The Cutest Little Coffee Bar You Can Create Anywhere In Your Home, For Any Occasion!

Who doesn’t love a coffee bar Diamonds?! I know I do!! They really are so popular in so many different ways. A coffee bar, lounge, corner, cabinet.. whichever way you want to spin it.. we still all call it a “bar”. No matter how big or how small your set up is you can make it super unique and incredible. A coffee bar is a coffee lovers dream! It’s the most fantastic idea when you’re hosting a beautiful brunch, an intimate gathering, or a wintery birthday bash so your guests can warm up while also staying awake to have some fabulous fun! As soon as I wake up one of the first thoughts in my mind is the delicious coffee I’m going to make while I cuddle up on the couch thinking about what delicious breakfast I’m going to concoct surrounded by scented candles. In the winter months especially, I love hot coffee! Since I don’t particularly enjoy black coffee.. I’m always experimenting with different things to top it off with, but also not making my morning brew overly sweet. Balance is key Diamonds. πŸ˜‰

My favorite way to make the most perfect indulgent cup of coffee at home is to add a splash of creamer that I’m enjoying at the moment, some syrup if I’m feeling sassy, and then I top it with whipped cream! You can use regular or chocolate, but for this special moment I did both and it really hit a coffee lovers heart! πŸ™‚ Now I will say I am not a sugar person, so I never ever add that in with my coffee. I am however a mocha gal though, so I love to a drizzle hot chocolate syrup over top of the whipped cream.

  • I know topping your coffee with whipped cream probably makes you all think of decorating an iced coffee, but trust me when I say that it’s BOMB on hot coffee! It’s melts down and tastes EXACTLY like a latte which is one of my most treasured speciality coffee drinks!

How To Perfectly Set Up A Miniature Coffee Bar:

  1. A luxurious tray, or a cute rustic wooden crate like I used to set everything on is super needed! It makes everything more organized, and creates a wonderful aesthetic. Whatever you choose can of course go with your theme if you have one for the occasion!
  2. Pick out the amount of mugs that you’ll need! Even if you’re alone and want to have a 5 star hotel type of day you can absolutely splurge and do this for yourself! You’ll love it I promise, and when you post it on social media all your friends will be just a tad bit jealous thinking that you’re living the life! πŸ˜‰
  3. Any flavors of creamers that you have on hand, or think people will enjoy!
  4. Coffee syrup for some sugary sweetness that transports you into kid mode.
  5. Flavors of whipped cream that you would like! I’ve even had peanut butter whipped cream before which is my all time fav! SO yummy!
  6. Last but not least.. chocolate syrup to make a mocha, or even some caramel if you’d prefer.

I truly believe that coffee bars of any size for any occasion are going to be all the rage this year! You just wait & see Diamonds. πŸ˜‰



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