Rumor has it.. Brunch Bagels, are the best bagels ;)


Here we have theBrunch Bagel.” Everything about it is exactly what you would imagine. All of the flavors of breakfast and brunch, mashed up into one glorious breakfast sandwich sensation. This is so great for those slow Sunday mornings after sleeping in for a few extra hours, and you mosey into the kitchen… not necessarily wanting breakfast, but you aren’t really craving a full on lunch, either. I paired these beautiful brunch babies with crispy golden French fries that I baked in the oven.

  • Now, most of the time I absolutely would make homemade fries, or some sort or pretty potato side dish, but you know what.. theres absolutely nothing wrong with popping a bag of good frozen fries into the oven. As you already know, and will continue to see.. I love making something super unique & extravagant looking and pairing it with something super simple.
  • Just as in my world of fashion sense.. I love pairing contrasting things in my culinary world as well. Being that I have the same passion for food, as I do fashion, I take both very very seriously, so I’ll never come to disappoint with a recipe 😉 Hehe

The first thing I started out with when creating this brunch dish was the special sauce to smother onto the bagel after being nicely toasted!

  • I grabbed two tablespoons of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of ketchup, two teaspoons of sriracha, and mixed all of these condiments together with a teaspoon of sugar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dried parsley.

I’m pretty much obsessed with spicy mayo to say the least.. we all know that at this point lol but I didn’t want that to be the exact same flavor. I wanted the sauce to scream brunch so ketchup was definitely a necessity, and the sugar was a staple to cut the spiciness of the sriracha. I only wanted. hint of spice for someone to say “mmm what is that?”.

 If theres Brunch, there must be eggs! I cooked the eggs are medium heat instead of medium low heat for three minutes each side. I wanted some texture and caramelization to the fried egg (even though, in the professional world of culinary arts.. this is the incorrect way to fry an egg ).  Technically, there should brown “over-cooked” spots as you see, but this I what I was going for considering I’m pairing it with chicken! I figured the texture would go pretty well with the taste of the chicken patty.


Heat up a few tablespoons of olive oil in a sauté pan, and caramelize half of a small red onion with salt and pepper. Cook slow and low for 20 minutes! 


My favorite part: ASSEMBLING! 

  • Sauce your toasted bagels, top and bottom!
  • Lay on your chicken patties! ( chicken patties are so nostalgic to me because my mom used to make me a chicken patty on a bun with tater tots when I was little and I would drink chocolate milk with it, and I LOVED it so much ) LOL So, I wanted to state why I was using a this type of meat choice because I know some of you out there probably don’t like that or would rather use a literal fried piece of chicken. Either choice is 100% fine, and would work perfectly!

What is brunch without bacon?! You bet that I had to incorporate bacon in one way or another! The cheese choice was “chicken, bacon, ranch”! It fit soooo well with the flavor profile that I was going for and unlike bitting into a real crisp piece of bacon, you just got a hint of bacon flavor that you needed. Not too much, but just the right amount for someone to say.. “oh wow there’s bacon in here too?”

I mean…. there’s not, but technically there is!

On top of the cheese, pile on the caramelized red onions that we sautéed up in our oiled pan, and add raw baby spinach for a nice refreshing bite of greenery!


It looks like there’s just normal ketchup sitting next to our cute little French fries…. BUT unfortunately, you are wrong. This is brunch ketchup at it’s finest!

  • Fill a ramekin half way with the ketchup of your choice, and add a tablespoon of maple syrup! Yes diamonds.. maple syrup! Along with the syrup to cut the sweetness; only a tad.. as a SQUEEZE of sriracha chili sauce.

I’m telling you these fries in this ketchup is to die for! Especially taking bites here and there of the bagel; then going back and fourth with the fried dipped in this magnificent sweet ketchup. UGH! So good.


Just looking at this picture makes me feel comforted in Sunday morning brunch-ness! 

You could enjoy this sandwich anywhere.. outside on the patio, or wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa watching a morning movie. Anything goes with a bagel sandwich, honestly. This even gives me the idea to do a bagel brunch bar in the future here on the blog. That would be super adorable and fun. It is exciting to get involved in where to put the food on your island, and to pair different flavored bagels with different toppings!

I really hope that you diamonds enjoyed this bagel sandwich series as much as I did! It was fun, and expanded my creativity creating a series that I loved sharing, and I will of course be doing more! Before then though, being that we entered the month of march I have an Irish inspired dish coming your way very very soon! 😉 




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