This seasons, spiced soda.


All of you I’m sure, might be questioning yourselves after your first glance of this picture… “it just looks like soda with orange in it, Bri?” Yes, thats half right, but itโ€™s more than that! Flavoring & infusing drinks is a hot trend right now, and it is everywhere! Infusing water with delicious herbs and citrus’s in restaurants, hotels, and spas is the most popular thing to do right now, and you will for sure see it anywhere you turn! I love to infuse water mostly in the spring and summer because the produce has hit it’s peak, leaving you super refreshed and hydrated during the warm weather. When the cold months arrive, and snow starts to fall, you usually find yourself craving hot drinks to take the chill out you.  While there are some people who may be getting sick of hot cocoa, or craving something cold to sip on when the weather isn’t super “wintery” , I’ve got something fun for you to sink your taste buds into! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

     Now, don’t get me wrong.. I love my coffee and hot chocolate, or even a cold weather cocktail if I’m feeling like getting a little crazy, BUT sometimes you just want a glass filled with a bubbly cold beverage, and thats perfectly fine! Some people are strictly a regular soda person, and I totally am not. I, for some reason cannot stand the aftertaste, so even though my drink is diet, you can absolutely use regular soda for your own enjoyment!


     You might think that oranges remind you of summer, but they’re actually more of a  winter fruit. Blood orange, and other oranges including naval which is what I chose to use, and I really think it is the best choice. When naval oranges are ripe, they are deliciously sweet and so so juicy! They are my most favorite orange of all time. 

I remembered when I was really young, and lemon & lime flavored soda’s came out! That was what everyone wanted to get their hands on for so long, years ago. Now.. especially at restaurants, we’re all just so used to throwing lemons, or limes into our drinks ourselves! In this case.. were throwing oranges! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are not just infusing soda with oranges.. we are mixing flavors, people! I am all about mixing flavors with food, so there is no difference at all when it comes to what I drink! I have been extremely into cherry soda recently, and I wanted to change it up the other afternoon when I was craving something a little bit different; during these winter days. I looked at my fruit bowl on my counter top, and a light bulb went off.. “AHH, the perfect seasonal soda!” 


Not only was it filled with a cherry burst, and a flavor blast of orange, but the mixture of the two made it something completely different from anything I have ever sipped before! Honest to goodness, diamonds, you’ll need to experience it yourself. The orange combined with the cherry made it almost taste like there was also a bit of berry in there, while leaving a winter spice in your mouth! I know it sounds a tad insane, but it would even be a great Christmas cocktail if you added some cinnamon whiskey into the mix for next year. It would be a holiday hack for a cold drink option! It sounds skeptical that you would want to add cinnamon whiskey with cherry, but it will compliment everything so well with the orange. Mark my word! Without spiking it though, it is pure deliciousness every time the infused bubbles hit your tongue when you take a sip. 


So simple, and so refreshing for any day you deicide to spice up your soda this season! 

Stay hydrated, diamonds ๐Ÿ˜‰                                xoxo


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