The Snowed-In board.


Every single time it snows.. even if I’m not home in that very moment, I immediately want to snuggle up in my pajamas, make a hot cup of cocoa, and munch on a smorgasbord of snacks! I love taking days like that where you just take some time to relax, indulge, and forget about things, for just a few hours. I think that doing things like that, that you love; what makes you happy is just as important as making a living for yourself. You Can’t work, and never be treated for it, am I right? Almost as if you’d be working for nothing, and not even in the sense of money. Since during a snowstorm you’re usually staying in anyway.. you might as well make the most of your cozy time! The best way to do that, especially if you’re having a lounge fest with the rest of your family, or maybe some of your girlfriends battled their way through the snow to come over to indulge in the snowy festivities with you… is to make some sort of a huge platter board!

When you’re lounging all snuggled up on the couch.. you are some what rolled up in a ball.. SO I got a little creative and wanted to mimic that with the food we were eating in the special instance. I chose to make three different flavored wraps, and cut them into two inch pin wheels. This effect also makes for great presentation.

  • Top middle– A spread of ranch and drizzled hot sauce. (choose high quality ranch and your favorite hot sauce!) Believe me.. the ingredients you use DOES make a difference. Do not cheap out on yourself !!
  • Bottom left- Drizzled spicy brown mustard.
  • Bottom right– A spread of good mayonnaise, then drizzled with yellow mustard.
  • Top middle- After the hot sauce I added buffalo chicken from the deli, and topped it with tangy blue cheese crumbles before rolling.
  • Bottom Left–  On top of the drizzled mustard I added Cooper sharp cheese with slices of sweet Lebanon.
  • Bottom right– On top of the mustard I added white American with slices of bologna.

All of them before the roll ups begin.


Look how cute they look all rolled up!


The arrangement before the fries arrived! I l enjoy placing the rolls sectioned off within their own flavors, across from each other. After piling the pinwheels onto the board, I decorated the platter with snacks that go extremely awesome with sandwich like goodies, and that of course has to be chips and pretzels. I chose plain sourdough pretzels, along with regular kettle cooked potato chips for that extra crunchy goodness.

Whenever I create something like this I always love adding vinegary elements to be board along with fresh ones, so that calls for pickles, olives, and fruit!

  • Bread and butter pickles
  • Plain green cocktail olives
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Red Grapes

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous those little root vegetable fries are?! I’m really digging how they give the board just a pop more of color, aside from the strawberries decorating the edges.


Talk about gorgeous, and also such a great game day platter that anyone could end up throwing together in no time at all! If you sit back and think about it… usually you have most of these ingredients lying around anyway unless you’re one to not keep lunch meat in your fridge, but ever since I was a little girl that is something you can always always find in my house.

I’m sure after all of this iv’e made you hungry for some great deli eats! Throw on your comfy clothes, grab a platter, and get rolling! You won’t regret it.. you may just even find that it’s snowing when you take a glimpse outside as you make your way into the living room to indulge in a snowed-in board, and HEY, if it’s not snowing.. pretend!! πŸ˜‰ 


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  1. Debbie says:

    A nice display for a anytime gathering or snack. πŸ˜‹

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