Dive into Dark Chocolate this Valentines Day!


Of course, when we think of valentines day we think of a surf and turf dinner, an over-priced giant bouquet of roses, and one of those incredibly huge boxes of chocolates that us girls think we can eat in one sitting when were drinking champagne in our bath robes.. but it just never happens like that lol. It doesn’t always have to be so basic though, does it? you don’t always have to go on the same date everyone else is going on. When planning your valentines day for your significant other, or even a “Gal-entines Day” party that you’re throwing.. make it unique! Surprise everyone in your life that you love, and do something fun and indulgent! What better way to celebrate the day, than with chocolate? Lots and lots of chocolate 🍫!  My two friends from work are dating, and she happens to be obsessed with dark chocolate, and so that is exactly what he wanted the date night to be wrapped around! As soon as he said the idea, I knew I could create a killer tray for her that she’d fall in love with, and when I asked for anything specific, he replied.. “the darker, the better!” I must day diamonds.. he asked, and he did receive!

Even though I’m not a dark chocolate fan myself, I loved the concept and the challenge. The key to creating a monochromatic piece of art, is adding pops of color. It is necessary! A must have to make the eye fall in love, before your taste buds even get the chance to do so..

This is for sure something you could even do with your partner! It would be so fun to build a dessert board together, and then grab a bottle of bubbly.. or heck maybe even a big cold glass of milk ( you may need it with all the chocolate 😉 ) and watch a romantic film together. No matter if you want to surprise someone special, or see the joy in their eyes creating it with you, you will be so so happy with the outcome!

I can’t think of many people who will be sad with fruit covered in glorious, smooth chocolate, ooey gooey chocolatey cookies, and pops of colored candy..


Instead of having dinner with 50 other people inside of a restaurant, paying big money to impress the one you love... impress them at home, spend half the money, and indulge in dessert for dinner! You for sure, will NOT be disappointed. Even if you need savory as soon as you’re finished with dessert.. just like me, the heart shaped pizza is all the rage this year, and they’re everywhere! I think it is beyond precious, and who doesn’t love a wine night in with pizza and chocolate? 😉


You can add intricate details by cutting heart shapes into your brownies once they have cooled after baking, and dipping your own pretzels & fruit into dark chocolate instead of buying it already made. At the end of the day.. the cookies are pre-made, but no-one could ever replace those “famous” cookie sandwiches  we all know and love! It just is not going to happen. LOL


If you’re planning on going out to dinner, and you are completely sold on doing the traditional valentines day, but still want to have a special evening when you come back home, you can certainly make a dessert board that’s ACTUALLY for two! Haha, but no seriously, if you’re wanting to indulge only a little bit.. this is the perfect amount, and it still looks romantically beautiful.

The size is your choice. Both beautiful, and can still definitely be presented as a valentines day gift!


Happy Valentines Day, diamonds! Remember you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing on valentines day to have a perfect date with your loved one. All that matters is you show someone love, and compassion. Have fun dinning with dark chocolate, and I’ll see you next week for one of my favorite things in this life!



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  1. Christine C says:

    If I could pick a favorite post, and I love them all….It would be this one. I could taste the chocolate, so beautiful! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe, oh my gosh.. thats super sweet. I’m so glad you loved it. I appreciate the love so much!


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