A Super Simple SPRING Cheese Board!


There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cocktail, or a glass of wine, and having yourself a relaxing happy hour; next to a delicious seasonal cheese board. I didn’t include any meat to make it into a “charcuterie” board because I wanted to strictly focus on each cheese, and the little nibbles that compliment each flavor of the smoked cheddar, Brie, and Havarti cheese wrapped around pieces of dill weed. You could even choose to make any kind of cheese board paired with different jewels of fruit for a girls night to watch a chick flick, and catch up, or for a wine tasting night at home! Being that we’re all stuck in the house for now.. it was just my mom and I enjoying this lovely spring board while doing some holiday cooking in the kitchen on a Friday afternoon. It was a super fun, and cute thing to do to stay happy, while prepping for a small Easter dinner together by ourselves.

I am in love with the pops of color from the grapes, and strawberries, along with the touch of a few olives next to all the monochromic cheeses, and crackers sitting right by each other. Of course, you could use any fruits you have on hand, but I love grapes all year round.. they’re my favorite fruit! Also, the strawberries just remind me of spring more than anything. I really hope I get to go pick them this June! (My fingers are crossed!) 🙂 While trying to use what we have only on hand at the moment.. if you don’t have any fruit at all.. thats totally fine! You are welcome to use anything seasonal that you have on hand!


Although I love brie all year long, accompanied with anything at all.. it was my first chosen cheese to add on this spring time board! I feel like when brie is baked, it somehow becomes this yummy cold weather comfort food; adorned with rustic bread and wintery nuts, but when it’s not baked.. it’s perfect for just sitting on top of a cracker with seasonal fruit, and seeded pastry puffs,

  • If you’ve never had pastry puffs, you must! You can absolutely make them homemade with puff pastry dough, an egg wash, and whatever seeds, seasonings, or nuts you choose to put on top of them! You can also make them into any shape you want as well, but I had them on hand from a local grocery store, and let me tell you.. the herbs and seeds went amazingly with the cheeses we paired them with!

AHH.. our creamy, delicious, soft cheesy Brie, and our juicy strawberries! The perfect pair. The perfect couple. The perfect accompaniment to a beautiful glass of Chardonnay.


I feel like having cheese knifes, and spreaders are essential to add to a cheese board. It makes cheesy snaking much easier!


I would agree that the least amount of cheeses you could put on a board to actually be able to officially call it a “cheese board” would be three! The second cheese I chose is a hard cheese. A simple smoked cheddar is just a must have. Everyone will love it and pairs great with any fruit, nut, and olive. If I do say so myself.. it’s the most “perfect” cheese!


Since we have both our soft and hard cheeses picked, we need an “in-between” cheese.. which is exactly how I explain Havarti cheese. It is hard in the sense that it comes in a block and you could easily take a bite of it, but it’s soft enough that it’s extremely creamy when you break it open.


Being that this Havarti dill is so heavy, I really enjoy pairing it with acidity, so the green olives worked perfectly! Also, the nuts and textured crackers/biscuits filled with seeds, brought out the dill flavor exceptionally.

All four corners all wrapped up together, creating the most charming cheese board of your spring time dreams!


Cheese board making is an art, but you can paint it how ever you’d adorn! It’s all personal preference, as I always say. Although, I wanted to show you Diamonds what spring flavors I am obsessed with for creating the ultimate seasonal cheese board yet.


    Be safe, be blessed, be happy, and build a big ole cheese board! 



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