Chili Cheese Chip & Snack Mix!

Depending upon where you live in the world you may or may not have gotten a few inches of snow this morning! I love when it snows in the morning because it gives you a sense of peace and relaxation. If you happen to have the time it can even give you a reason to stay in bed a little longer, snuggle up with a coffee, or hot chocolate while doing some morning reading. That’s truly the perfect snowy morning if you ask me! All that’s missing is a delicious snack to munch on as the day moves forward, and the snow continues to hit the ground. My chili cheese snack mix is beyond perfect for the job! It’s the most flavorful pairing for binge watching Christmas movies all day.. because I know some of you Diamonds are already getting in the spirt, and I truly cannot blame you after the year that we’ve had! Even though I won’t be taking my Fall decor down until after Thanksgiving (as I do every year), I can’t blame anyone for wanting to bring some joy into their home, and life! If you are like me and don’t decorate for Christmas super early, but still want to bring warmth, and happiness into your home, this snack mix is the fix! I adore making mixes to munch on of all kinds, but chili is the prime comfort food this time of year, so I decided to combined that will all the snacks the would accompany the flavors immensely. This snack is everything you could ever want & more, and let me tell you Diamonds.. you won’t be able to stop until the last crumb is gone!

I wanted this snack mix to be insanely crunchy & cheesy, so I went for all different kinds of chips, and cheesy, yummy snacks!

The 7 perfect components for concocting of course, the perfect mix:

  1. Thin & crispy tortilla chips
  2. Plain ruffle chips
  3. Regular salted potato chips
  4. Cheddar cheese popcorn. (As you can see I used the hulless popcorn, but you can use actual popcorn if you so choose!)
  5. White cheddar poppable chips
  6. Broken up sourdough pretzels
  7. Bacon cheddar cheese puffs (for a good punch of meaty & cheesiness!)

It’s very simple to make the key flavor blasting ingredient to this snack mix. The chili butter. All it is.. is 3/4 a stick of butter, along with 2 teaspoons of chili powder, 2 teaspoons of paprika, 2 teaspoons of cumin, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and 2 teaspoons of dried onions. If the cheesy snacks in the chip mix isn’t enough for you, you’re more than welcome to add in nacho cheese seasoning to amp up the cheese flavor!

This is exactly how seasoned your melted butter should look! Also, when you brown your chili butter you want to do it on really low heat for just a few minutes; otherwise your butter will burn, and nobody likes burnt butter..especially not us Diamonds! 😉

After you’ve let your chili butter brown, letting it get bubbly so that the flavors could infuse nicely, without cooling.. pour the warm butter all over the crunchy snack mix.

  • Once the butter is poured, you must then mix it up really well with a wide wooden spatula, so that every nook and cranny is coated in scrumptious chili goodness!

And just like that! In five easy no brainer steps, you will be left will such a wonderful holiday snack mix that everyone will be asking for more of! I promise you Diamonds that you will be making this time and time again! It’s unlike anything that you can find in the stores, or in a bag. This mix will be a crowd pleaser even as a causal Thanksgiving day appetizer while everyone is still fixated on the football games while awaiting the big meal of the year to arrive on the dinning room table! Besides serving this in a large wooden bowl as I did to pick & go as you please, you can also wait until it’s completely cooled off to put into little goodie bags to tie into a bow to send, or deliver to loved ones during this holiday season! Being that we are going through a different time time in this world right now that would be the safest way to pass on food, and to also show your thankfulness to friends & family. This cheesy chili chip & snack mix can be creating with the usual cheesy snacks like different coated cheese crackers, or crisps, but chili reminds me of pub food, so that’s what I wanted this mix to represent. I adored this snack so much, and I will definitely be whipping up more of this as other festivities start to approach!



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    Love it!!!


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    Love it!!

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