A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen!


I love a clean kitchen. I mean who doesn’t? When your house/rooms in the home get cleaned and organized, somehow your life starts to come together. Its’s crazy, but in the moment you get a sense of relief, and clarity of the mind. I know first hand when I clean and get everything accomplished on my to do list, it leaves me feeling extremely satisfied. Satisfaction gives you relaxation of the body to feel serenity that everyone deserves to feel right now! Being that we cook the meals that we nourish our bodies with in the kitchen of our own homes, it is so important that we keep them clean. In this unfortunate time we are all fighting through, we especially want to make sure that our kitchen is not only “clean”, but disinfected! 

  • I’m sure it is self explanatory, but for those of you who never knew.. cleaning something, and disinfecting something are two different things. 
  1. Cleaning – to remove dirt, stains, imperfections, and anything laying on a surface, or area. Normally just to Clean.. you would use hot water and a type of soap/detergent. 
  2. Disinfecting- A chemical is always used to remove germs from the specific area on a surface/object. 
  • Cleaning is done first, then followed my sanitizing! 

 Cleaning the stove is always the first thing I do when tackling my kitchen to do list. This is a preference for me, so you’re able to begin with wherever you’d like. 

  • I first use hot, soapy water with paper towels, and then bio cleaner to finish everything off.

    Following the stove.. the microwave is the next thing to be shined! It’s right on top of our stove top, so it’s just the easiest; next thing to tackle. Lol. 

  • I scrub this the exact same way that I do the stove. 

 The oven door gets disinfection, and sparkly clean just as everything above it did as well. When we enter a new season, and a holiday is coming up, having kitchen towels to decorate the handles on the appliances is the perfect touch. I love decorating as much as I do cooking/entertaining. I honestly believe they go hand in hand. It’s nice to brighten up a room, or your kitchen, especially during all this craziness. It brings little life into your day, and a smile onto your face! 🙂

          I empty a majority of the counter top off, so that I could clean and sanitize properly. I first with my hand.. make sure all large crumbs are wiped off, then I wash the whole space off with a hot, soapy rag. After, I follow by spraying everything with bio cleaner to ensure that is has gotten a deep cleanse. Do not neglect the handles of your cabinets. Lastly, I finish by either using a lysol wipe to disinfect, or the spray. If I used the lysol spray instead of the wipe, I let the spray sit for a minute or two before wiping dry. 

                         Ahh.. everything clean, and decorated according to the season 🙂 


     The final thing I do after cleaning everything is to mop the floors. I use the dry mop first, and sometimes if I think it needs a deeper clean, I will use a wet mop. 


    Squeaky Clean, disinfected, and decorated! It is exactly what your kitchen is longing for in times like these, due to that fact that we have been cooking at home much more often. I can’t stress enough how necessary it is to take the precautions of being in a clean environment right now, above all; in the space that you create food in! 

I genuinely hope that we are continuing to do our part to make this hard time go by faster, so that we could see our loved ones as soon as we can! Along with staying safe, I hope you are finding inventive ways to have fun in the comfort of your own home. ❤ 

                              Take care, and keep on cleaning Diamonds xoxo


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  1. Debbie says:

    Are you for hire ? Love 💕 it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha whenever you’d need me!! 🙂


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