Gorgeous Guacamole!


 When I think of warm weather, patio pick trays, and poolside eats, I instantly think of guacamole! Avocados are one of my absolute favorite pieces of produce to ever exist! I love how filling, creamy, and delicious they are! Besides the fact that they taste like an amazing dream, you can’t over look how versatile these gems are! The possibility list is endless between adding them to sandwiches/salads, topping protein dishes with pieces of them, adding it onto canapés, and of course, mashing it up to make spicy and savory guacamole. 

  • When I create guacamole it’s truly almost different every single time depending what I’m using to dip into it, or what I’m putting it on top of! Of course there are countless times where I make the classic jalapeño and cilantro filled guac because the taste is iconic, but in this case I changed it up.. just a bit. I must say it was a true winner in my house! 

The gorgeous, gorgeous GUAC:

  • I truly think guacamole is one of the most simplest, and purest tasting dips you could make! There is just genuinely nothing like it! I used six incredible ingredients, and the tried & true seasonings to create this delectable dip that leaves you feeling full, while also leaving you feeling vibrantly fresh. 
  • The steps are simple, and it takes no time at all! 

  1. Mash up very ripe avocados. I used one, but obviously use what you need to serve who you need! 
  2. One ripened tomato (deseeded) and small diced. 
  3. Scallions (green onion)- finely chopped. 
  4. Pickled jalapeños– finely chopped. i used three to one avocado, but you can use less, or more depending on your spice tolerance. In the classic version I use a fresh jalapeño, but I wanted a briny type of kick to this guacamole party! Lol. 
  5. Finely chopped parsley- Now we all know that cilantro is the main flavor maker in guacamole. It’s a fact, BUT it’s also a fact that some people taste soap when they try to enjoy eating it. With that being said.. I wanted to keep it fresh, bright, and flavorful, while taking it down a notch because cilantro can be strong, and unpleasant if you don’t love the taste of it. 
  6. Fresh lime juice– I always use citrus juice in my guacamole creations! Sometimes it’s lemon, maybe even orange, but usually always lime juice. It’s classic, and it goes with the taste of avocados like butter on a noodle. It’s just a divine flavor combination. 
  • Seasonings– Sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper to your liking! 

     For traditional purposes I served this gorgeous guacamole with restaurant style thin and crispy tortilla chips. Personally I think they are the best! They have such good flavor, and I just am obsessed with how light & crunchy they are. 

  • A little out of the ordinary.. although it may be so sensational that the trend will be all over the world soon.. salted, butter crackers! Not only are they salty, and buttery, but they are seasoned just as an everything bagel is. When you dip this seasoned filled cracker into this delicious guac.. you’re taste buds are going to go wild! There are times when two very flavorful things are sometimes a little “much”, but this is the perfect duo. The combination will send you on a ride to avocado toast land!! I know all of us who are avocado lovers have made avocado toast on an everything bagel before, since it is just down right awesome! This is basically the exact same situation.. but with less carbs, so you just get to eat more of it! 😉 

     Guacamole to me.. no matter which way you turn it, no matter what delicious delights you fill it with, it will ALWAYS be so perfectly perfect! I feel like you can truly do no wrong when it comes to creating something with an avocado. When people think of the word guacamole, they think of a classic and traditional Mexican topping, but you can make it any way you want in the world. 

  • If you’re ever having friends, or guests over at the last minute, and you don’t know what to through together.. this is the trick right here! I promise you everyone will love it! I have come across people who won’t add avocado in anything that they eat, but they’ll eat the life out of some guacamole. You can do no wrong with it! 
  • I think a really amazing party planning move with this beauty would even be to use it as a center piece. You can serve this dip in a massive molcajete bowl on a riser, and have all the dipping utensils, and chips cascading downwards around the guacamole! You can even take this centerpiece to greater heights by grazing the presentation with whole avocados, limes, herbs, or anything you used to put inside of the crazy gorgeous guac! 

     As you Diamonds can see, this guac is easy, but oh so gorgeous


Avocados are not just for guacamole, but they sure do make an exceptional one, and truthfully I don’t know how I would ever live my life without enjoying some guac myself! It’s an essential to happiness.. especially in the summer, and like I said, I am always incorporating avocados into my meals on a daily basis. I am very VERY loyal to the avocado, and I can guarantee that you Diamonds are going to be very loyal this gorgeous guacamole once you give it a go! 


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  1. Deb gennaro says:

    So refreshing. Got me hungry for this 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it! One of my most favorite thing that I can always always go for!!


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