Stranger Things Themed Snack Board!

I know I am not the only Stranger Things fan out here who wishes that the seasons would just keep going and going! I really do think it’s the best show on earth, hands down! I got some people I love in my life hooked on it because it’s just THAT GOOD! Unfortunately, it took me so long for some reason to get around to watching season 2 & 3, but once I did I fell in love! It’s that type of show where you feel like it’s super real, and you can’t help but get attached to every single character; all for different reasons since everyone is so unique in their own way. I finished the third season right when summer ended, and I thought to myself.. “I know I’m not the only one who loves this greatness so much”, so I wanted to incorporate something thats filled completely with Stranger Things love to celebrate the Fall season with! Right then and there, it hit me! A “Stranger Things snack board” loaded with everything everyone ate in all three seasons; snacks they munched on, halloween candy they trick-or-treated to get, Eleven’s favorite (Waffles), cheeseburgers & French fries Eleven also ate when she was starving in the first season before she ran fearing for her life out of the diner, and of course a few snacks that couldn’t be left out!

You can create this board to eat while you binge-watch every season, or if you’re having a Stranger Things Themed party.. which would be absolutely incredibly insane! I feel like this would be awesome to make to enjoy while watching the premier of season 4.. even though it’s pretty far away, we all know how fast 2020 flew by, so it actually isn’t as far away as we anticipate!! If by some crazy change this show isn’t your typical show that you can’t take your eyes off of, you can even put this together for a kids birthday party, or a play date! It’s exceptional for either one of them as well because all of the food piled on here is everything, and more that kids can want when having a fun time with friends.

Every snack on this board .. in detail:

  1. Starting with the second picture.. you can see that the waffles are the star of the show. Waffles are not usually something that’s on any board besides a breakfast board, but you know we like to think outside the box over here on Deep Fried Diamonds! If any food in this show was the star it was these babies right here. Eleven made it known that waffles were all she ever wanted to eat. If she could get away with only eating this for the rest of her life she would, but Hopper made her eat her peas, of course! 😉
  2. Cheeseburgers & French fries are iconic for everyone in the world, unless you don’t eat meat of course, but considering this was the first meal we witnessed Eleven consume.. I had to add it in as the focal point of the board. Plus, it’s nice to have some savoriness with all the sweetness. In all of the seasons, they drank a lot of cola! That’s really all you ever saw them drink besides milk, so I added gummy cola flavored bottles since you can’t eat soda! Duh! Lol.
  3. Cheese Curls- If you saw season 2, you’ll remember the guy who worked in the arcade that they frequented a lot throughout the episodes. Every time they showed him on screen he was eating a big bag of cheese curls, leaving all the cheesy dust lay on his finger tips to show his obsession even a little more! Chocolate covered candies were also something they ate often, and specifically in season 3 when Mike & Eleven were bonding over sharing them while sitting on the chairs in the hospital waiting to conquer the mind flair.
  4. Candy, candy, and more candy! In all the seasons you notice that candy plays a special part in this brilliant, heart pounding thriller! They’re either snacking on some while playing their “party games”, sharing candy in hopes of rekindling relationships, feeding chocolate covered nougat to demodogs to show trust, and having Will share what candy is his favorite while laying in the hospital bed.
  5. Popcorn- this snack has been iconic in every movie for decades, and while watching movies we also are known to be eating popcorn. They enjoying popcorn while playing games, or watching movies!

You don’t have to enter the upside down to enjoy all of the snacks they indulged in throughout every season of the show, but you do have to watch the show to understand everything in all of it’s beauty. Beautiful boards are one of the favorite things to create in the entire world, but this one took my excitement to another level! It just goes to show the love you’ll put into something when you’re doing a task you completely, and absolutely love. This was so much fun to put together, and even more enjoyable to eat as the last couple leaves fell off the trees while the cold air blew November into our lives! October went extremely fast, and I know with everything going on we’re ready for some Christmas cheer, but do not skip over Thanksgiving! Leave all of your haystacks up outside, arrange your turkey decor on top of the fireplace mantel while you bake a pumpkin pie, and wait for the most festive Thanksgiving recipes to launch here on Deep Fried Diamonds by yours truly! Even if you’re thinking about skipping over Thanksgiving celebrations, I’ll be here to bring some sparks of it in your life, Diamonds!



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  1. LLM says:

    This is so Creative!!!! Great Idea!!!

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