Straw-apple whiskey smash up


Spring has sprung! FINALLY! Even though the weather where I live isn’t typical “spring weather” yet, its exiting as the days get longer, and the air gets just a touch warmer. When I think of the spring season, I think of ditching my winter wardrobe, brightening up the house with pastel colors along with Easter decor, and switching my robust winter cocktails, to light & fruity spring beverages! It makes me happy when the seasons change because that gives me a reason to experiment.. being even more creative than usual. Being that the season has just begun, I don’t want to dive right into it with strong lemon and lavender flavors, just quite yet… so i got to thinking about what I would like to kick off this refreshing time of the year with… and I thought, why not mix a fruit that I love all year long (apples) with a fruit that I can’t get enough of once spring hits (strawberries) and make a smooth, strong, and delicious cocktail. So, thats exactly what I did, and let me  tell you, it’s going to be everything that you want to kick off a weekend on Friday night, or even on a Monday at 5 o’clock after a day at the office. It is sweet, fruity, but yet so refreshing that you could just taste the change of the season! 



FIRST THINGS FIRST: Roll the rim of your glass in HONEY. Most people/bars use water or lemon juice to use as a glue for dipping the glass in sugar or salt, but honey to me is the best form of edible glue! Especially while creating a delicious cocktail. After lining your glass in the honey (you could use any flavor honey that you desire) roll it around in decorative colored sugar. Again, its up to you the color you want to choose, but as you will see, I’m using pink due to the strawberries that are going to be floating around in my glass as little jewels! 


After decorating the top of your drink, you will need to pick two large strawberries to smash down at the bottom of your glass.. releasing its juice to flavor your gorgeous cocktail. I used a small “muddler” .. while you can use anything you have handy, or whatever you feel comfortable with. To mix with the fruit, you are going to use ONE PART apple flavored whiskey. 


On top of the whiskey, you’re going to want to add TWO PARTS  strawberry wine, ice cubes (you want this drink to be very very cold) and lastly for the liquids, pour in TWO PARTS lemon lime soda for effervescence. (AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE PHOTO ABOVE) 


TO GARNISH – take three apple slices ( medium sliced) feathering them apart from each other, almost like a fan shape. Take a pairing knife to make an incision down the middle of the bottle of all three apple slices.. as you can see in the picture above. 


Glorious! Your straw-apple whiskey smash will look mouth quenching after it’s garnished with apple slices resting on the rim, and apple straws that I thought would really take the the look of the drink to a next level. It’s super yummy, fruity, and ready for spring! 

I enjoyed the drink so much, as I hope all of you do when you try it out!

.           Talk to you all soon, diamonds. xo 

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  1. Ann Marsilio says:

    I don’t usually eat breakfast that avocado toast with eggs looks delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I love avocado toast, so I create all kinds of different combinations using all different types of breads/baked goods, but just because you normally don’t eat breakfast thats okay! You could absolutely enjoy this dish for lunch, dinner, or even for a snack using half of a bagel!


  2. Mary Ann Evancho says:

    definetly going to try the drink and the toast—–mary & pete

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! Thank you!


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