Excellent Egg Salad Crunch Cups.

This is an ultimate spring creation. It just looks like a spring snack! You can’t deny it, Diamonds! 😉 When I think of spring, Easter comes to mind, and vise versa. When dreaming of Easter festivities, and things that revolve around the holiday, I picture all things eggs, and greens! Eggs, simply because of the  fact that if there were no eggs, there would be no easter fun.. I mean come on?! Chocolate coated peanut butter eggs, dying Easter eggs, eggs for Hrudka (A polish dish I grew up on) along with homemade Paska bread, and our childhood selves could never forget the egg hunts. Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without eggs! It’s a fact! As for the spring greens, butter lettuce and arugula fills my heart with leafy crunchy passion. Peas and asparagus are next on the list, but for these cute, crunchy, creamy filled cups.. were using butter lettuce, also knows as bib lettuce! You can make the egg salad as filled as you want, but I kept it classic, while adding a bit of a crunch aspect to it. If you love seafood, and you have it on hand, chopped up shrimp, or crab meat would even be wonderful added into the mix. I always sprinkle paprika on everything with eggs. Always, always, always! It’s definitely a match made in heaven, and the color gives it a nice added garnish.

Depending on how many cups you’re going to be prepping, you’ll want to use more or less eggs than me. I used six eggs, but to be honest, I made a little extra, so I could store in the fridge to make my most favorite sandwich in the world! An egg salad sandwich hits the heart different.

  • If you do not boil eggs often.. I truly found that the perfect way to boil eggs is to put the eggs in the pot, then add your water, and as soon as it starts to boil, turn the heat off and let sit for 10 minutes. After cooling, then you’re ready to peel!

I love my egg salad really really creamy with lots of good mayonnaise, and flavor! You really don’t need exact measurements, it just goes by how thick you want it, and how flavorful you like your cold salads! I added two squeezes of yellow mustard, and four dashes of hot sauce. Along with the condiments.. the seasonings are just as necessary. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion salt, paprika, and dried parsley went into the bowl to top everything off!

The making of this delicious snack is very simple. You just need to display some sea-salted pita chips, along with nicely washed butter lettuce.

  • Make sure to completely dry your butter lettuce. Soggy, wet lettuce of any kind is never appetizing! Mouth feel, or taste.. it just doesn’t work. The best thing to do with produce is pre. wash it when you get home from the market, so that when it comes time to prepare something you don’t have to worry about any issues.

Arrange your cups onto a wooden platter. I think the wood mixed with the green looks absolutely stunning, especially for entertaining!


                            Up close and personal, with our cute little delectable cups.


Wondering where the crunch comes in? I’m going to surprise everyone right now since classically; when you do any sort of lettuce cup.. no-one particularly thinks to pair it will anything else, being that the filling is already sitting in something. Bri being Bri though.. I’m going to change the lettuce cup making game! Now.. these babies can’t just be paired with anything crunchy. It has to be a good thick, sturdy, hard chip, or cracker! I truly thought that there wasn’t a better choice than pita chips. The texture is awesome, as is the flavor. Super salty, and yummy.. pairing extremely well with these egg filled cups.


Grab a cup.. fold it up, and stack it on a pita chip! Get crunching Diamonds 😉

This just proves that something simple, taking no time at all to prep can look just as gorgeous, and mouth watering as anything else! Anyone can make anything look incredible with a little creative-ness, and artistic flare.

Grab the platters, and a chair, Diamonds because you’re never going to able to eat just one!

                      I hope everyone is staying home, and keeping busy while creating new projects for yourself to work on. For those of you still working at life essential business, or in the medical field, thank you so much! xoxo


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