Hello Diamonds!

I’m Briana Lee. A food obsessed writer, extravagant party planner, and pretty much a chef since birth. Okay, okay.. Maybe only as long as I’ve had my culinary arts degree but you get the point; I love what I do! When I was probably even too young to be in the kitchen, I loved nothing more than to be right next to my dad helping him do everything. Whisking this, cutting that, stirring anything I could. Above all though, Sunday dinners were my favorite. We were in the kitchen the whole day, making the house smell beyond wonderful. It might come to as a surprise when I say that I was born in 94′ and have been in this industry professionally for a decade,  and counting. Literally. My family has a beautiful Bichon Frise, named Chef. Yes people, CHEF! Haha. Thats how much my dad and I love to cook. I am 1000% all about being in the kitchen all day, photographing everything possible that I’m addicted to, and creating the most inventive food combinations that will for sure change the way people eat and entertain.

So, Diamonds, without reservation.. Let me fry up your life with some ridiculous ideas and recipes every week.



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