Poolside Peach Cherry Cobbler Cooler


Believe it or not, theres pretty much only one month of summer left. I know I know… depressing! Therefore, I have to get in all my fruit flavors before my favorite season comes into play. Although, I love Autumn SO much, and thats the season that truly has my heart, theres endless things I love about summer; the cocktails being one of them. No one has to follow my rule, but once fall hits, I have absolutely no interest in fruity, summertime beverages. I’m a very seasonly girl, so whichever season were in, thats the one I celebrate, and I strictly stick to it!  In honor of soaking in the end of this season as much as we possibly can, I’m combining my two favorite fruits that I eat on a daily basis during this time of year, (peaches and cherries) and creating the most thirst quenching cocktail. Not too strong, crisp, fruity, and simply delicious. I wanted it to be easy and quick, but something that you normally don’t see on every drink menu when you go out to a bar, or a restaurant lounge. While I was brainstorming the alcohol to put into the glass, to swim around with the pieces of floating fruit, I wanted to compliment the flavors of both the peach, and cherries. The best combination I feel for it, is using vanilla vodka (of your choice) and peach schnapps. It makes for almost a dessert like tang in your mouth, while still leaving a summertime feeling in your heart.

This drink is best served cold, and while needing to keep cool with it.. it’s best served, poolside; If you have a pool, or can get near one! If not, take it to your back porch, and sip on it while reading the latest issue of vogue. Heck, I’d even drink it at night relaxing on the couch, next to my Bichon frise! It’s all up to you, and the way you choose to salute your end of summer!

First! We must start with the fact that the rule of the drink is COLD, so we have to fill our entire class with ice. I used a cooler glass considering we are creating a cooler to indulge in, but if you don’t have anything like this on hand, you could certainly use a seamless wine glass, or a bigger glass in general would work fine! Just keep in mind, you want a glass with room in it to fill with fruit and lots of effervescence at the top!


Speaking of the fruit.. take your peach, cut a half off of it, without taking your knife to the pit, and then cut your half in half as well!


Then cut those two halves in half again!


Lastly, chop your four wedges into chunks!


As for the cherries, since they are fresh, and not the candied ones with no pits in the center, you must remove both, the pits, and steam. As you can see, there is no perfect way you have to accomplish that, except for just putting a slit into the cherry itself, and opening it up, to get all of that non edible stuff out of there.

I opened up about four cherries! 


Add the cherries to glass filled with the ice!


Along with the chunks of peaches!


Add one part vanilla vodka, and one part peach schnapps. If you are asking yourself the question I think you are, and you did not see my first drink post.. “one part” means one shot. You could choose to eyeball the pour, or you can pour your “one part” of alcohol into a shot glass to make it exact. 


Fill the rest of the glass with lemon lime soda for carbonation, and thirst smacking effervescence!


I am huge on garnishes.. as you can already tell, I love decor, and taking everything to it’s fullest potential to please the eye, so we’re going to trim our glass with a peach wedge, along with a whole steamed fresh cherry. Just as we used inside our drink!

For the peach, as you can see above.. add a small slit using a smaller pairing knife, not going all the way through the peach wedge, so that it will sit perfectly on the rim of the cooler.

At last, for the cherries, do the same are you did for the peach wedge; adding a small slit into the middle of the piece of fruit, without taking your knife all the way through it.


Ultimately, you will be in glorious site of a bright red colored cocktail that you’ll want to sip on all day long on your lounge chair. I also added a cute, fun straw for easier sipping! I actually had so much fun creating this drink, as I felt like it was different than anything I ever drank before; because of the fun fresh cherries! I hope that all of you try this yummy poolside peach cherry cobbler out before summer comes to an end! You won’t regret it. You might actually debate indulging in multiple lol

I’ll be back again at the end of the week with another simple, but yet exquisite post. Keep an eye out, diamonds!




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