Bacon Cheddar Ranch Potato Salad.

As we all know the iconic combination of “bacon chicken ranch” is famous in many pizza parlors, and sub shops. Although.. I didn’t want to put chicken into the mix, so I opt it for cheddar cheese which is perfect because who doesn’t love cheese, and when does cheese ever fail to make anything better? This does of course have numerous aspects of a “loaded potato” potato salad, but since we are needed to stay in at the moment, I’m only using whats on hand in my kitchen. If I were to create it into that delicious concoction, I would add green onion instead of celery because no-one wants celery in their baked potato, and I would absolutely make the dressing using a more sour cream base. I would also top the entire bowl with chives, and small diced tomatoes for a bite of freshness. 


    Since this creamy salad has cheddar as one of the main ingredients I without a doubt had to top it with a hand full of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. As some of you already know.. along with sprinkling it on eggs, I finish all mayo based salads with smoked paprika. It never fails to give it the added flavor that it would be missing without it.

     To make any sort of potato salad, cutting and boiling the potatoes in necessary. Depending on how many people you’re serving, and if you want leftovers for the house; you’ll want to decide on that number of potatoes. I did one potato per person, but normally I would do half of a potato per person. I made a lot because I was delivering to a families house for the holidays to leave them a surprise on their front porch. Just to leave loved ones with a few smiles during this time! 

  • I used 6 red potatoes.

Even though it’s not regular potato salad, I like to add those few classic flavors in! I truly feel that celery, and onion is necessary to pack that punch that is always needs. 

  • One stalk of celery 
  • One small white onion 

Fry up three pieces of full fat bacon. If you don’t have regular bacon stored in the fridge, and you only have turkey.. you may use it, but just know you’re not going to get that salty, fatty flavor that this dish is longing for. 


     When the potatoes are boiled and fork tender, go ahead and add in the veggies.

          This creamy yumminess is super simple!

  • One cup of full fat mayo. A good brand! 
  • A small bottle of ranch dressing. Don’t use the light kind unless that’s all you have. 
  • Two teaspoons of dijon mustard. 
  • Seasonings – salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika to taste. 
  • Herbs- Parsley and thyme to taste. (dried not fresh) 

 The last thing I wanted to throw in was a bit of color to add some pop and presentation! I also was craving a little bite of vinegar since potato salad usually contains a good amount of it, so roasted red peppers fit the bill perfectly. I used two whole pieces from the jar. 


     Combined everything and top with cheddar cheese, and mix, mix, mix! 


     When platting/bowling it up, you may decorate the top as I did with more shredded cheddar cheese as I mentioned earlier, along with paprika, fresh cracked black pepper, and parsley.

     I adore the way a thick creamy mixture of goodness looks inside a wooden bowl. It has a rustic, but chic type of look. I also prefer not to put something white into a white bowl. I like texture and design. My decor side really comes out when it’s time to plate everything up! Besides.. food is an art right? Why not make it look as incredible as possible! 


     As I mentioned before.. this was an Easter side dish that we indulged in, but you can create this to make a perfect barbecue side dish. It would go insanely well with steak, burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, or even just a delectable piece of marinated grilled chicken. The list and possibilities are just down right endless! No matter what you pair it with, you will not be disappointed that you discovered how to make this amazing Bacon Cheddar Ranch Potato salad. 

I hope everyone is doing all that they can to stay save, and I hope you Diamonds all had a very special holiday. 



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