
  37. Peanut Butter Cups- My all time favorite candy ever. I truly am not a candy person, but this one of those that just sends beams of joy all throughout my body with every single bite!
  38. Cookies and Cream ANYTHING- I’m so obsessed with those little chocolate sandwich cookies so much that I literally will eat anything if it has them in it!
  39. Quiche- One of the most classic, classy brunch foods out there. Such a timeless dish!
  40. Soup- Soup, especially during this time of year is essential! Creamy soups are my absolute favorite!
  41. Chips dipped in cheese sauce- this is something very very very nostalgic to me. When I was very young I remember my brother and I always eating this snack while watching shows, or movies. He’s the one who got me hooked on this! It’s just plain salted potato chips dipped in mild cheese sauce. It’s not good for you, but it is good for the soul! 🙂
  42. Stuffed soft pretzels/soft pretzels with cheese- One of my favorite snacks in this life. The butterier the pretzel.. the better!
  43. Thanksgiving Dinner- There’s not much to say about this one considering we all know that this is on everyone’s favorite dinner list.
  44. Chinese Food- Once in a while.. especially during football season (for what reason? I’ll never know) I get such a craving for some good lo mein, greasy egg rolls, orange chicken, and crab Rangoon’s.
  45. Barbecue Chicken- this is something I probably can always go for. It makes a great salad, wrap, sandwich, quesadilla, or even just on it’s own.
  46. Caesar salad- I did mention salads in the very beginning, but this salad deserves some praise. It is my favorite ever, and I can truly eat it with anything, at any meal.
  47. Seafood- I had to put seafood in it’s own category because it deserves that and even more!! Seafood is just sensational, and I couldn’t live without it. There’s so many foods, dishes, and appetizers that I love that have seafood in it, so instead of naming everything that makes my mouth water, I combined it into one whole category.
  48. Dips– I am a dip girl through and through! The creamier, the better. And yes, dessert dips count!
  49. Prime Rib with horseradish sauce- I love a succulent piece of this meat on a holiday to make it feel that much more special. This is the ultimate piece of steak for me. Some people may find it too fatty, but I find it just right!
  50. Mozzarella Sticks- I mean you Diamonds probably already know.. there’s not much I even have to say for this one! It’s a classic.

Splitting 50 places into 25 that I’ve eaten at and love, and 25 places I’ve never eaten at, but definitely would love to visit in the near future.

25 Places that I love to eat at:

  1. Phillips Seafood- Now.. there are “Phillips seafood buffets”, but what I’m talking about it the gorgeous sit-down restaurant with a stunning atmosphere and decadent, delicious food.
  2. The Cheesecake Factory- This is probably my favorite restaurant on the planet. I love it so much, and of course the cheesecake is remarkable.
  3. Dicks- Although it is a fun & quite funny place to have a comical dinning experience at, their peanut butter pie is one of the best I’ve ever had in my life.
  4. The Fireside Lounge- They have awesome hoagies there as well as homemade meatballs. I’m truly not even a meatball person, but theirs are exceptional to me!
  5. Damons- The best place to get wings, a great club sandwich, or honestly anything at any time of the day. It’s just great!
  6. Bravo! Cucina Italiano- Everything about this place is incredible from the way you’re greeted at the door, to how immaculate they keep the bathrooms looking!
  7. The Ground Round- Even though there isn’t one is my area anymore, or even close to it.. I still think about this place very frequently. The “pot of gold” is something I wish I could still eat every weekend like I used to when I was a kid.
  8. Wendys- I truthfully don’t really care for fast food, but Wendy’s is where it’s at. It tastes like childhood to me, and has the best everything in my opinion! It holds a special place in my heart, and is the only thing I ever want when I don’t feel well.
  9. The Melting Pot- It’s a fun, magical, romantic dinning experience that everyone should give a try to at least once in their life.
  10. Chipotle- Some people may prefer its opponent, but I’m a Chipotle girl through & through.
  11. Red Robin- It’s a great place to have some good food after a day of shopping, and come on.. their burgers really are tasty!
  12. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse- Their calamari is the best anywhere! It is on the more expensive side if you’re looking to get dinner, but lunch is lovely, and pretty reasonable on the budget.
  13. The Ovalon- A long time restaurant/lounge that has been around in my area for years and years. I’ve pretty much tried everything on the menu before, and never ever had a bad meal there. If you ever go.. you’ll instantly fall in love with the bread & butter they serve you as soon as you sit down!
  14. Subway- I know some people out there who hate it, but I always say.. “if you don’t like subway, you don’t know how to make the right sub”.
  15. Quaker Steak & Lube- Their wing night hits the heart.
  16. The Milk House Creamery – I am not an ice cream person, but I will say that this place makes an ice-cream lover out of me, for sure!
  17. Five Guys Burgers & Fries- I don’t care what anyone says.. it’s the best burger I have ever had!
  18. Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar- While creating their dishes to be whole, hearty, and healthy.. they still manage to make everything extremely tasty!
  19. Fat Heads Saloon- It’s the ultimate bar food. The wings and burgers are outstanding. I’ve only eaten there once, but I will never forget how insane everything was!
  20. Ruby Tuesday- As yummy as the food on the menu is.. I go for the salad bar A nice salad bar is one of my favorite things on this earth, and they really have the best one!
  21. Applebees- Just because their grilled cheese is a rush of nostalgia to me, and it hits the spot every time. It’s even better late-night.
  22. Red Lobster- They have the BEST caesar salad, and you Diamonds know how much I love caesar salad! We know the biscuits are iconic as well!
  23. Top of the 80’s- This spot is timeless, elegant, and amazing. They have a wonderful lunch menu where they change specials weekly, and their dinner is pretty awesome also! This is my mom & I’s place to be on a Saturday afternoon.
  24. Chick-Fil-A- An iconic spot for everyone of every age; plus their Mac & cheese is actually top notch!!
  25. The Hotel Hershey– Ending with the best, of course! Everything I’ve ever eaten from all of their restaurants was just superb!

25 Places I would love to dine at in the future:

  1. The Canning House
  2. In N Out Burger
  3. Shake Shack
  4. Max Brenner
  5. Seamore’s
  6. The Butchers Daughter
  7. Magnolia Bakery
  8. Laduree
  9. The Hummus and Pita co
  10. Bobby Flay Steakhouse
  11. Green Eggs Cafe
  12. The Egg Shop
  13. The Horny Ram NYC
  14. Turning Point
  15. LaScala’s Fire
  16. Ketchup
  17. Bottega Louie
  18. The Rex Burger & Lobster
  19. Milk & Cream Cereal Bar
  20. Levian Bakery
  21. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer
  22. Bosie
  23. Butter
  24. Fresh
  25. The Penthouse restaurant

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