The Sugared Season!


The Holidays are all about baking. That is an absolute given! Sugar is all around us.. in everything, and even topped on things, or rolled into cranberries as a garnish. It is the season of sugar for sure, and the only decision you have to make is white or brown?! 


The two questions you might ask yourselves are “When should I use which sugar?” and “What is the difference between the two sugars?”

      When you should use: White vs. Brown

Brown sugar: I absolutely love and adore using brown sugar while creating sauces, and glazes. It makes it super rich, while also leaving it a little sticky (in a good way) and thats kind of what you need around the holiday season with all the mouth watering Christmas ham, and sweet potato casseroles being shared. Also, although people mostly use white sugar in pies and baking than brown sugar, I think it makes the best apple pie filling. It mixes super well when using cinnamon, molasses, or maple syrup! This type if sugar is also essential to me when concocting barbecue sauce, or homemade butters.

White sugar: White sugar passes the test on being able to be used in honestly, pretty much everything we’re able to consume, lets be real here! For me though, I use only white sugar in things that I would never put brown sugar in.. as for ALL types of cold salads, and dressings. These are dishes and things that you need super fine, extremely sweet, molasses-less sugar for! Of course too, baking anything with white sugar is totally acceptable. I mean what would a Christmas sugar cookie be without some sweet sweet sugar in it? (white sugar, obviously lol) White sugar is essential for making jellies and preserves, and of course rolling churros, fried dough, and snickerdoodle cookies in some cinnamon sugar. The brown kind is completely off limits for that task! LOL

                  The difference between the two: White vs. brown

White sugar: It is sweeter and processed beyond brown sugar because there is no molasses inside the white. Also, OBVIOUS reasoning but the main difference is that white sugar is well.. white. Its concentrated more, leaving it much sweeter than brown, so it you put too much into something it will be very hard taking that overly sweet taste away, so just be cautious of that. This type of sugar is definitely more refined, and it takes longer to get to the end product especially with being that the concentration is higher.

Brown sugar: It contains molasses and is less processed than white sugar. It has more minerals in it compared to white, but unfortunately neither have any very good health benefits. They both should be consumed in moderation in your daily life. Just as I said with the white sugar too, it is brown in color.. so adding it to something will change obviously the taste, but the color as well!


Happy holidays, happy baking, and happy sugar season diamonds! 



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