Gorgonzola walnut Sandwiches wrapped in prosciutto


One of the most complex flavor combinations you can experience is a creamy, tangy aged cheese, accompanied with an earthy buttery flavor. I love the combination in salads,  spreads, or even just to pop in your mouth on top of one another; fortunately because I’m so obsessed with the taste of the two together, I decided to take it to another level. So I figured, why not take a walnut, a piece of cheese, another walnut, sandwich them together, and wrap them up like a little pig in a blanket, with a piece of prosciutto. OH! And thats not it! Drizzle the warm sizzling ball of goodness with sweet, sweet honey. Your mouth will feel like it just went on the tallest, highest rollercoaster in the park, and you’ll have the same thrill after swallowing, as you do when you arrive back at the station, and your harness comes up over your head. Yes, it’s that good! lol


     Everything you need to make this creamy, crunchy, and salty, but sweet hor d’oeuvre.

  • Good Gorgonzola cheese
  • Fresh walnuts
  • Marbled prosciutto slices
  • Honey

That is literally it! Four simple ingredients, in just four easy steps. Even if you think these sound complex, they are not, but they do taste it!


Hold a walnut half in your finger tips, and place a small crumble of the cheese, to act as little sandwiches!


How the little sandwiches will look!

You could certainly munch on these anywhere, anytime, but were going to kick them up a notch!

Wrap your sandwiches in the prosciutto and place them in a small skillet, coated slightly with butter.

Cook on medium low heat for two minutes a side.


The finished product will turn out crispy, with a shiny red sheen too them; almost like bacon!


Drizzle the prosciutto wrapped sandwiches with honey, as soon as you take each one out of the pan, and plate them up. The warmth of the meat will soak in the honey, leaving them coated with a sticky smooth glaze, glistened on the outside of them.


I always love platting. I feel it is the most important part of the dish.. being that even though people may not do it purposely, they eat with their eyes first. It is a fact of the food world! When platting food that doesn’t have more than one, or two colors to it, I enjoy using something green, herby, and fresh along side of the dish; making it look alive. These may seem fancy, but as you can tell they were super easy, so you can make them for a dinner party as an appetizer, or even just for yourself to indulge in, after a hard days work. Also, they might seem very rich and satisfying, but just because these little bites are extremely indulging, that doesn’t mean you actually have to indulge in your diet.. just your life!

Until next week diamonds, enjoy! & I’ll be back with a summer drink (:


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  1. Sara Meshkofski says:

    Looks great as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. debbie says:

    Love the “unique Recipes” & Ideas. Soo Creative!! Do you do house calls?
    Awesome work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Debbie! Yes, maybe I could make a house call lol


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