Easter Candy FILLED Chocolate Molded Spoons.


These were incredibly fun to make, and you can absolutely get as creative as you desire to be with these fun filled spoons! I served these guys up with some caramel swirled vanilla ice cream. Although brewing a pot of strong vanilla roast coffee, and dropping these into the mug would also be a great way to indulge in your chocolate craving! This will be the perfect add on to your holiday dessert bar, or the kids could make these; knowing that it will be their own little, special treat after they munch on traditional Easter dishes! However you choose to make/serve these spoons, they will be just perfect! ❤

  • To be warned: if you fill them up with crushed candy like I did.. they will be extremely fragile when coming out of the molds. Of course, it’s not a big deal, but to ensure that from happening you’ll need to wait a while after pulling them from the fridge. Also, you can certainly make these without any candy at all, but what’s the excitement in that?!

Fist thing that should be on your agenda is choosing what candy you want to create the spoons with, then chopping them up.. making sure that the size you cut them will fit into each mold.

  • Easter Candy I chose: I decided on just four different types, along with both milk, and white chocolate chips. For some reason white chocolate screams spring to me, so I wanted to incorporate that within the milk chocolate spoons. 
  1. Mini chocolate cream filled eggs.
  2. Malted Milk balls shaped into robin eggs.
  3. Mini peanut butter cup eggs.
  4. Mini chocolate coated wafer candies.

The next thing you want to do is to milk your chocolate, DUH! 😉 I used a “double boiler”. If you are not familiar with that cooking technique, you need a medium sized pot filled half way with water, and put a smaller empty pot on top of it. Drop in a half a bag of chocolate chips, and a piece of gulf wax (Gulf wax can be found in the canning isle at your local super market). I used milk chocolate, but I will tell you that semi-sweet works much better for melting. It’s all presence though, for sure! 

While the chocolate melts, continue to keep stirring! Make sure you are melting over low heat. You definitely do not want the chocolate to burn… that is a distinctive horrible taste that you won’t be able to mask.


Get your molds ready to go! Holiday mold making would even be super cute if you had bunny, and egg molds..if you don’t own spoon ones in your kitchen collection!!


I did fill up the molds first with the candy, but I’m sure you could also do it after you pour in the melted chocolate. Either way, it will still be crushed candy filled and scrumptious. 

Don’t doubt yourself, or your skills.. the chocolate will leak out onto the sides of the individual molds! It happens to the best of us!! 🙂

  • Place the tray in the refrigerator to let everything set up, and come together. You could leave them in for two hours, or over night, as I did!

As I said earlier.. make sure you are very careful removing these spoons from their molds. If some break thats totally fine! You can chop them up to use as garnish, or use as decor around your dessert display.

As for the ice cream, you can literally choose any flavor you would like. You even adorn a sundae bar for the kids to keep busy, and put out multiple flavors along side of the spoons! In my case, I chose to use caramel swirled vanilla ice cream! The flavor combination worked immensely.


Hopefully if you Diamonds decide to recreate these spoons.. you have so much fun with your family, and you all enjoy your Easter as much as you can due to the unfortunate circumstances we are all undergoing at the moment.

  • Much love, and prayers to everyone! Please stay safe, and be cautious when going to get essentials. If you still are out driving to work everyday my heart goes out to you, and thank you very much for working hard through this difficult time.



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  1. Lori says:

    These chocolate mold spoons were so yummy and a fun way to eat the ice cream. When your all finished you get to eat the spoon!!!!

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    1. Happy you loved them, mom!


  2. Noni says:


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