Caramel Mocha White Russian


This is the perfect after holiday dinner drink, or really any day, anytime if you want to get a little crazy. LOL My family and I are major coffee drinkers, and I am obsessed with GOOD iced coffees. Now, normally I don’t play it safe with just sugar and milk. The flavored syrups, whipped creams, chocolate shavings, and caramel is the way I like to go!  My absolute favorite drink to have after dinner when I go out is a Kahlua and cream. It’s like drinking an adult iced coffee, and on the days I want to go all out, I throw a little flavored vodka in, and make it a “White Russian”. Also, the way I topped it with the whipped cream, and chocolate syrup gives it some mudslide like vibes. The end result is extremely yummy, while truly being thirst quenching. This drink is incredible to have next to the fireplace at night with a good book, if you’re not one for hot drinks!

Which by the way diamonds.. I will for sure be having a Holiday Hot chocolate up on the blog very very soon. 


The first thing you want and need to do, to have this drink begin perfectly is to run your cocktail glass under water. The reason for this is to keep the drink as cold as ice! You never want this drink to get warm.. it simply won’t taste as good and it contains dairy!


After 15 minutes of freezing your glass in the freezer, it will come out looking frosted; as if you just sat it inside a big snow pile.


Swirl chocolate syrup all around the inside of the glass.

How pretty does the chocolate syrup make the outside of the glass appear?!


What the inside will look like.


Fill the glass more than half way with ice, and add a decorative spoon to stir your drink after you add:

  • one part caramel vodka
  • one part Kahlua
  • Three parts milk of your choice. Most bars/people would use whole milk, but I prefer to just use 2%!

After mixing your drink, add whipped cream, and drizzle your favorite chocolate syrup all around, making a gorgeous presentation!


That is one beautiful holiday cocktail, if I do say so myself! Theres no doubt in my mind that you & your guests will love relaxing, and sipping on this beaut!

CHEERS to the holiday season on Deep Fried Diamonds. It’s going to be a wonderful time (;     



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  1. Lori Meshkofski says:

    You’ve got to try this one!!!! Delicious and super easy to make. Your guests will love this too!!!

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