Cody’s Cutlets.


My very first FRIED post ever here on deep fried diamonds! I guess a little Pun intended 😉 Most of the time… eh, more like ALL of the time I make everything super fancy, and decorated when I entertain, or concoct a new recipe, but these pork cutlets speak for themselves. They’re decorated in their own special way, with the most unique, delicious breading.. dressed in deliciously golden brown crispy bits; ready to be devoured! 

There used to be a catering place in my hometown that were known for their “cutlets”, and my boyfriend Cody fell in love with them years and years ago, the first time he indulged in them at Easter dinner with my family. When the place closed down a little while back, he was heartbroken with the fact that he would never have the best cutlets ever again…. so he thought 😉 . We celebrated his 26th birthday last week, and have all been trying to eat clean since the new year started; you junk, no fast or fried foods, SO I thought I would surprise him by making the absolute best pork cutlets I could fry up, trying to bring that memory back when he took that first bite of the cutlets he had soooo long ago.


I Like frying in a deep “stew pot” if you will, so that it gives the grease more air space and room so that if the oil starts spitting up a bit it has a harder time getting the stove greased up, along with giving the cutlets much needed room to fry!

Fill the pot or frying pan up of your choice with vegetable oil about an inch in a half, to two inches from the bottom. Let the oil heat up on medium low heat for about ten minutes. I know that doesn’t seem like the heat is high enough to be able to fry with but TRUST ME: the oil will heat up hot, and once you start frying you definitely do not want the oil to be so hot that it will burn, or develop into something much worse..

There are different dredging/frying techniques to create your own personal breading to turn into your traditional breading that you use when breading, and frying pretty much anything, but the only way I think these should be breaded is tossing them in high seasoned flower with salt and pepper, then laid in whisked eggs for a nice little egg bath if you will, and lastly, pushed in cracker meal ONLY (no breadcrumb!) seasoned with salt, pepper, granulated garlic, and paprika.


Obviously before breading anything you need to start with meat, or there are no cutlets! I believe the only cut of pork to use for pork cutlets is “the butt”! You need the fat! It is so necessary for a GOOD pork cutlet.


Instead of using dredging bowls to bread your pieces of pork in, I used big plastic food bags; that way you can put the pork in, close the bag with your fist and shake shake shake! And in a flash everything is fully coated the flour, and breading.

When using the bags you can fill them with more product than you would if you were doing it in bowls because you’d probably only be able to really do it properly with five pieces at once.

“Test the waters” 😉 Before loading up your oil will freshly breading cutlets, and having them not fry properly for you because the oil is unfortunately too hot, or not hot enough, test the oil by frying one ,or two pieces to see how long you’ll be frying each side. Then once they are completed there is no better thing to do than to give it a bite to see if the seasoning is perfect for your taste buds!

Now, being that we are not filling the pot entirely with the vegetable oil, that’s why I don’t take temperatures. If you do “deep fry” anything you can certainly take the temperature to make sure that you reach 350 degrees, and to insure that it stays at that temperature, as well. In this case, we are simply just pan frying!

If the testing went right, fill up the pan with your cutlets. Fry each side for approximately five minutes, or until golden brown and crisp! Honestly.. it may not be the “perfect” way to do things, but ever since I was young, and I would watch my dad fry homemade chicken fingers he never waited until one side got completely crispy. The goal is to make them perfectly golden, and never over done because you do not want to dry them out. That is a crime! The best way he found that they come out is turning them over each four times. The crispy breading turns out so so incredible that way.

Also, take into considering one cutlet might get done before the other. Being that they are hand cut after trimming the fat from the pork butt, you can’t assume that a smaller piece will get done at the same time as a bigger piece. Science will prove you wrong every time lol


When the frying process is coming to a close!

From the first batch straight out of the oil, to the last! They look insanely delicious, and I know it sounds a little crazy, but if you look closely, you can almost see little wrinkles throughout the breading that resembles what a pug’s body looks like, and THAT my friends, is how you know that breading is going to be mouth watering! Which is exactly why we use the cracker meal instead of any sort of bread crumb. We want scrumptious crumbs when we take our big bites! You can dip them in anything you want, but they are truly amazingly tasting to the point  that you don’t even need anything at all, and that’s coming from a condiment queen!

P.S. Cody loved them so much, and said that they were “the best cutlets he has ever had”!

Have fun frying diamonds 😉 I’ll be back with an incredible game day dip.



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