A Spooky Seed & Bones Charcuterie Board For All Of Your HALLOWEEN Parties This Season!

It is most definitely not a party without a cute & crazy charcuterie board to put directly in the middle of the kitchen island as the focal point since boards like these are just as much decor as they are for you to pick on! One of my favorite things about building boards for parties is how insanely gorgeous you can make them. Sky really is the limit when it comes to making any kind of these babies.. almost like painting a picture! This board will by far steal the show as the sweetest, but spookiest board at your all fall festivities that you throw until it reaches Thanksgiving time! I feel like most of the time we end spooky season on November 1st because everyone rushes to go put up their Christmas trees, but we need to enjoy every season, and just live in the present moment! Enjoy the times as they come, and let them go when it’s time! When people try rushing the holidays, they push away the rest of the year.. wishing away time in their life. Rushing good things is never what you want to do, just like you never want to rush making the perfect board, no matter what theme you’re end goal for it may be!

When I create a board regardless of the theme, I make sure to always have a vast variety of fatty & spicy meats, at least two different cheeses that both have different textures to deliver to your gathering, a few cracker options incase someone likes a more buttery one, rather than crunchy ones, nuts or trail mix, and of course.. some sweet little treats!

Sectioned into what’s inside each one of these pretty pictures!

  1. Peppered salami, pretzel crackers, brie & horseradish cheese, and prosciutto with little pumpkin jewels peeking through!
  2. The prosciutto, of course.. pumpkin seeds (because whats a fall filled board without pumpkin seeds?) and succulent sopressata!
  3. You can see the both cheeses because I have them cut in half that a piece of them would be scattered around the board, capicola, soft baked white chocolate cheesecake pumpkin cookies, and cheddar cheese puffs that are in the shapes of skeleton bones! Which I thought were just absolutely adorable.
  4. Next to our buried skeleton guy thats buried in a bed of pumpkin seeds I have hot sopressata! I feel like you always need the option of the original, or spicy so that your guests can choose depending if they have a sensitivity to spice! Then next to the res of the cheese, and pretzel crackers.. I threw a caramel apple spice trail mix. This trail mix was filled with coated pretzel balls, dried cranberries & apples, and pralines. It was exactly what this board of bliss needed!
  5. In this last picture you can see much more of our amazing trail mix surrounding our mouthwatering meats & cheeses that I already introduced to you Diamonds.

For the close up that all of you Diamonds were longing for.. there that baby is!! 😉 I love this so much, and all of you will soon grow to learn that I LOVE having a focal point on every single board that I make, no matter the event or theme it is gaged towards. Having something yummy in the center of your board that your eyes are able to gaze right over to make everything else look that much more beautiful because the layout is perfect. It may not seem like a big deal, but the art of the board is EVERYTHING Diamonds.. everything!



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  1. Nancy says:

    Love it!! The skeletons are awesome. Very creative and eye appealing. I’m hungry now!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Debbie says:

    A Beautiful selection for the taste buds. Yum 😋

    Liked by 1 person

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