Cherry, Berry & Lime Sangria!


Sangria season is totally one of the best seasons!! As you Diamonds can probably tell from my other sangria post back in June; I LOVE a good fruity, refreshing sangria! It’s a crowd pleaser, and it just brings a party to life if you ask me. 🙂 It’s always fabulous to have a cool cocktail that is shareable, and pourable for serving so many at one time, rather than having to be making everyone individual drinks. If you want to play bartender for that night thats absolutely fine, but let’s be honest here.. we normally like to be able to enjoy ourselves as much as our guests do. Even though we are the hosts, it’s nice to be able to take in some satisfaction of everything that you busted your booty all day getting ready for! Am I right? 😉 In case you missed my latest sangria post, this one is just like it except I switched out the blueberries, for cherries, and just like that it became a whole different beverage! It’s incredible how only adjusting one little ingredient in something can change the taste, and vibe of it dramatically! The flavor of a type fruit, or citrus reacts uniquely when combining each one with one another, just as seasonings and herbs do when creating a certain type of dish. If you adore blueberries to the point where it’s one of your favorite fruits, you can also keep those in if you would like as well as the cherries; taking the fruit explosion in the drink to a whole other level!


This sangria is totally just as simple to put together as the last, but it truly is a good time! You pick a whole combination of unlike fruits, and put them in an elegant glass pitcher that’s mixed with delicious white wine, or even red, and topped with effervescent. There really isn’t a right, or wrong way to make this cocktail. You make it your own, and add as little, or as much of everything as you fancy! The only thing that is certain about the sangria making process is that you’ll probably have to make another pitcher not long after everyone starts sipping on it, since it truly is just that delectable!! Especially during the summer months, you can’t deny an ice cold, thirst quenching drink to kick this July heat wave! 


  1. Strawberries, cherries, and a lime. (make sure you open the cherries and take the pit out, so that all the flavors and juices come oozing out.) The cherries make this sangria super delicious!
  2. An entire bottle of moscato wine. 
  3. Fill the rest of the pitcher up with lemon, lime soda! ( You can use sparkling water, or club soda if you don’t prefer this type of soda, but with sangria’s.. it is my absolute favorite. I truly feel that it just tops it off in the perfect way.)

I think I forgot to mention one of the most amazing qualities about a sangria… you get to enjoy the boozy fruit at the end when you’re all finished with your glass! I mean.. what gets better than that? You can’t do that with any old glass of wine! Sangria of any kind honestly gets the title for the best pool party drink as well. If you wanted this cocktail even a little more fruity, you can add a splash of cherry juice, or cherry soda! Ugh! That would take this to sangria heaven!!

  • I also loved showing how a sangria doesn’t just have to be served in a regular old wine glass. I strongly believe when serving a sangria you need a bit more of a wider opening, so that you can fit all the fruit in, along with the liquid that you need to. “Fish bowl” looking wine glasses that are long stemmed, and normally used to serve burgundy wine in are my favorite for sangria pours considering it holds everything it needs to, including the ice! It really is the ultimate sangria glass, especially for ladies who lunch, or classic date nights. The shorter glass I have to the left of it is another perfect one to use which is the iconic “tumbler” glass. It does hold less, but it’s great for a guest who says “I guess I’ll have a small glass of it”. That way you’re still giving them something gorgeous, but not serving them as much as someone with the actual sangria glass. This one is awesome as well for those who are social butterflies, so holding it while standing and mingling with people is going to be much nicer for you than trying to hold the larger one thats made for tablescapes, and date night fashions!

Keep trying to make the best out of this summer Diamonds, and I really hope if you give this cocktail a go you take pictures, and tag me in them @therealdeepfrieddiamonds on Instagram!

Take care, and keep cool during this heat wave! XOXO


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  1. Debbie says:

    Refreshing. Love the colors of all the fruit you used. Thanks 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for loving!! 🙂


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