Creative minds come from creative sandwiches.. bagel sandwiches!

In the afternoons when I’m home; having all day to plan, and get blog work done, I enjoy nothing more than making a delicious sandwich with everything I have stuffed in the middle of whatever I might be feeling that day. Today a bagel sounded scrumptious to me! To me.. I genuinely feel like I am my most creative when I’m snacking and munching on different types of foods. Wether that would be a meal, brunch, or a tray for one of some sort! Which most of you may know already.. I am huge fan of! It reminds me almost like when you were in school trying to take a test, or write a paper they would recommend you eating spearmint gum.. but in this case you’re just eating to get your best possible ideas flowing to create new, beautiful, and diamond filled content; if you will. 😉

If something is developed in a proper way, and made with a loving passion.. it will be perfect, every single time. Some things on this unique bagel sandwich you wouldn’t think  to combined their flavors together, but in the end it makes a mouthwatering lunch for a very productive day.

Just as the title.. I think once you’re feasting on something that is the meaning of “creative”.. you really can’t do anything less than make the most creative content possible. I love living my days by doing what I love. They do say if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your love, and blogging what I truly love! 


If any of you would be into recreating this sandwich.. from top to bottom I will list the ingredients: 

  1. Top bagel
  2. Mayonaise, granulated garlic, crushed black pepper, and dried parsley.
  3. Good bologna
  4. Turkey breast
  5. A nice chunk of iceberg lettuce
  6. Red vine tomato- one slice
  7. Bacon chicken ranch cheddar cheese
  8. Buffalo cheddar cheese
  9. Mayonaise, granulated garlic, crushed black pepper, and dried parsley.
  10. Bottom bagel


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