Stromboli Parties Are Going To Be All The Rage!

I know there’s so many people right now getting bored with dinners, or wanting to come up with new creative ways to get everyone in the house to have a blast together in the kitchen. An amazing way to accomplish that is by having a Stromboli making party! Pretty much a pizza party.. except it’s all rolled up inside it’s own dough like a little cozy blanket! Who doesn’t love a party that involves food, am I right? All you need to start with is pizza dough from your favorite local bakery and get yourself prepared for an ultimate Stromboli, or even pizza making night if Stromboli isn’t your thing. Honestly if we truly think about it who says it even has to be at night? it doesn’t matter what time of day! You wake up in the morning craving Stromboli or pizza? Make them breathtaking breakfast versions! That’s the beauty of a Stromboli, or just using dough in general. You can be as creative as you want with anything you have in your fridge, or on hand. This is our time right now to do whatever we want because who says we have rules when we’re stuck in the house all day long? 😉


Wherever you have the most counter top space, sprinkle flour all over that entire area.. insuring that our dough will not stick while trying to stretch it out, or folding it all up at the end.

My dad and I took turns trying to stretch the dough out because when pulling/lengthening the sides you must make sure you have enough room for all the ingredients you want to add, while being careful you’re not ripping the dough. Once you create those accidental holes in dough, they’re very hard to close for good again.


It’ll look a little like this right before it’s all completely stretched out. While working your dough out to where you want it.. if you find your dough is sticking to your hands, make sure your hands are also floured along with the table. You may also try dipping your fingers in some water.


The first Stromboli we decided to make was a sausage and pepper one with American cheese on the bottom, Italian sausage and peppers throughout, topped with a small amount of shredded cheddar, along with a blend of shredded Italian cheeses to finish everything off!

Super yummy looking! When that cheese melts it’s going to sink down in-between every piece of sausage giving you a really creamy sausage and pepper Stromboli.

The second kind we decided to do was without a doubt the classic Italian cold cut!

  • Layer with American cheese.
  • Thin salted ham off the bone.
  • Slices of salami.
  • Slices of pepperoni.
  • Sweet peppers laid onto of all the meat.
  • Side note: if you have it in your fridge and want to use it.. you’re welcome to add on capocolla, soppressata, or mortadella.

     I topped it with the same creamy, stringy cheeses as I did with the sausage and pepper one!


Roll everything up.. carefully, and tuck in the sides, so that nothing falls out while baking! Think of rolling it kind of like you would if you were making homemade cinnamon rolls. Thats the idea that you want for this concept.

Cover a sheet pan with non stick foil, and curve the Stromboli’s so that they fit to the structure of the pan, then cut thin slits on the top of the dough. Do not cut through into the filling!


These gorgeous Stromboli rings were baked at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, and then at 375 degrees, just until they got a little more brown and bubbly!

    You know they’re going to be mouthwatering when they look like this!

  • Diamonds.. DO NOT let that delectable, browned, gooey cheese go to waste that oozed out of the bottom of our Stromboli!

The Italian Stromboli is always always insanely inviting to everyone. It’s a crowd pleaser! In this sense… a family pleaser. Lol


Don’t be alarmed when cutting the sausage Stromboli.. some will fall out, but thats okay you can just put some on your plate and eat it with a fork, or better yet.. scoop it up with some chips. Really good that way! I feel like a chip is the perfect little spoon for any kind of food crumbs.

An Italian cold cut and Italian sausage and pepper Stromboli.. both so different, but so complimentary to each other. This will be the most delicious party you’ve ever thrown Diamonds. 😉

If you recreate these, or just have a Stromboli party in general..I want to see your master pieces Follow me on Instagram @therealdeepfrieddiamonds and tag me in your amazing Stromboli creations!



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