Original Oiled Oranges


     Unfortunately, my grandfather ( My fathers, father) passed away years before I was even born. Happily enough, my dad has told me very much about him. The stories that intrigued me most were the ones about him and food. He giggles at the thought that he could have been rich from taking ice cream, and putting pretzels with chunks of cake mixed in together; considering back then no ice cream brands at that time were doing such a thing. My Pop Pop used to experiment with so many different food combinations, some even being very simplistic. My dad would tell me over and over again.. “Briana, my dad would slice oranges, drizzle them with olive oil, finish it with a dash of salt & pepper, and it was to die for! The oil, mixed with the flavor of the oranges, being brought out by the seasonings, just made it so mouth watering.” You might think to yourself that you don’t want olive oil anywhere near your oranges, but think again! It actually makes the orange rich tasting, accompanied with a silky texture left on your tongue. Also, if you truly take a step back and think about it.. what makes up 70% of salad dressings? EXACTLY.. OIL! Olive oil.. you’d be surprised, is in probably every salad dressing, and many condiments that you use everyday. Regardless if you make it yourself, or buy from the grocery store. 

     Being that I didn’t just want to introduce to you his dish he created, and left it at that, I wanted to make it my own. I like being original, while still being influenced, even if it is by my own family members. What I did was kick it up a notch, using some crunch, and fresh herbs. It makes another layer of tastes, and textures on your palette. 

Showing you up close and personal what you will need on hand, besides the oranges, of course. 

  • Fresh mint leaves 
  • Good olive oil – whatever brand you love best. I also suggest that you purchase an olive oil specified for dressing, marinades, and dipping, rather than sautéing and grilling. It will make a difference! 
  • Sunflower seeds – I used honey roasted, but if you do not prefer those, theres salted & unsalted. For this dish keep in mind, the salty taste is what you want/need! 
  • Salt & pepper TT ( “tt” is “to taste” ) 

Peel your oranges using your hand or knife.. however you choose is just fine. Then spread the orange open in half, taking out any white parts that are left in the center. 


Break the oranges into wedge segments, as you would if you were just going to eat them, but instead, lay them onto a platter of your choice. 


Sprinkle the segments with the salt and pepper, along with the sunflower seeds! 


Then, drizzle with your olive oil! 


Finally, break off pieces of your mint leaves, and rip a few by hand onto the oranges, and let them scatter, for a more rustic look! 

     This dish is as simple as you can get, while still impressing your guests if you desire to showcase this at your next house party! It is a great appetizer, without filling people up before the main course, and not having to make them feel guilty!

Heres to you, Pop Pop! xoxo 



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