Summertime farm fresh!

 To me, summertime is ALL about the fruits and vegetables. My mom and I simply, can not get enough fresh produce in the summer. Each year I look forward to strawberries and blueberries! In the cold months of the year, I find myself never reaching for them.. they are just not the same. If you live near a farm, or even of driving distance you must make your trip there! It will be SO much more beneficial to you, and the food you prepare! The colors are much more radiant, and the taste is extremely prominent. While shopping locally for your produce, shop the rainbow! Eating as many differently color combinations as you can, is the absolute best thing you can do for your body. Aside from the benefits of farm fresh produce.. going to the farm is fun for me! It gives my mom and I time to bond, adds a bit of shopping time (even though its for food & plants lol)  and it gives me reasoning to do an excess amount of food photography. Also, I’m unsure if its because of the fact that you’re in nature itself, or being around farm animals, surrounded by yummy smelling produce, but the farm makes me happy, while feeling at peace. 

     As you can see, I definitely shop quit a selection. Both fruits and vegetables, and to be honest with you guys.. theres not even any that I’ve come across that I don’t have a taste for. What I can tell you is.. NEVER eat an unripened plum haha! That is one of the very few fruit tastes that I do not care for at all. Although, who likes any fruit in the case that isn’t super sweet, dripping down your arm with juice, as soon as you bite into it? Messy, but so delicious! 

In the photo above: My farm produce Finds 

  • Nice and ripe, cherry tomatoes. NOTE – I love cherry tomatoes so much more than grape. IF you’re not a fan of grape, so you think you won’t have a taste for the cherry kind.. just trust me, and give them a try!
  • Beef steak tomatoes – perfect for slicing onto thick crusty sandwiches, or wedging onto big crispy salads.
  • Fresh russet potatoes – potatoes from the farm, to me, are so so fluffy and mouthwatering! 
  • A nice sized cantaloupe 
  • A vibrant green zucchini 
  • Farm fresh onions. – BEWARE – Onions bought locally from the farms are found to be much much stronger than onions boughten from the store. 
  • The juiciest peaches 
  •  Nectarines 
  • A dark violet eggplant 

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  1. Ann Marsilio says:

    How do you know which cantaloupe will have the best flavor? Do you know any smoothie recipes for cantaloupe?


    1. I actually do have some smoothie recipes in mind! they’ll be coming soon. As for the cantaloupe question I would say choose one that has the best shape for you regarding how much you want to get out of it and also how heavy it feels when you pick it up. If it looks heavier than it feels, choose that one! Scent is best too when picking a ripe one. You want it to smell fruity, but not overly fruity.. if that makes sense lol.


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