Summer days off.. in a chef’s life

     On a day home from busy, hot hot days in the kitchen, I love to just unwind by making myself a good cup of coffee, catch up on the shows I’ve missed and enjoy a fulfilling breakfast. Afterwards, I head out to the pool to soak in some vitamin D, with a drink in my hand. Even on these relaxing days in the sun, by the water, I still make sure to write in my planner for the week so that I am aware on what exactly to prepare my mind for. I also love getting inspiration by heading on Pinterest for new projects to work on.. and I can’t forget to mention cleaning and organizing rooms in the house, as well as other miscellaneous side jobs that need to be checked off the list! It’s necessary for me to be in a clean and tidy space, so that my mind is clear and my body is motivated to do great things. As none of you may know yet, but will grow to find out, I am very extra and glam, so playing around with new makeup, and watching beauty guru’s on youtube is always on the list.  Towards the evening,  If the plans are set, I get all dolled up and go spend some time with the best friends in my life. We get a really nice dinner, sip on some drinks, and catch up on our crazy lives! Also.. even though this is a “day off” I still find time to take a few hours out of my day to create new dishes and come up with extremely cool content for my website !


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