Candles & Coffee.

The two best c words in the world! Candles and coffee… There’s nothing I love more than making a wonderful cup of warm, cozy coffee, and lighting the candles in the morning, or any time of day, if I’m truly being honest. 😉 If you need a rest, some time to yourself, or you just need to get your creative juices flowing this is the best recipe for that! I’ve always felt it so calming, and peaceful to be able to begin the day off slow with a light snack, or breakfast,  some delicious, strong coffee brewing into a gorgeous mug, and the most incredible candles burning on the coffee table besides you while you relax on the loveseat. It’s timeless, and treasuring.


For some of us coffee isn’t even just a hobby so much as it is a necessity. Coffee helps us to get the day started after we enjoy that very last sip. It helps to enhance productivity, our way of thinking, boots metabolism, and is found to make people happier so they can get out of depressions more easily. Coffee surprisingly also has a great amount of health benefits that many of you Diamonds may have never even heard of before. The fact that you can drink something every single day knowing that you very well may be helping yourself mentally, and physically is just everything that everyone wants.. especially it’s something you’re pretty much addicted to! I mean lets be honest Diamonds.. I know most of us can’t function without our first cup of coffee in the morning.

    A few positive health benefits of drinking coffee: 

  •      Coffee helps lower your risk of getting many different types of cancers.
  •      Coffee helps protects you against Parkinson’s disease.
  •      Coffee helps lower your risk of getting heart disease.
  •      Coffee lowers your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
  •      Coffee lowers your risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • Not only does coffee help with preventing these diseases, but also SO many more.

Just like drinking coffee, lighting candles also has many health benefits to help your mind, body, and soul. The reason why I love lighting candles so much in the morning is because it lights up your space with a beautiful aroma, along with a positive outlook for a fresh start to your day, even if you’re just having a lounge day at home. You still always, always, always want to be put in an awesome, positive headspace!! Aside from lighting them in the morning; I love to light them while I am cooking, creating blog content, having myself a fun little spa day, or at night to help myself unwind before bed.

Benefits of lighting scented candles in your space/home: 

  • Candles that are infused with essential oils can give you the most sensational aroma therapy experience, especially if you get a certain type of candle for your specific needs. Essential oils in candles help reduce stress and anxiety, along with inducing sleep if that is what you are hoping for when you light them during the evening/nighttime!
  • Along with the smell, scent, and aroma of the candle helping your mental headspace heal.. the sight of the candle is also just as helpful! Watching the flicker of the flame move every which way as the candle continues to burn helps creates an exceptional ambiance of pure relaxation. If you light candles in a room that is dark, that is when you will encounter the most intense sense of calmness. It might also really help as well if the room is quiet, calm, and there aren’t kids running around. I know that may be hard to accomplish, even more so now in the times we are in today, but if you are able to get even fifteen minutes to yourself, definitely do so! Letting your mind disconnect for even just a short amount of time can be super healthful for mental health.

I have been drinking coffee while I sit next to the candles for so many years to either enjoy my peaceful time to take myself away from everyday life, or to brainstorm how I want my future to be, and what I want to do next. As I would sit on Pinterest many years ago browsing everything I loved from cooking to party planning, along with decorating; I would scheme motives in my head for a career for myself that had all of these joyful things combined into one. A platform where I could do something different every single day to share with people the amazing ideas I had from recipes, lifestyle posts, and what I adore more than anything. After hours of researching, and tall glasses of coffees disappearing, I finally had an idea in one of my “candle & coffee” moments for the proposal of developing Deep Fried Diamonds. I do advise you Diamonds to light a candle, make a luscious latte, and take a moment to think about if you have done everything you wanted in your life, and if you haven’t.. do it! Plan your peace as you sip on your hot coffee, and watch your candle burn. 



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  1. LLM says:

    Totally Agree with you. Love a good cup of coffee and the wonderful smell of a yummy candle!! So relaxing and good for the soul!!!

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