Green Goddess Apple Sparkler!

This sparkling, bubbly glass of deliciousness is this seasons cocktail hour icon; with a sour punch from the green apple vodka, and a sweet note from a touch of vanilla vodka.. it hits all the perfections that we want in an adult beverage!  A lot of times I normally associate apples with the fall, but for some reason when you’re talking about “green apple” liquor it totally meets the guidelines for spring! The flavor combination of this drink is extremely fruity and bright with a hint of both sour, along with sweetness once you’ve swallowed a sip. 


If you’re thinking of making this cocktail to compliment your Easter menu, serving them on a beautiful tray, over laid with decorative towels is the absolute way to go. Before adding ice half way up the glass I rinsed them both under water, and froze them in the freezer for ten minutes. It ensures that the drinks stays cooler, longer!

  • The apples cut in whole slices are for the garnish on the rim of the glass.
  • The apple “sticks” are to infuse the drink inside of the glass.

For the alcohol thats combined with the ice at the bottom of the glass, all that it is.. is one part green apple vodka, and one part vanilla vodka.

After measuring in the alcohol.. pour in some fizzy, yummy lemon-lime soda! This is what makes the drink! The green apple mixed with bright, springy citrus, makes for an awesome, awesome cocktail!


My most favorite kind of cocktail is a bubbly, carbonated, glass of fizzy lusciousness, so this one really meets all my expectations!

After finishing putting in all your liquids, toss in the apple sticks, and let them steep for a few minutes or so.

 For the garnish: I cut four thin slices of a red delicious apple. Of course you can stick with the theme and use a golden delicious apple, but because of circumstances I’m using everything that I already have inside of my kitchen! I slit the slices starting half way down, slicing all the way through, so that it could sit comfortably on the rim of the glass.


Look at how beautiful that color, and presentation is! No-one will be disappointed getting served this on a gorgeous sunny, holiday afternoon on the front porch while the birds are singing!


                           Your loved-ones won’t be able to grab one quick enough!


It would make my heart super happy if you, Diamonds recreate this green apple sparkler for Easter Sunday, or of course any beautiful spring day. There’s no doubt in my mind that you will feel even the slightest of disappointment when sipping on this mixed drink! It’s a magical mixture, and I hope very much so that your Easter holiday is filled with nothing but magic. I know we’re all really going through it right now, but nobody is alone, and nothing lasts forever.

Happy cocktail hour, Diamonds. XOXO


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    Looks yummy

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