Smoked Salmon Topped Toast With scrambled Egg And Smashed Avocado.


Since the very first time I tried the miraculous combination of cream cheese and smoked salmon, I have been so hooked. I crave it all the time, and this truly made me discover my love for sushi as well. Salmon toast is perfect for sunny spring mornings! You can top these little toasts with absolutely anything you have on hand right now. Of course you must start with the two necessities.. cream cheese and smoked salmon. Thats a total given! Then, top with whatever you love!! I usually make a fried egg to pair with the avocado and sriracha, but I decided to go with scrambled eggs. If you don’t love spicy, I still suggest just even dotting the sriracha on top for a “garnish” because it puts the whole toast topping experience on another level. Besides the hotness of the chili sauce, it just has such an immense flavor profile.


The choice of bread you want to use is up to you, but being that I’m really piling on the toppings I chose a thick and hearty, homestyle bread! That is the best option for this salmon topped toast.. in my opinion!

  • After toasting.. lather with plain whole fat cream cheese. If you have onion or garlic flavored cream cheese on hand that will work perfect as well.

In a sauté pan, heat up a pad of butter, and scramble up two large eggs.

  • I want to make a note of something also.. maybe a little “scrambled egg fact” ; if you will. When you scramble eggs… do it on low heat, and let it gradually cook through. When cooking, continue to stir the whole time , so that the end product will almost look like a messed up omelette in a way. You should never make scrambled eggs by mashing and breaking them up, where you end up with small individual pieces. You will find that at buffets most times, but it is the incorrect way to cook them. 

     Lay your smoked salmon on top of the lathered cream cheese, and then add your scrambled eggs.


This already looks glorious even in it’s simplest form! Speaking of “this form” that you see right here.. if you don’t enjoy avocado or spicy, you may leave it like this. It is simple and sensational!


 If you are like me and you’re avocado OBSESSED, and you put sriracha on absolutely everything you eat besides your cereal, than top your toast Diamonds! You’re welcome to put as little or as much of the toppings as you want. You may even add things that you have in your pantry right now. Black sesame seeds would be great, everything but the bagel seasoning, or fresh herbs are expectational on top of something super fresh like this! 


Above the sriracha drizzle, I sprinkled parsley flakes, and fresh cracked black pepper. Actually, I think i top every single thing I make with fresh cracked black pepper. I really don’t think it’s proper to say a dish is complete without it, even if it’s just a “snack”. It’s a need. 

Hop into toast making Diamonds, and have so much fun! Experiment with a different type of fish if you’d even prefer that! You could also use egg salad instead of scrambled eggs. I love love love creating dishes like this, so there’s so many more toasts to come from me in the future! Look forward to them and keep being creative, and most importantly.. safe!



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